Friday’s Christian eBooks

Fergus’ Honor
by Linda K. Hubalek


He’s at the right place at the right time to save a woman from falling to her death…but she hadn’t planned to survive. Can he convince her life is worth living, with him?

Fergus Reagan’s fascination with photography led him to a career of recording people’s lives. While in Nebraska photographing homesteaders in front of their humble sod houses, he’s at the right place at the right time to save a young woman…

The Secret Wife
by Janice Campbell Paul


A Brand New Release from Janice Campbell Paul.

A story of hope, miraculous healing, and love that crosses cultural barriers. Like many young girls, Janice dreamed of a family of her own. Yet her first marriage was abusive and didn’t last long. In her second marriage she developed a debilitating case of fibromyalgia, one of the worst that doctors had ever seen. Her husband, family, and friends couldn’t accept her condition and she was soon left alone, separated from her second husband and isolated from old friends.

Now in her fifties, Janice began chatting online with a young man, Varun, from India in his twenties. In spite of age and cultural differences, the pair fell in love…

Targeted Boxed Set
by Multiple Authors


The Unrelenting Tide by Lynnette Bonner
Tide Will Tell by Lesley Ann McDaniel
Looking For Justice by Linda K. Rodante
Linked by Rachel Trautmiller
Scent of Danger by Alexa Verde

Amish Homecoming: The Proposal
by Samantha Bayarr


Lila leaves the Amish community after being asked to marry her sister’s widower and become a mother to her children. Will Lila Yoder ever be the same after her sister, Hannah, passes away unexpectedly? When the Bishop approaches her only minutes after the funeral, asking her to take her sister’s place as wife to Hannah’s grieving husband and a mother to her children, Lila panics and runs off.

When the mysterious, handsome stranger she sees while at Hannah’s funeral bumps into her in town, her world is turned upside down in ways she could never have imagined, and leaves her wondering; what would Hannah do?

The Wonder Years
by Multiple Authors


Women past a certain age often feel like they are fading into the background of life. The nest is emptying, limitations are increasing, and fear about aging and the years ahead grow. Even women of faith can feel a waning sense of value, regardless of biblical examples of godly women yielding fruit long after their youth is gone. But despite a youth-obsessed culture, the truth is that the second half of life can often be the richest.

It’s time to stop dreading and start embracing the wonder of life after 40. Here, well-known women of faith from 40 to 85 tackle these anxieties head-on and upend them with humor, sass, and spiritual wisdom.

Team Mom
by Delaney Cameron


Julie’s calm life is thrown a curve ball when her brother arrives the night before his seven-month deployment asking her to take care of his son. As a preschool teacher, she’s used to dealing with toddlers, not nine-year-olds. Noting her nephew’s interest in baseball, Julie signs him up for little league. She’s anything but thrilled to find out that his coach is a celebrity…

The Grace Outpouring
by Roy Godwin, Dave Roberts


An inspiration for the creation of houses of prayer around the world, The Grace Outpouring is a captivating account of spiritual renewal on a Welsh hillside.  When Roy Godwin turned his back on a lucrative consulting job to lead the quiet retreat center Ffald-y-Brenin in West Wales, he wasn’t sure what was next. Then God showed up. In the years since the Godwins welcomed their first surprise guests to Ffald-y-Brenin, God has drawn thousands of seekers to this converted hill-farm with a tangible presence of healing and power.

Wedded to War
by Jocelyn Green


It’s April 1861, and the Union Army’s Medical Department is a disaster, completely unprepared for the magnitude of war. A small group of New York City women, including 28-year-old Charlotte Waverly, decide to do something about it, and end up changing the course of the war, despite criticism, ridicule and social ostracism. Charlotte leaves a life of privilege, wealth-and confining expectations-to be one of the first female nurses for the Union Army.

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