Saturday’s Christian eBooks

Band of Believers
by Jamie Lee Grey


To save your life, would you sell your soul? During the tribulation, Willow Archer intends to keep both. She just wants to live a simple life in her quiet Montana town. But when sinister forces begin rounding up Christians, she must make a tough choice: accept the mark, or run for her life?

Willow runs. With her brother and a few friends, she decides to flee to the mountains. And danger chases them every step of the way.

In Search of Love and Affection
by Lilah Rivers


Brand New Release from Lilah Rivers.

Julianna Ryles has always been a fiery and enigmatic woman. She and her beloved brother, Stephen, have lived humbly in California for the last few years, after the tragic loss of their dearest parents; until one fateful day, Stephen goes off to work, but never gets back home. Being terribly upset and desperate, Julianna seeks help from the town’s Sheriff. Will his experience be enough to puzzle out this distressing and unexplained case?

Thomas Wingate is the quiet and diligent Sheriff of a new settlement in California. His meek demeanor tends to help him observe and solve cases quickly, and justifies his reputation for never letting a criminal get away…

The Forever Stone
by Gloria Repp


The paperweight – a summons to courage . . . A new home, new love, new fears . . . and a mystery. How will she face the challenge? And what does God have in mind?

Madeleine, a young widow, is determined to break free from her paralyzing memories and controlling family. Her father’s gift spurs her to declare independence, and she joins her aunt’s house-restoration project in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Two men enter her life, bringing joy, conflict, and danger. She’ll need courage to fight the treachery she discovers and faith to step into a new life of promise. Can she do it?

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He Sat Down (So You Can Too)
by Wes Raley


From Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author Wes Raley comes a powerful new book about how to have the peace of God in a world of striving, stress, and anxious toil.

“But when Christ had offered for all time a single sacrifice for sins, He sat down at the right hand of God” (Hebrews 10:12 ESV).

We know that Jesus came to give us an abundant life (John 10:10). Yet many of us would frequently describe our lives with words such as busy, stressed, anxious, or even overwhelmed. Despite how much we dislike the weight of such a frantic existence, we often carry on living with a gap between our experience and the fullness of life we know that Jesus has to offer. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

by H. L. Wegley


Americans are drowning in information with no clue that it will soon steal their nation and their liberty.

Orphaned as an adolescent then cycled through the foster-care system, AJ Scott, believes she’s so badly broken that no one would want her. When she finds an orphaned girl, Sam, hidden in some bushes along the Rogue River, in an instant, a bond is formed. AJ quickly learns that Sam’s and her guardian’s lives are in danger from a team of hired killers. But AJ commits to helping eight-year-old Sam. A competitive athlete, AJ Scott isn’t one to quit, give up, or do anything halfway, not even when she and Sam end up in a road race with killers in pursuit.When Hunter Jones’s cousin dies, he becomes eight-year-old Samantha Wilson’s guardian and sets aside any pursuit of personal happiness.

The Last Lessons of Christ
by Daniel Sweet, Andrew Gilmore


Do you ever feel hopeless in a world filled with pain and injustice? Discover how the final teachings of Jesus can give you hope and inspiration.

Are you disheartened by senseless suffering and violence? Are you a Christian searching for encouraging guidance? Pastor Daniel Sweet and author Andrew Gilmore understand your struggle. After helping thousands find encouragement through the gospel message, they’ve teamed up to help you weather this troubled world and rediscover your faith.

The Last Lessons of Christ: Living by Faith in an Age of Despair is a powerful guide to help you be a light in the darkness and renew your convictions. At a time when so many Christians seem to have resigned themselves to despair or apathy, it is useful to remember that Jesus taught something radically different.

Spirit of Gettysburg: Soulmates Across Time
by S. Elizabeth Calvert


Epic…Spellbinding…Thrilling Love Story Extraordinaire! Can ghosts die twice? Apparently so! “Reached #1 in Young Adult Historical Fiction on Amazon Kindle!” Perfect for fans of Paranormal Romance, YA, Sic-fi fantasy, Historical Fiction, Alternate History and Literature.

Washington, D.C. psychic to the powerful elites headstrong, vulnerable Maureen McAlister flees a contemporary, shattered life into the ghostly, loving arms of Confederate soldier Major Clayton Fontaine Douglas, her former husband and one-true-soulmate. He is the only man she loves and trusts. Clayton, an unrepentant Rebel and proud, brave officer in General Robert E Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, is now a ghost stuck in time in her inherited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania estate. He is furious at God for the loss of his Country and her. He is dying again because of her. Once more she must try to save him, change his fate and rewrite karma…