Tuesday’s Christian eBooks

Finding Faith
by B. E. Baker


“Despite the complexities [of] this tale, Finding Faith reads like the honeymoon stage of a relationship. It’s filled with laughter, an idealized reality, and an endless craving for the story to continue. Luke’s and Mary’s love offers a temporary euphoria that shows romance is sometimes found where it is least expected.”Publisher’s Weekly

 Like mother, like daughter? Mary sure hopes not. 

Two decades ago, Mary’s mom walked out. A few days later, her dad started drinking. He never stopped. Mary swore off alcohol. She also decided she’d never have kids, just in case she took after her parents. A year ago, Mary’s boyfriend dumped her because she didn’t want to have any children. Yesterday, for the first time in a year, Mary met someone. Someone hunky. Someone smart. Someone who made her goofy smile. Someone who sent a shiver up her spine.

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(The Finding Home Series)

Nursing Back his Wrecked Faith
by Chloe Carley


Brand New Release from Chloe Carley.

She is forced to marry someone she doesn’t love but an accident brings a scarred man to her doorstep. Will she listen to God’s calling and stand by her wounded soldier?

But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him.” Luke 10: 33-35

Prue is a caring young woman who works as a nurse in town. When an unknown man comes to the doctor’s, she runs to him, worried that he might end up like her now deceased father. Little did she know though that it was God who brought the stranger to her doorstep. How can she follow His plan when people around her urge her to abandon the young man?

A Perfect Tree
by Denise Dunham


A Story About Anger and a Child’s First Prayer.

DeeDee’s winter holiday spirals into a nightmare of disappointments when her parents move into an oh-so tiny dollhouse. Trying to stay cheerful about her new school’s Christmas exchange, 7-year-old DeeDee is betrayed.

The cunning little girl who lies about the present with DeeDee’s name on it. Did Evelyn steal it? Then, DeeDee’s dad explains that their new house has no place big enough to set up a holiday tree. In DeeDee’s spiral of Christmas disappointments, all is not lost. When she offers a prayer, accidents happen, and surprises are in store.

A Scout for Skyler
by Heather Blanton


Huntin’, Fishin’, and Fightin’ was all she’d ever known.

An only child, Priscilla Jones has never done anything but follow behind her pa and learn the ways of the outdoors. On his death bed, he announces he’s sending her off to become the mail-order bride of an army captain. His dying wish is that she make the man a good wife, be happy…and wear a dress once in a while.

A recent widower, Captain Skyler Corbett is an arrogant Scotsman who believes women should have babies not opinions. Regardless, the last thing he needs is a wife.

It seems this arranged marriage is destined for the ash heap. Embers, though, do have a sneaky way of catching fire…

Big Flames & Small Lies
by Agnes Canestri


She thought nothing unexpected ever happened in Cirella Bay. Oh, how wrong she was…

Lucilla Belvedere should be happy. She’s finally getting married. But something is…off. Her doubts about her fiancé – and their relationship – only intensify when a handsome stranger comes to town. He makes her feel things she has no business feeling. And now, she’s afraid that no matter what she does, someone will get hurt. Most likely her…

Mario DeAngelis is on a mission. He will do whatever it takes to honor his father’s memory. Meeting the charming Lucilla was not on his agenda. But he can’t afford to get side-tracked by a beautiful woman who can never be his. So, he’ll have to ignore his untimely feelings for her…no matter how much his heart protests…

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(Cirella Bay Series)

by Linda Robinson


The heart reveals what the mind cannot fathom.

As a lawyer, Sheri Smith has a heart for victims of injustice, the abused, and the poor who are unable to afford professional help.

After losing a custody case that emotionally devastates her, Sheri’s pain is exacerbated by grief over the death of her beloved grandparents who raised her. She leaves the legal system and goes home to pursue a lifelong dream of turning their estate in southern Alabama into an upscale bed-and-breakfast inn and resort…

“I enjoy a story that involves a childhood sweetheart, a dream and a happy ending. “Love Uncovered” includes all these and more…” by Amazon Customer

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(Broken Love)

Boundaries for Leaders
by Henry Cloud


In Boundaries for Leaders, clinical psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Henry Cloud leverages his expertise of human behavior, neuroscience, and business leadership to explain how the best leaders set boundaries within their organizations–with their teams and with themselves–to improve performance and increase employee and customer satisfaction.

In a voice that is motivating and inspiring, Dr. Cloud offers practical advice on how to manage teams, coach direct reports, and instill an organization with strong values and culture.

The Jam and Jelly Nook
by Amy Clipston


Since her husband died seven years ago, Leanna Wengerd has done her best—tending to her son, Chester, and running her Jam and Jelly Nook at the Amish market. Though she enjoys seeing her cousins and customers at the marketplace, she wishes she could find more time for her rebellious teenage boy.

When Chester gets into trouble for trespassing, he winds up at the police station with his friend Maggie, who was riding with him to a youth group gathering…

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(An Amish Marketplace Series)

Three James Herriot Classics
by James Herriot


Perhaps better than any other writer, James Herriot reveals the ties that bind us to the natural world. Collected here are three of his masterpieces – All Creatures Great and SmallAll Things Bright and Beautiful, and All Things Wise and Wonderful – which have been winning over animal lovers everywhere for almost fifty years. From his night visits to drafty barns during freezing northern England winters, to the beautiful vitality of rural life in the summertime, to the colorful menagerie of animals – and their owners – that pass through his office, Herriot vividly evokes the daily challenges and joys that come with being a veterinarian.

The Passover Prophecies
by Chuck D. Pierce


God is realigning hearts and nations in crisis.

This book will allow you to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches in this season of a modern-day Passover. A timely prophetic message on how to discern the times and know what to do as the body of Christ. As people and nations emerge in the aftermath of this pandemic, God will realign hearts and nations in preparation for an end-time harvest.

Monday’s Christian eBooks

Summertime in My Heart
by Billie Houston


Fern Marshall has not seen her ex-husband in fifteen years. Their parting was less than amicable. Now she is faced him with telling him that their eighteen-year-old daughter has been in an automobile accident. If her bad news ended there, she could manage. Unfortunately, it does not. Drew Marshall feels keenly his failure as a father. When his ex-wife brings a message that his daughter has been in an accident, guilt gnaws at him. He should have been there for her.

Her next revelation shakes the foundation of his world; calling into question all he thought to be settled and sure.

A Wedding for Felicity
by Teresa Slack


The one thing she most wanted was the one thing she could never have.

Beautiful, kind-hearted Felicity Trego has always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding and her very own happily-ever-after. But a strange stipulation in her papa’s will forbids his daughters to marry. When her older sister is injured, Felicity must take the reins at the family’s leatherworks factory, a position for which she feels sorely ill equipped. Can she prove her competence while ignoring the true desires of her heart?

Can two hearts learn to trust, or will fear, doubt, and suspicion forever prevent a wedding for Felicity?

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(Willow Wood Brides Series)

Four Months in Cuba
by Luana Ehrlich


Titus thought it would be a simple rescue mission. He was wrong. Book IV in the Titus Ray Thriller series, featuring CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray.

It wasn’t simple… Days after preventing a sarin gas attack on the nation’s capital, CIA operative, Titus Ray, arrives in Santiago de Cuba on a mission to rescue fellow operative, Ben Mitchell, from the hands of the Los Zetas drug cartel.

It wasn’t simple… After discovering Ben’s abduction was more than a simple kidnapping, Titus joins forces with an unconventional operative whose peculiar ideas threaten to destroy the mission. As the search for Ben reaches a critical stage, Titus is suddenly called back to Langley.

It wasn’t a rescue…

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(A Titus Ray Thriller)

Three Brides Following God’s Plan
by Olivia Haywood


Three brave women will struggle to overcome their pasts with faith as their weapon. How challenging will it be for love to survive through the obstacles? They will come to understand that God makes better choices for us than we could have ever made for ourselves.

Three of my best-selling Christian Historical Romance stories in a single Inspirational Collection! It’s time to stay home and enjoy them!

#1 An Uncommon Bride to Inspire his Faith
#2 A Miraculous Bride for His Suffering Heart
#3 A Merciful Bride for the Reclusive Rancher

Maverick Heart
by Natalie Bright, Denise F. McAllister



Carli Jameson is used to being on her own – abandoned by her mother as an infant – all she’s ever wanted is to feel like she belongs. She has had no choice except to be strong and independent, but now, can she learn to trust God to be her partner?

Georgia girl, Carli Jameson, inherits a Texas cattle ranch from grandparents she never knew. After much thought, she makes the courageous decision to pack up her life and move to Texas to run the ranch. She forges ahead into a new life filled with uncertainty and along the way discovers a ranching community that becomes the family she never had…

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(Wild Cow Ranch Series)

Millie’s Cruise Ship Mystery Novels: Books 1-10
by Hope Callaghan


Treat yourself to this deluxe box set featuring the first 10 novels in THE ORIGINAL Cruise Ship Mystery series from bestselling author Hope Callaghan!

Hoping for a fresh start after her recent divorce, sixty something Millie Sanders, lands her dream job as the assistant cruise director onboard the “Siren of the Seas.” Too bad no one told her murder is on the itinerary.

If you like clean, fun-filled cozy mysteries that keep you guessing until the end, you’ll love Millie’s Cruise Ship Mystery Series!

Starboard Secrets: Book 1; Portside Peril: Book 2
Lethal Lobster: Book 3; Deadly Deception: Book 4
Vanishing Vacationers: Book 5; Cruise Control: Book 6
Killer Karaoke: Book 7; Suite Revenge: Book 8
Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’: Book 9; High Seas Heist: Book 10

Kate’s Quest
by Seralynn Lewis


Sometimes the first person we need is the last person we expect.

Sparks fly in this opposites attract journey when a my way or the highway soldier collides with a determined woman on a mission to find her family.

When Kate Callahan finds letters her deceased mama never intended for her to find, her world is flipped upside down. She quits the job she loves and embarks on a journey to find her birth mother. Worthy, Ohio is the final stop before the trail runs cold and she gives up her quest.

Master Sergeant James Woodford comes home from war with haunting PTSD he thinks will never leave him. But when his cousin invites him to Worthy to work for her while he gets his feet under him, he accepts…

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(Women of Worthy Series)

Life in Christ Vol 2
by Charles Haddon Spurgeon


A deep, inspiring, and often challenging study of the Lord Jesus Christ’s miracles and parables.

Men who were led by the hand or groped their way along the wall to reach Jesus were touched by his finger and went home without a guide, rejoicing that Jesus Christ had opened their eyes. Jesus is still able to perform such miracles. And, with the power of the Holy Spirit, his Word will be expounded and we’ll watch for the signs to follow, expecting to see them at once. Why shouldn’t those who read this be blessed with the light of heaven?

The Fruit of the Spirit
by Thomas E. Trask, Wayde I. Goodall


The Fruit of the Spirit points you toward a lifestyle that makes the gospel you proclaim attractive to others because they can see its results in your everyday life, emotions, demeanor, and actions.

Drawing from Biblical examples, Trask and Goodall share insights that both challenge and encourage. They offer true-life examples of the difference you, too, can make when you let the Holy Spirit reproduce the character of Jesus within you.

Facing the Giants
by Multiple Authors


It’s been six years without a winning season, and Coach Grant Taylor’s job is on the line. Unless the Shiloh Christian Eagles turn things around—and fast—he’s history. Unfortunately, their leading scorer has just left for a rival school and the team has lost its drive. The pressure is on, and the stakes are high.

On the home front, things aren’t much better for Grant. His house is falling apart. His old clunker of a car keeps dying, and the coach and his wife have been unsuccessful in their attempts to start a family. But God is on the move – in many ways.

The Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers
by Abner Chou


A method of interpretation–a hermeneutic–is indispensable for understanding Scripture, constructing theology, and living the Christian life, but most contemporary hermeneutical systems fail to acknowledge the principles and practices of the biblical writers themselves.

Christians today cannot employ a truly biblical view of the Bible unless they understand why the prophets and apostles interpreted Scripture the way they did.

His Mighty Strength
by Randy Frazee


In His Mighty Strength, popular pastor and author Randy Frazee explores Jesus’ time on earth to uncover the amazing source of his strength. Jesus continually sought direction from the Father and found the power to live the Father’s will through the Holy Spirit. He said yes to God every day of his earthly life—and we can too.

His Mighty Strength reminds us that Jesus’ resurrection power is not wishful thinking or a poetic metaphor. It’s a real source of strength that we have access to right now. And when we embrace God’s offering, our lives will never be the same.

Sunday’s Christian eBooks

Her Christmas Cowboy
by Marie Richards


Luke Carsen needs to honor the stipulation in his late adoptive father’s will for him to be married in order to take co-ownership of the family ranch. But he’s too broken to love again. Recovering from the wounds of war is one thing, but the wounds from a previous relationship is another.

Jemma Smith grants wishes for the ill through her Grant-A-Wish app, but can she grant her dying grandfather’s last wish to see her settle down before Christmas? She’d always dreamed of getting married and knows her grandfather just wants to see her happy, but she’s not getting any younger and it’s too late for her now, isn’t it?

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(Carsen Brothers of Sweet Rivers Ranch Series)

When a Lady says I Do
by Bridget Barton


Brand New Release from Bridget Barton.

Lady Grace Rutlege might not hold a classic beauty, but she is uniquely attractive in an unassuming manner. Nevertheless, she has little hope of finding true love, as it seems that no one truly appreciates her golden heart and boundless intelligence. Fate smiles on her though when she meets a dashing lord, whose presence will give her butterflies. Little did she know that her own sister would be jealous of her sweet romance…

Will the imperfectly perfect Lady capture the charming Lord’s heart?

Unexpected Love On The Wagon Train
by Evelyn Boyett


Clara has always felt like a burden to her neglectful, wealthy parents and wants nothing more than to start a new life in California, depending only on herself. To get there, though, she’ll need to rely on someone else all over again.

After being abandoned by their parents when he and his siblings were young, Grant’s focus has been to secure a safe, comfortable home for the three of them. But to get the ranch of his dreams, he’ll have to give up the woman he loves…

Traveling across the country in cramped quarters with a stranger you just married is no picnic, though…

Can they make it to California, or will their marriage end before it truly began?

by Kathleen Lawless


Her brother’s bad-boy best friend needs a wife!

American heiress and champion horse breeder, Lacey has always been in love with her brother’s rough-and-tumble, bad boy best friend. She doesn’t care if Shane is a pauper and a convicted thief, so when she learns he is sentenced to death, his only reprieve hinging on a proxy marriage, she doesn’t hesitate to sign the papers, ship her horses, and head West.

Proud and fiercely independent, Shane hates being beholden to anyone almost as much as he hated being in prison. Years ago, his best friend’s twin sister threw herself at him, a temptation that drove him West to seek his fortune. Now it seems someone wants to take that fortune away from him. Why else was he tried and found guilty for a crime he didn’t commit?

Beautiful Forevers
by Jessie Gussman


They both want to make things work, but will their children come between them?

Gage has been happy in Blueberry Beach, living above the store on the Main Street, working from home and raising his two girls. Alone.

The tightknit community supports each other and his daughters enjoy working in the ice cream shop and playing in the beach band.

When Zariah and her teenage niece, Macie, move in across the street, opening a clothing boutique, Gage’s attraction to her is immediate. Their relationship seems too good to be true. Or maybe it’s Macie that’s too good to be true.

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(Blueberry Beach Series)

by Beth Moore


Based on her bestselling book, Get Out of That Pit, Beth Moore delivers a stirring message of sheer hope, utter deliverance, and glorious freedom of God.

God is in the deliverance business. He longs for you to be free, to know the love and presence that are better than life – and the power of His Word that defies all darkness. In Delivered, Beth Moore shares her own journey out of the pit and the way the poetic expressions of Psalm 40 rewarded her with a new song for her soul—given by her Savior and offered to you here in this soul-stirring book.

A Mind Awake
by C. S. Lewis


A Mind Awake includes hundreds of short excerpts, curated from the full range of his works and organized them by theme.

Useful as both a reference work and as a devotional resource, A Mind Awake contains hidden gems of wisdom that are provocative, whimsical, and insightful, and is an ideal introduction to this towering figure who has profoundly influenced modern Christianity.

The New Author
by R. A. Barnes


A beginner’s guide to writing a novel, publishing as an independent ebook author and promoting your brand using social networks. With foreword by Jim Williams, author of ten internationally published novels including the Booker Prize nominated Scherzo.

The New Author is an excellent piece of writing, combining deceptive simplicity, lucidity and charm: a trick which in practice is very difficult to pull off. The book is also informed by considerable intelligence and analysis founded on firsthand experience.

Katy’s New World
by Kim Vogel Sawyer


Katy has always enjoyed life in her small Mennonite community, but she longs to learn more than her school can offer. After getting approval from her elders, Katy starts her sophomore year at the public high school in town, where she meets new friends and encounters perspectives much different than her own. But as Katy begins to find her way in the outside world, her relationships at home become restrained. Can she find a balance between her two worlds?

The Inn at Ocean’s Edge
by Colleen Coble


In 1989, Claire Dellamare disappeared from her own fourth birthday party at the Hotel Tourmaline on the island of Folly Shoals, Maine. She showed up a year later at the same hotel, with a note pinned to her dress but no explanation. Nobody knows where Claire spent that year—and until now, Claire didn’t even know she had ever been missing. But when Claire returns to the Hotel Tourmaline for a business meeting with her CEO father, disturbing memories begin to surface . . . despite her parents’ best efforts to keep them forgotten.

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(A Sunset Cove Series)

From Spare Room to Spare Money
by Crystal Rusteen


Have people ever told you that your home would make the perfect hotel or bed and breakfast? Have you ever stayed the night somewhere and immediately compiled a list of things you’d do differently? Are you interested in finding new ways of making an income by dipping your toes in the hospitality industry?

More and more travelers are checking into Airbnbs over traditional hotels, which means the demand is very high for private homeowners to open their spaces to host guests. Whether that means a quick overnight trip or a long-term stay, many people are accommodating strangers in carriage houses, barns, tiny houses, and even in their spare rooms.

Saturday’s Christian eBooks

Much Ado About Josie
by Lacy Williams


Mack has built a solitary life for himself as a railroad surveyor. The only person he can rely on is his brother and partner. But when his brother is gravely injured, Mack is forced to accept help from the lovely Josie and her sidekick Ruthie.

Josie is Mack’s opposite in every way. She’s a dreamer who has led a charmed life. She sees the good in people. She draws people in, makes them feel special. Trapped on a mountain, surviving an avalanche, and exposure to the elements… being with Josie is the biggest risk of all. Because she makes Mack want things he’s never had before. Home. Family. Someone to love.

Rodeo and Juliet – Book 1  is LIMITE TIME FREE

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(Rodeo and Juliet )

Yours Truly
by Sharon Gillenwater


West Texas 1885.

A hidden letter inspires her to leave New York City and search for the father she never knew…

Charity Brown, a celebrated author and illustrator for Century magazine, travels to the bustling West Texas cow town of Colorado City to write a series of articles – and to look for her father. She doesn’t know what she’ll do if she actually finds him. Hopefully, he’ll be happy to learn he has a daughter. But what if he isn’t? Given that possibility, she decides not to tell anyone there about her search. Charity quickly discovers that keeping her secret from the deputy sheriff will be difficult. Not only is the man much too observant, their instant attraction plays havoc with her heart, making her long for love.

The minute Deputy Morgan Kaine spots Charity, he knows she’ll be trouble…

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(West Texas Sweethearts-Colorado City Series)

A Lesson in Trust and Hope
by Ellen Knightley


Brand New Release from Ellen Knightley.

Carlie Ellis had never thought of leaving her hometown, and by doing so, hindering her relationship with her parents. Still, starting a family and a new life in New York had brought her so much happiness, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Yet Carlie’s bliss would come to an abrupt end, after losing her husband suddenly. Left with no other option, there was only one place for her and her daughter, Josie, to return to; her family home. Amid mourning and reconciling with her parents, Carlie cannot even begin to think about the future, let alone finding love again.

Especially when family secrets put Josie’s life in danger…

Damaged Hero
by Jo Grafford


Brand New Release from Amzon Bestselling Author Jo Grafford.

He has a checkered past to overcome. She’s a single mom. When tragedy strikes, all they have left to cling to is God…and each other!

Foster Kane is an all-in kinda guy. He’s partied hard, spent a few years in the pen, and is now working like crazy to make up for past wrongs. When he lands a job at Anderson Ranch, he discovers peace in ranching life he’s never experienced before. Until a sudden death in the family saddles him with running a security firm riddled with problems, as well as looking after the one sassy country gal he has no business falling for…

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(Born In Texas Series)

Ocracoke by Christmas
by Cindy M. Amos


New release from Cindy M. Amos.

The lighthouse shelters a few choice secrets but never falters in shining a light on true love.

An addition to the lighthouse keeper’s quarters in 1929 turns Kettie Gaskill’s world out of kilter when handsome carpenter Drey Parker makes a crashing appearance onto Ocracoke Island. A temporary co-teaching assignment keeps her best friend Mirabel from non-stop flirting, but circumstances deliver a new replacement assistant, giving Kettie one too many suitors for such a small island. When the Black Tuesday stock market crash chases a spreading influenza epidemic on the mainland, a winnowed heartache follows. With a wedding set for Christmas Day, which suitor will meet Kettie at the altar?

Locket Full of Love
by Heather Blanton


A mysterious key hidden in a locket leads Juliet Watts and a handsome military intelligence officer on a journey of riddles, revelations, and romance.

For years Juliet has believed her husband died saving a cheap trinket–but the locket for which he foolishly risked his life leads to more and more strange clues. Together, she and Captain Robert Hall work to unlock a mystery that shows how little Juliet knew her husband. As more details are revealed, the more dangerous their journey becomes.

Was her husband a sinner or a saint? A spy or a traitor? And why is someone in Washington hoping they don’t solve the riddle?

Finding Quiet
by James Porter Moreland


 In Finding Quiet Moreland comes alongside fellow sufferers with encouragement and practical, hard-won advice. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly 20 percent of Americans suffer from mental illness, and people in the pews are not immune. Moreland explores the spiritual and physical aspects of mental illness, pointing readers toward sound sources of information, treatment, and recovery.

by J. Martin


When Paul wrote the epistle of Romans, his intention was that Romans would read the whole letter in one sitting, and that they would understand what they were reading without further explanation. Sometimes we dig so deep into scripture that we lose the basic meaning of what we’re reading. This is not, then, as much a commentary as it is an attempt to revitalize interest in the book of Romans itself – as it was written, and as it was meant to be understood. Attention is drawn to the words and phrases of the text, highlighting things imperative to be understood and claimed for our own.

Acceptable Risk
by Lynette Eason


Sarah Denning is a military journalist with the Army in the Middle East when her convoy is attacked and she’s taken hostage. When former Army Ranger Gavin Black is asked by his old unit commander–Sarah’s imposing father–to plan an extremely risky rescue, he reluctantly agrees and successfully executes it.

Back in the US, Sarah is livid when she’s discharged on a false psychiatric evaluation and vows to return to the Army…

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(Danger Never Sleeps Series)

Living Unbroken
by Tracie Miles


Unlike other books on divorce, Living Unbroken takes a deep dive into understanding and overcoming the emotional toll divorce, separation, and the loss of a serious long-term relationship has on a woman’s well-being.

As someone who has walked this path, Tracie Miles leads women on a powerful, life-changing journey that provides much-needed hope, encouragement, and practical guidance for living their best life even if it’s not the life they once imagined. Her biblically sound approach teaches readers how to trust in God’s promises and restore their self-confidence and hope for the future.

On Guard for Students
by William Lane Craig


An intelligent faith begins with hard questions. In On Guard for Students William Lane Craig tackles such questions with reason and precision. He invites you to join him on a quest for ultimate reality.

This unique book takes you on an extraordinary journey of exploration as you probe for answers to life’s deepest questions: why anything at all exists, the origin and fine-tuning of the universe, the nature of moral values and the reality of evil, the historical person of Jesus of Nazareth, and so on.

The Berenstain Bears Learn About Heaven
by Mike Berenstain


Young children are encouraged to ask big questions about heaven in this inspiring addition to the Berenstain Bears Living Lights™ series. As they read about Sister Bear and her curiosity about what heaven is, readers have the perfect opportunity to ask their own questions and discuss what heaven is, where it is, how you get there, and more.