Thursday’s Christian eBooks

Arise My Love The Princess Who Fell Asleep
by L. M. Roth


Romantic fairy tale bubbling with humor and sweetness. 

In the Kingdom of Columba all of the eligible maidens have been assembled for a contest. The prize? The hand of Thomas, the unmarried Prince whom all of the maidens long to wed. All that is, but one; Elise, the fairest of them all. But when a fairy curses her on their wedding day a royal dilemma presents itself; how do you wake a woman who doesn’t love you with true love’s first kiss? Prince Thomas sets forth on a desperate quest to the four corners of the kingdom to seek counsel from the Wise Women to find a way to win her heart and break the curse.

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In The Flesh – My Story
by Michael Gabriele


“Extraordinary and compelling from cover to cover.”Midwest Book Review

Experience Jesus’ life through HIS eyes in this gripping, first-person novel that holds true to the Gospels, all from our Hero’s own perspective. Prepare to walk in the sandals of a life you never completely contemplated. Dare to endure a sacrifice you never ventured to appreciate. Savor a love you will never fully fathom.

Relive the greatest story ever told through the eyes of the one who cured the incurable and walked on water … who challenged both religious and political establishments … who suffered all the brutality of a Roman crucifixion … and who victoriously abandoned his tomb. Let Jesus lead you through a riveting adventure that deeply explores his personal thoughts, joys, fears, frustrations, even his most profound prayers as he walked this earth in the flesh – fully divine and fully human, on a mission to save mankind.

by Samantha Bayarr


Brand New Release from Samantha Bayarr. Do opposites attract?

This is a sweet clean Amish romance filled with true love, forgiveness, the bonds of family life, and faith.

Matchmaker Sadie Bieler has her hands full with Laney Bontrager and Seth Yoder. Not only do they have nothing in common, but they also have nothing nice to say about each other. When Sadie suggests they should pair up, not only does she get a lot of negative talk from both of them, but they both insist they are not the right fit to be matched.

Reluctantly, they agree to give the match a ten-day trial, both agreeing ONLY because they are determined to prove Sadie is wrong in her matchmaking skills where they are concerned. Can Sadie convince the two they are not mismatched, or will she have to admit she made a mistake?

Billionaire in Disguise
by Jenna Brandt


Ethan Winthrop has drifted through life, his billionaire trust fund making it easy for him to party his life away. But when his troublemaking girlfriend ends up causing a scandal unlike any Boston has ever seen, his father banishes him to an island of the coast of Maine to hide out while he cleans up the mess.

After the death of her parents, Nicole Hutton’s goal has been to save the local Angel Island Lighthouse where both her grandparents and father lived. She hopes to keep it safe until one day she can be married there too, but when a sneaky developer tries to steal the property for a resort, Nicole has to find the money quickly. What she never expects was Ethan Winthrop to be the answer to her dilemma.

Twice Blessed
by Sharon Gillenwater


West Texas, 1884. Camille Dupree, genteel Southern lady and professional gambler, longs for a different kind of life. She doesn’t believe it’s possible to start over – until she arrives in Willow Grove and Mayor Ty McKinnon convinces her otherwise.

In the burgeoning West, a good heart is a valued commodity, and Camille develops a reciprocal appreciation for her neighbors…especially Ty, who sees more beauty and virtue in her than she’s ever seen in herself. With his help, she becomes a respectable businesswoman. And begins to learn about the love of God and Jesus.

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The Story Keeper
by Lisa Wingate


Successful New York editor, Jen Gibbs, is at the top of her game with her new position at Vida House Publishing — until a mysterious manuscript from an old slush pile appears on her desk. Turning the pages, Jen finds herself drawn into the life of Sarra, a mixed-race Melungeon girl trapped by dangerous men in the turn of the century Appalachia.

The Lamb’s Supper
by Scott Hahn


The Lamb’s Supper reveals a long-lost secret of the Church: The early Christians’ key to understanding the mysteries of the Mass was the New Testament Book of Revelation. With its bizarre imagery, its mystic visions of heaven, and its end-of-time prophecies, Revelation mirrors the sacrifice and celebration of the Eucharist.

Beautifully written, in clear direct language, bestselling Catholic author Scott Hahn’s new book will help readers see the Mass with new eyes, pray the liturgy with a renewed heart, and enter into the Mass more fully, enthusiastically, intelligently, and powerfully than ever before.

The Marvelous Mud House
by April Graney, Alida Massari


Ben and his American family live in a hungry ranch house where they are always wanting more. But then they travel far across the world to Kenya and visit the marvelous mud house where George and Mama George live. There, among the mango trees, they discover a marvelous lesson about what it’s like to be full of joy instead.