Wednesday’s Christian eBooks

Black Tie Billionaires Series
Kindle Edition


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The Black Tie Billionaires is a sweet and inspirational Amazon bestselling romance series, surrounding a decades-old rivalry between two mega corporate dynasties located in the Alaskan Gulf. Their icy standoff takes a new turn when the disowned youngest daughter of their biggest corporate rival walks through the front doors of Genesis & Sons, begging their CEO for a job. She finds herself facing a man who might very well be the wealthiest, best looking, and angriest bachelor in North America…

Welcome to the game of love and treachery played by the world’s richest one percent!

Angelology: Understanding Angels
by Gregory Brown


What are angels? Who are they and what can we learn from them? In Scripture, angels are mentioned over 250 times in thirty-four books of the Bible. Angels were present, rejoicing at God’s forming of the earth (Job 38:4-7). They visited Abraham’s house and brought judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 18, 19:13). An angel strengthened Christ after he experienced temptation in the wilderness (Lk 22:43). An angel set Peter free from prison (Acts 12:7-10), and one comforted Paul before his shipwreck in the ocean (Acts 27:23-24).

In Angelology, we will consider many questions about angels, including who they are, their creation, types of angels, specific angels, their ministry, their future, and much more. The study of angels is not just speculative; we can learn a great deal from them, as they are fellow servants and worshipers of God (Rev 22:9). Let’s study angelology together with the Bible Teacher’s Guide.

“The Bible Teacher’s Guide … will help any teacher study and get a better background for his/her Bible lessons. In addition, it will give direction and scope to teaching of the Word of God. Praise God for this contemporary introduction to the Word of God.” 
Dr. Elmer Towns, Co-founder of Liberty University 

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(The Bible Teacher’s Guide Series)

Triple J Ranch Boxed Set #1
by Jenna Hendricks, J.L. Hendricks


This exciting and Faith-filled boxed set contains the following books from the Bestselling Triple J Ranch series:

Second Chance Ranch
Cowboy Ranch
Runaway Cowgirl Bride

When Elizabeth met her high school sweetheart 10 years later, she had no idea she’d be getting a second chance at love. Not to mention a lesson in faith that only helped her family grow closer.

Luke Manning’s Cowboy Ranch served up plenty of action when he met a kindred spirit in Callie Houston. Then got shot protecting her from cattle rustlers! But will love and Faith in God prevail? And will they get their happy ending?

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(Triple J Ranch Boxed Set #2)

Willow’s Worth
by Kimberly Grist, Sweet Americana


Telegraph operator, Willow Graham, has benefited from a unique lifestyle growing up on her grandfather’s ranch. She loves the wide-open countryside, where she rides and trains animals. With her twenty-first birthday approaching, her family pressures her to return to the city and take up the lavish lifestyle her uncle has planned for her. But another option piques her curiosity –a matchmaking agency’s recommendation that she begin correspondence with a handsome farmer.

Hardworking, twenty-seven-year-old, Leo Weaver, is a man of many talents. He’s helped his father develop a successful farm. Loyal to Carrie town, he volunteers as a deputy sheriff. But handsome and charming, Leo’s become the target of several well-meaning ladies in the community who have submitted his name for a new matchmaking venture.

The Rancher takes his Convenient Bride
by Shanae Johnson


Instalove alters the plan when an Army Ranger makes a calculated deal to wed a female rancher in a modern day marriage of convenience.

Army Ranger Tony Keaton is under a tight deadline. He’s got just 90 days to break ground, construct, and open the elite forces training camp he and his men have been planning since they left the military. The problem is his camp, which is on the grounds of the Purple Heart Ranch, needs access to the adjoining creek for their training exercises. Luckily, the stunning female rancher who owns that piece of land is willing to make a deal.

Cattle rancher Brenda Vance is shedding ranch hands who can’t stand working for a woman. But she’s also bleeding money as she modernizes her property. To cover the debt of the technological advances, she agrees to sell the creek to Keaton…

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(The Rangers of Purple Heart Ranch Series)

Living with A 98-Year-Old
Rocket Scientist: Mister B
by Lynn Byk , Joseph Byk


Mister B could care less about being politically correct. By the time you finish reading about him, you will know how to live a carefree existence.

Best Memoir, 2016. A surprising odyssey begins when a chauffeur-cook on the verge of financial ruin decides to help a 98-year-old rocket scientist. The old man decides to teach her a few of his own life lessons, namely how to live forever.

Born in 1916, to a Polish-speaking mother, physicist Joseph Byk began his early schooling in rope-tied-baggy-pants-poverty. He was every teachers’ dreaded student, however, he aspired to design vehicles that defy gravity. Joseph B IS the loveable, bumbling scientist portrayed in Nevil Shute’s romantic character, Mr. Honey, (Jimmy Stewart) in the movie, No Highway in the Sky.

Here is the story of a forgotten stress engineer whose philosophy, calculations, and outspoken opinions saved many lives. Greatest Generation story lovers, World War II hounds, and family members caring for aging parents think of Mister B as a national treasure.

Her Every Move
by Kelly Irvin


He’s a cop trying to stop a serial bomber. And she’ll stop at nothing to clear her own name. When a deadly bomb goes off during a climate change debate, librarian and event coordinator Jackie Santoro becomes the prime suspect. Her motive, according to Detective Avery Wick: to avenge the suicide of her prominent father, who was accused of crimes by a city councilman attending the event.

Though Avery has doubts about Jackie’s guilt, he can’t exonerate her even after an extremist group takes responsibility for the bombing and continues to attack San Antonio’s treasured public spaces.

Not a Chance
by R. C. Sproul, Keith Mathison


Despite claiming unbelief in God or any higher power that may have designed or created the world and all that is in it, modern scientists often write and speak of chance as some kind of being or force that can cause things to happen. In one breath they push the evolution agenda and in the next they say that creatures were “designed” with specific traits. In this classic book, R. C. Sproul and Keith Mathison call the scientific world to employ logic and clarity in their discourse, to leave the word chance as an abstract concept to describe mathematical possibilities rather than an ontological being that can actually cause change.

The Women of the Bible Speak
by Shannon Bream


The women of the Bible lived timeless stories – by examining them, we can understand what it means to be a woman of faith.

People unfamiliar with Scripture often assume that women play a small, secondary role in the Bible. But in fact, they were central figures in numerous Biblical tales. It was Queen Esther’s bravery at a vital point in history which saved her entire people. The Bible contains warriors like Jael, judges like Deborah, and prophets like Miriam. The first person to witness Jesus’ resurrection was Mary Magdalene, who promptly became the first Christian evangelist, eager to share the news which would change the world forever.

The Knitted Teddy Bear
by Sandra Polley


The instructions are easy to follow and there are clear diagrams showing how to sew up, thread-joint, and create the perfect gift or heirloom. You can build on the patterns given to create many other variations, including ‘old’ bears that have been loved and left in the attic, character teddies and mascots.

Tuesday’s Christian eBooks

Miss Main Street The Complete Series
by Angela Castillo


The town of Wimber is full of stories, and three young women are out to discover their own.

Clean, Christian fiction with a hint of romance. Includes all three books in the Miss Main Street series:

Secondhand Secrets
Blessed Arrangements
Inn Dependence

“What a great series. So full of God’s love and grace. The characters will draw you in and make you want to set on the porch and drink lemonade out of a mason jar with them.” by Amazon Customer

Not Quite a Prince
by Karly Stratford


Brand New Release from Karly Stratford.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Will this man be My downfall?

I have one last party to host at my aunt’s bed and breakfast before I go back to my day job.

Unfortunately, Fate has decided to twist the week into one of my television productions. 1-My rival, the Prince of Television, walks in.
2-His shorts leave his well-defined calf muscles horribly exposed. 3-Only one room in the place has reliable Wi-Fi. 4-He makes fun of the love triangle in my latest show. 5-I fight back with snide remarks about his train-wreck of a season finale.

Cue the laugh track. What? No. Of course I’m not flirting with him. He’s the enemy.

Marry Me for Real, Cowboy
by Valerie Comer


A desperate kiss results in a fake marriage proposal from a hunky rodeo cowboy in this Montana Ranches Christian Romance.

Adam Cavanagh’s rodeo championship tastes like dirt after a competitor’s critical injury, but going home to his family’s Montana ranch isn’t much of an improvement. If not even the coveted trophy earns his stepfather’s respect, what will it take?

Riley Dunning’s quick thinking is all that’s keeping her body, soul, and principles together, but demanding a kiss from a hunky cowboy to deter the weirdo following her might be taking things too far… especially when the cowboy comes up with a risky plan that might offer them both stability. If it doesn’t backfire completely…

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(Cavanagh Cowboys Series)

The Penitent Priest
by J. R. Mathis


Ten years ago, his wife died in his arms. God saved him for Himself. Now, he wants his first love to catch her killer.

Father Tom Greer is playing with fire. Tom Greer left Myerton six months after his wife Joan’s death, determined to leave the painful memories behind. Ten years later, now-Father Tom Greer returns for a four-month assignment as the temporary pastor of Saint Clare’s Parish in Myerton. His only desire is to serve God’s people quietly then leave again.

But the past won’t leave Father Tom alone…

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(The Father Tom Series)

by Laura Bartnick, Robin Bolton , Kathy Joy Hoffner


As a Christian living resource, BEING CREATIVE is a unique look at how God in Christ is the source of all creativity.

Using compelling Biblical references, BEING CREATIVE shows how an artistic soul is a breath of God, how creativity is a medium in which we encounter God, and how being creative is a means for bringing more life into the world. BEING CREATIVE creates a deep sense of belonging for the reader.

Learn how creative capacity is a direct result of God’s own priority to create…in nature, in stories, and in the process of life.

“The book offers a path toward fulfillment and purpose. It will help readers develop a strong awareness of the sacredness of their creative endeavors.” – by Arya Fomonyuy

Learn how the creative capacity is a direct result of God’s own priority to create.

by Andy Ripley


Whether people have enough food or not, they are always hungry for something. This world is a world of appetites, and human beings are always searching for some kind of satiation. People are constantly looking to fulfill some desire or another. What sin has done to us as a people is this; it has distorted our appetites. It has made the satisfaction of our physical desires to be our primary concern, while minimizing, disguising or even completely obscuring our spiritual needs.

What the body wants has become first in our priorities, rather than what the soul needs. One of the great lessons which the Lord taught when He was on the earth was that mankind needs to be hungry for the main thing and not just the other things. Jesus Christ, Himself, is presented as the main thing which we ought to hunger after. Of course, hungering for food, shelter, safety, and desiring to make families, are all significant, necessary and important.

The Dude’s Guide to Marriage
by Darrin Patrick, Amie Patrick, Paul David Tripp


Here’s your guide to making those words a reality in your marriage. What do women want? This question has stumped the greatest male minds for centuries. Of course, if you’re married, a much better question is, “What does your wife want?”

As Darrin and Amie Patrick reveal in this profoundly practical and transformational book, God designed your wife to want – to need – to be loved. And that design is an invitation for you to love her deeply, intentionally and passionately.

Moment Maker
by Zondervan


Life is made of moments. What are you doing to make the most of them? In Moment Maker, Carlos Whittaker shows you how to make each moment count, so those moments add up to a life rich with meaning, deeply satisfying, and full of purpose.

Every day we have an opportunity to make our lives meaningful, to make them matter. Yet, for so many of us, we let too much of life happen without taking notice. For author, speaker, and podcaster Carlos Whittaker, living deliberately has become a way of life. Making moments that are significant, memorable, or impactful are a part of how he navigates each day, and it has forever changed the landscape of his story.

Billy Graham
by David Frost


Most people know Billy Graham the preacher. Many know Billy Graham the author. In this remarkable book, Graham reveals a personal side that few have seen before.

For thirty years, Billy Graham and David Frost fascinated television audiences with their conversations about God, the Bible, and Graham’s decades-long ministry. Frost asked the questions that thousands of viewers wanted to ask. Graham answered them with authenticity and grace. Along the way, Graham provided insight into life as an evangelist, a Christian father and grandfather, and a public figure in a changing culture…

Monday’s Christian eBooks

Desire of My Heart
by Heidi Gray McGill


All Rachel has ever wanted is a family. How could God grant her the desire of her heart, then do nothing to prevent it being taken away? Can she wait for God’s perfect timing, or will she take matters into her own hands…again?

About to age out of a Missouri orphanage in 1858, shy Rachel listens with terror as the orphanage matron tells her she’s practically auctioning her off to the highest bidder for her hand in marriage. Rachel prays, asking God to help her and her younger brother Charlie escape, but how? When God provides what Rachel believes to be her liberator, the seed of an idea sets in motion an adventure that will bring happiness and heartbreak, and nearly cost Rachel her health…

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(With All My Heart)

Three Steps Away
by Luana Ehrlich


He was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person. Now, he’s forced to assume an identity from his past.

CIA covert operative Titus Ray always figured one day he might encounter someone who knew him as a different person from a previous operation. He just never expected it to happen on a family vacation.

It was the wrong place . . . While vacationing in Bridgetown, Barbados, Titus suddenly finds himself face-to-face with an Iranian businessman who knew him as Hammid Salimi when he was living in Tehran during a deep-cover operation. Forced to resume his old identity, Titus learns of a Russian government scheme to help Iran avoid strict economic sanctions imposed on them by the U.S.

It was the wrong time . . .

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(Titus Ray Series)

Finding Forgiveness in the West
by Chloe Carley


Brand New Release from Chloe Carley.

She’s an unfortunate bride seeking a marriage of convenience. He’s a detached rancher whose heart has never been healed. How can they walk Lord’s aisle when their fears still grow thorns inside them?

Laura is an unfortunate young woman whose life so far has been full of thorns. Losing her step-father is what urges her to seek guidance from the local priest. Answering to a mail-order bride ad though is something she could never imagine doing. When she meets her scarred rancher and his troubled brother, how will she show him that God is not wrathful but full of Glory and Love?

William is a rancher whose heart hasn’t yet healed. The tragic death of the love of his life left him numb and extremely weary. He really believes he’s cursed and God hates him…

Love Blooms at The Apple Blossom Inn
by Tracy Fredrychowski


Hopes and dreams join hands in this sweet Amish Christian Romance Book

Maggie Fisher, sassy and a bit bossy, chased every boy off within twenty miles of her Tomah, Wisconsin home. In a last-ditch effort of finding a husband, her Datt sends her to Willow Springs, Pennsylvania, to live with his aunts. Determined to prove she doesn’t need a mate, she fights to ignore businessman Henry Schrock’s boyish charm.

However, love doesn’t come easy as Maggie finds herself falling for a man who belongs to another. As she struggles to be the proper Amish girl, she looks to God for help in dealing with her emerging feelings. When she catches Henry in a compromising situation, can she find a way to let Bella know he’s deceived her?

Can Maggie see past her heart to let love bloom at the Apple Blossom Inn, or will she leave Willow Springs ashamed and alone?

Whole Heart: One Woman’s Incredible and
Heartbreaking Journey from Africa to America
by Michelle Felix


Brand New Release from Michelle Felix. One Woman’s Incredible and Heartbreaking Journey from Africa to America

This book will MOVE YOU tears, but eventually, it will get your heart filled with HOPE, JOY, and ASPIRATION.

“Whole Heart” is an honest and inspiring memoir. This is an  inspiring true story that proves darkness can lead to light, and joy is possible on the other side of pain. At once heartbreaking and joyously uplifting, “Whole Heart” is an unflinching portrait of one woman’s fight for self-discovery, opportunity, and hope.

There is grace and possibility in even the bleakest places―a triumphant journey toward inner happiness―an African heart with an American dream…

If you have ever felt alone, worthless, lost, or as though you can’t rise from the ashes of the pain of your life, this memoir is for you.

The Melody of the Mulberries
by Tonya Jewel Blessing


This Appalachian Big Creek sequel is set in West Virginia, during the 1920s, where granny witches and spiritualism often show the path for wanderers to take, especially in matters of the heart. Emerald Ashby’s younger sister, Coral, determines to visit the family’s nemesis, Charlie, now stewing in prison.

When Mercy returns to the holler of Big Creek, she comes well-armed to re-enter Ernst’s life, but he has already found a new romantic attraction. No matter, Mercy has brought along her own spiritual tools and a special friend who guides her way around this inconvenience…

Clean reading romance, a cozy mystery tucked in at the tails, and a fun, but realistic history of the people and cultures of the Appalachian trail make this story uplifting to many varied audiences.

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(The Whispering of the Willows)

Quirk Books D.I.Y. Gift Guide
by Homemade Quirk


This ebook offers 18 DIY gifts for the bookworm, foodie, animal lover, significant other, kid or geek in your life.

“Its a great gift idea for moms or people that like to do crafts. Maybe a little ironic to gift a person a book about gifts but it could work. The book ranges from recipes to crafts and includes very clear instructions for each item. I liked it, id recommend it to the crafty people of the world.” by Amazon Customer

by Jane Hamon, Chuck Pierce


We are living in such critical times today that it is imperative for believers to learn to use every tool given to us by the Holy Spirit. We are called to be kingdom influencers–to discern the times in which we live, to discern the moves of the Holy Spirit, and to discern angels and demons.

With extensive expertise and personal experience, prophetic leader Jane Hamon takes a deep dive, biblically and practically, into one of the least known and most unused gifts of the Holy Spirit…

The Oak Inside the Acorn
by Max Lucado, George Angelini


The story highlights the adventure of a sweet little acorn becoming a big, strong oak tree. Readers will cheer on the growing tree when he can’t grow oranges like the orange tree or flowers like the rose bush. Children will read with patient wonder as the tree grows empty branches, and later a very special purpose is revealed.

Blessed Are the Misfits
by Brant Hansen


While American church culture (and American culture at large) seems largely designed for the extroverted, it’s estimated that half of the American population is introverted, and they’re often left wondering how, even if, they fit in the kingdom of God. As one of them, popular radio host Brant Hansen brings news. It’s wonderful, refreshing, and never-been-said-this-way-before good news.

In his unique style, Hansen looks to answer questions that millions of people carry with them each day…

Sunday’s Christian eBooks

Finding Faith
by B. E. Baker


“Despite the complexities [of] this tale, Finding Faith reads like the honeymoon stage of a relationship. It’s filled with laughter, an idealized reality, and an endless craving for the story to continue. Luke’s and Mary’s love offers a temporary euphoria that shows romance is sometimes found where it is least expected.” – Publisher’s Weekly

Like mother, like daughter? Mary sure hopes not. Two decades ago, Mary’s mom walked out. A few days later, her dad started drinking. He never stopped. Mary swore off alcohol. She also decided she’d never have kids, just in case she took after her parents.

A year ago, Mary’s boyfriend dumped her because she didn’t want to have any children. Yesterday, for the first time in a year, Mary met someone. Someone hunky. Someone smart. Someone who made her goofy smile. Someone who sent a shiver up her spine. Tomorrow she’s going on a first date…

Check out:
(The Finding Home Series)

His First Love
by Liz Isaacson


She broke up with him a decade ago. He’s back in town after finishing a degree at MIT, ready to start his job at the family company. Can Hunter and Molly find their way through their pasts to build a future together?

On his first Sunday back in Ivory Peaks after finishing his technology degree at MIT, Hunter Hammond comes face-to-face with Molly Benson. He’s just lost track of his little brother, but the old flame he’s harbored for Molly since she ended their high school relationship a decade ago is rekindled instantly. Molly Benson, after succumbing to parental pressure and wanting to explore other options for a boyfriend, did break-up with Hunter back in high school. She’s never forgotten him though, even when she married another man…

Can his first love be the one that becomes forever?

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(Ivory Peaks Romance Series)

Silicon Valley Billionaire Series
Complete Collection
by Macie St. James


You’ll get four full-length novels, each featuring a Silicon Valley billionaire and feel-good clean romance in this contemporary box set.

They have it all…except the one thing that matters most.

Forgiving the Billionaire
Hiding the Billionaire
Finding the Billionaire
Marrying the Billionaire

“An amazing well written collection of 4 good clean fun stories. These engaging storylines were wonderful journeys that include a variety of setups, twists and turns, forgiveness, romance and more with great fun banter. They kept interested page after page with believable, identifiable, and well developed characters.” by Amazon Customer

Wonders in the Deep
by Chuck Carr


Love. Loss. Hope. Heroism. Is there safe passage through the torrents and storms of life? Wonders In the Deep is a dramatic illustration, an emotionally charged depiction of the elements that keep us human, fuel our spirit, and give us the courage to continue.

The life of eighteen-year-old Brandon Lawrence is one riddled with questions. Pained sore inside, he seeks answers that have been swallowed deeply by his own grandfather, whom he lovingly calls Pap. How did his parents and grandmother die? Why does his grandfather resent Natalie, Brandon’s best friend since childhood? Why is he forbidden to step foot on a boat, to ride the waves of the sea? Will he ever find answers? Pap’s journals. Could they hold the secrets?

Set in the rocky and rugged coastline of Maine, the story uncovers Brandon’s world in the summer of 1998. The 1930s and 40s of his grandfather’s world are now over, along with the flat plains of a corn-belted Illinois town he had decided to leave as a young man. What had happened to cause a man to run from a life he couldn’t handle? What had turned Pap into a man withdrawn from life?

Her Sweet Billionaire Romance Boxed-set
by Tayla Alexandra


Her Billionaire Dream
Her Billionaire Jackpot
Her Billionaire Wish
Her Billionaire Chauffeur
Her Billionaire Scoundrel

“I thoroughly enjoyed the entire set. I like the way all the characters were interwoven into all the books. To be truly inspirational, God has to be an integral part of the story. These stories had it all: inspiration, Christian values, humor, intrigue, and romance. I will be looking for more books by this author.” by Amazon Customer

Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine:
The Story of Jesus and How It Applies
to Us in the Twitter Era
by R. Christian Bohlen


Connect with Christ Like Never Before. What if you could witness the life of Jesus from His birth to resurrection—as if you were there? And imagine a personal tour guide helping you understand and apply it all to your toughest problems in this complex age.

Twenty years in the making, Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine reflects R. Christian Bohlen’s award-winning skills as an instructional designer plus his thirty years in ministry and church leadership, resulting in this easy-to-read, vivid experience with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Carefully researched and biblically based, this non-denominational book is suitable for all Christians, Bible study group participants, your family members, and friends.

A Double Dose of Love
by Kathleen Fuller


Identical brothers Zeb and Zeke Bontrager aren’t looking for love. They have their hands full with a new horse farm, a half-finished ranch house, and a wild colt, thanks to Zeke’s hasty business dealings. Now Zeb must contend with Zeke’s bad decisions, hidden debts, and tendency to avoid responsibility, which threaten their good standing in the Birch Creek Amish community.

When a newspaper ad prompts Darla King to travel to Birch Creek in search of a husband, her identical twin, Amanda, promises their parents she’ll convince Darla to come home. After all, Amanda is the responsible and reliable one…

WECK Small-Batch Preserving
by Stephanie Thurow


Stephanie Thurow has teamed up with the canning experts at WECK to show you how to preserve with WECK jars—jams, kimchi, sauerkrauts, and much more!

The J. WECK Company has made aesthetically beautiful all-glass home canning jars for one hundred years. Never before offered, Stephanie has created a step-by-step guide to preserving with WECK jars and has developed one hundred delicious, small-batch recipes to can, ferment, and infuse with them.