Sunday’s Christian eBooks

Throne of Grace
by Cecily Wolfe


Arthur Davenport has it all: looks, money, and a successful future planned by his parents. He knows that something is missing, but when he and Josie, his mother’s maid, develop a friendship that can only be based on Christian values, he realizes that his love for her is the key to his happiness. Can he convince her that he would gladly give up his life of luxury for a life of service with her?

The two couldn’t possibly expect to have anything in common, as he is expected to follow his father in a financial career and she is merely a maid with a mother who takes care of local children while their parents work.

Unfailing Love
by Carolyn Digh Griffin


After living in Shady Hollow for several years, Lucy Lapp fell in love with a charming old house located in the center of town that dated back to the late 1800s. Not knowing it had a dark evil history surrounding it, she purchased it. Prior to Lucy acquiring the house, someone else had restored it to its former glory, but never moved into it.

The original owners of the property in 1893 were questionable people. He was a doctor and set up his practice in the basement of the house. Following their arrival from Britain, several murders of local young girls took place that were similar to the “Jack the Ripper” crimes in the Whitechapel area of England. Had Jack the Ripper come to Shady Hollow to seek refuge? Hopefully not!

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Shadow of Hope
by Barbara Goss


You don’t treasure what you’ve got – until you lose it.

Violet Jeffries meets Gavin McKenzie,and she becomes confused and unsure of her love for her fiancé, Miles Croft. She breaks the betrothal and then discovers that Gavin has a hidden agenda. Miles comes to her rescue twice but keeps his distance from her. Violet realizes her mistake—too late. She’s lost the most loving and devoted man, and she fights to get him back. Miles Croft loved Violet with all this heart and he vows to never give his heart away again. It took him months to recover from the pain of her breakup, and now she seems to want him back. He’ll protect his heart from her, for how could he ever trust her again?

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An Amish Quilt Collection
by Multiple AUthors


Patchwork Perfect by Beth Wiseman: Miriam has no plans to get married – ever. Will Eli be able to change her mind?

A Bid for Love by Kathleen Fuller: When Ezra bids an exorbitant amount to win the quilt she had her heart set on, Hannah Lynne can’t stop her heart from taking over her mind. Could Ezra finally be in the market for love?

A Midwife’s Dream by Kelly Irvin: Unprepared for parenthood, the young couple leave their baby girl behind in an antique crib quilt resembling the one destined for Iris when she becomes a mother…

A Sapphire Season
by Lynn Morris


Lady Mirabella Tirel, the beautiful daughter of the Marquess of Camarden, takes a practical approach to love since a dashing captain broke her heart at age 17. Now at almost 22 years old, she has decided to endure one last London season to secure a suitable engagement and begin a simple life in the country.

Sir Giles Knyvet is Mirabella’s oldest friend and her most dependable ally, and he is also secretly in love with her. Yet he knows the prospect of a relationship is doubtful: Besides being a mere baronet, he aims to settle a large family debt before sharing his feelings with her.

The Case for Hope
by Lee Strobel


Looking Ahead With Confidence and Courage. Can you really trust in hope? Lee Strobel proves that you can! Lee Strobel’s trademark investigative style paired with an uplifting message of the hope found in Jesus Christ. Lee’s timeless message walks readers through why holding on to hope is so crucial, why we can trust in the hope of Jesus Christ, and how that hope can change our lives for the better.

Lee Strobel has already helped millions delve deeper into their faith and investigate the how and the why of what they believe.

Unblinded Faith
by Elisa Pulliam, Ruth Chou Simons


Would you like to have the kind of faith that strengthens your soul? What if you could endure trials with a steady calm and make daily decisions with confidence in God’s purposes?

In Unblinded Faith, Elisa Pulliam invites you to take a holy pause and experience a fresh encounter with God and His Word. This 90-day devotional is filled with thoughtful application of Scripture to help you see God personally and know His love for you.

The Pacific Rim Collection
by Don Brown


Thunder in the Morning Calm: Risking his life, fortune, and freedom, he leads a daring mission into the dangerous dictatorship of North Korea – all for the love of his country and a grandfather he never knew.

Fire of the Raging Dragon: After a gruesome discovery escalates America’s involvement, Stephanie’s father, US President Douglas Surber, must choose to take a stand against evil . . . or save the life of his daughter.

Storming the Black Ice: When British geologists discover the world’s largest oil reserves under the desolate, icy tundra of Antarctica, Britain and Chile form a top-secret alliance for control of petroleum resources that will rival the economic power of OPEC.

The Extraordinary Life of a Mediocre Jock
by Ted Kluck


Join Flex on His Quest to Be Cool. Football could be his ticket out of seventh-grade obscurity, but then Coach sticks him with a boring jersey number and reassigns him to the most unglamorous position on the entire team.

His parents aren’t helping, either. They won’t even let him bring his iPod to school like the other kids do. At least, his parents love him and love the Lord. That’s HUGE.