Friday’s Christian eBooks

Relentless Heart
by Tyora Moody, Felicia Murrell


Assistant District Attorney Asia Reed is relentless about not losing a case. But she’s fighting a losing battle in the faith department. Now approaching forty, never married and with no children, a growing sense of unease has made her weary about her career and life.

When a former boyfriend and prominent defense attorney is gunned down in his office, Asia is jolted into action, determined to find out who’s responsible. Only hours before his death, Adam Locklear insists they meet about information she needs to know. Did Locklear’s death have anything to do with what he wanted share?

Her Second Chance Dream Groom
by Emma St. Clair, Taylor Hart


Six years ago Sy LaMarque broke two hearts in one night by falling for the wrong sister.

Challenged by his teammates to deal with his regrets, Sy LaMarque heads home to make an apology–one he should have made six years ago. He hopes for a second chance … but didn’t expect his friend’s little sister Amy to intercept his heart.

Amy spent years living on the sidelines as she battled cancer. When her lifelong crush shows up at the door of her bed and breakfast, it feels like a Christmas miracle. Sy is everything she wanted and never believed she could have.

Totally Scrooged
by Carly Morgan


Brand New Release fromCarly Morgan.

It’ll take three ghosts and two meddling grandmothers, but Harper and Grayson just might get their Christmas happily ever after.

After Harper catches Grayson kissing another woman, she swears off Christmas, determined to ignore everything about it. When her grandmother asks her to come to Petunia, Texas and help with the costumes for the annual play, she reluctantly agrees.

Grayson still can’t believe Harper won’t let him explain. He intended to propose and now she won’t speak to him. Heartbroken over Harper’s unwillingness to believe in him, he heads to Petunia at his grandmother’s request to help build sets for the town’s annual play, A Christmas Carol.

by kuo kenih


”Haiku world” celebrates nature, relationships, social events and the weather. The haiku invoke the sense of smell, touch, sight, smell and feel in this little book. This book is rich and it is a most have and a most read for those new to the haiku genre.

“I really enjoyed reading these haiku’s. They varied in subject and I never get bored. They were all well written.” by Amazon Customer

The Triumph of Christianity
by Rodney Stark


Celebrated religious and social historian Rodney Starktraces the extraordinary rise of Christianity through its most pivotal andcontroversial moments to offer fresh perspective on the history of the world’slargest religion. In The Triumph of Christianity,

the author of God’sBattalions and The Rise of Christianity gathers and refines decadesof powerful research and discovery into one concentrated, concise, and highlyreadable volume that explores Christianity’s most crucial episodes.

Promise of Suddenly
by Debby Davis


Everyone experiences times in their life when they are desperate for a breakthrough. Perhaps its an insurmountable debt, a broken relationship or a health complication that seems hopeless. Nearly everyone in the Bible at some point found themselves in a hopeless situation. But then, Suddenly, God broke through and bought them into a new season of health, wholeness and deliverance.

In this book you will be encouraged and inspired to wait on God, because just like the characters you will read about, at the right moment, God will Suddenly break through. Are you ready for your Suddenly?

Someday Home
by Lauraine Snelling


A heartwarming story that celebrates how life-changing friendships can be found in all seasons of life.

The sprawling lake home Lynn Lundberg built with her husband has been an epicenter of joyful family life, from summer holidays spent around the water, to cookies baked in the kitchen with grandchildren in the fall.

But since her husband’s sudden passing two years ago, Lynn has been lost in the grief and solitude she feels without him at home. She doesn’t want to sell the big family place, but she can’t exist there on her own much longer.

Cake Balls
by Robin Ankeny, Charlotte Lyon


Perfect for both new and experienced bakers and all those who are sick of boring plain cakes and the cupcake trend, cake balls are bite-sized bits of moist cake blended with rich icing and surrounded in a beautiful chocolate shell.

My Treasures
by Heather Bixler


The things we treasure will always define who we are and what we do with our life; however, we need to look deep into our heart and find the fear that is stopping us from having complete faith in God, especially when it comes to our finances.

Sometimes our treasures are our wishes, and indulging thoughts on our hopes and dreams. But when our heart is with God we learn to direct our treasures to the eternal future and life of those around us.