Saturday’s Christian eBooks

Harbored in Crow’s Nest Series
by Danielle Grandinetti


Check out: Harbored in Crow’s Nest Series

Immerse yourself in 1930s Wisconsin in this historical romance series filled with mystery and hope. Secrets, lies, and second changes … Welcome to Crow’s Nest, where danger and romance meet at the water’s edge.

Confessions to a Stranger – Book 1
Refuge for the Archaeologist – Book 2
Escape with the Prodigal – Book 3
Relying on the Enemy – Book 4
Sheltered by the Doctor – Book 5
Investigation of a Journalist – Book 6

With a Trusting Heart
by Dawn Kinzer


Will trust be the winning ticket to mending two wounded hearts?

The 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition is taking place in Seattle with participants from all over the world when Lizzie Clark accepts a position at an orphanage in the city. After suffering heartbreak and loss, she is determined to make a life for herself independently.

Jack Butler’s mother abandoned their family when he was a young boy. Loyalty to his father cost him fulfilling his own aspirations, so Jack strives to take their family farm in a new direction…

This story was inspired by events that took place at the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Expo—Seattle’s first world’s fair.

by Linda K. Rodante


The man Cristina Torres has fallen in love with kisses her and then disappears for ten years. Now he’s back but with two detectives as shadows, and someone’s trying to kill her. Should she trust him or run for her life?

Dr. Chase Richards has fled his Christian roots long enough. He’s returning to his hometown in Tennessee to make amends – at what he thinks is God’s direction. But the way is not just hard, it’s almost impossible. The girl he once loved is now a woman – and she wants nothing to do with him. In addition, the opioid study he started and left in Virginia has followed him across state lines.  The police have warned him that he’s in imminent danger.

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(Dangerous Series)

A Deal for the Earl’s Love
by Amanda Seabrook


Brand New Release from Amanda Seabrook

Aurelia Banks is a paragon of English propriety, poised to fulfill her parents’ expectations. However, her heart yearns for Silas, a man deemed unsuitable by her family. Determined to follow her own path, Aurelia plans to defy their wishes and marry for love. But, when Dawson, a rugged American rancher turned unexpected earl, arrives to claim his inheritance, their lives intersect in unexpected ways.

Little does Aurelia know that Dawson’s arrival will challenge everything she thought she knew about loyalty and love…

Dawson Murphy, unaccustomed to the intricacies of English high society, is thrust into a world vastly different from the ranches of Kentucky…

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(Regency Hearts Entwined Series)

Echoes of Home
by Jo Grafford


Brand New Release from Amazon Bestselling Author Jo Grafford

A renowned archeologist rarely visits her cozy hometown, because she’s secretly crushing on the sheriff. But a string of danger brings them together to unravel a century-old mystery involving a missing heiress.

Bliss Hawling has been in love with Sheriff Gil Remington since their silly first kiss in high school. Someone dares him to do it, so it’s mostly a joke — to everyone but her. A few years later, he marries someone else.

Now he’s a widower. After the funeral, she plans to leave town again and never return. However, Gil arm twists her into coming back for one last visit…

Grab your copy of ECHOES OF HOME and be swept into the final showdown between the rival Remington and Hawling cowboys — where secrets and feelings, long kept hidden, are exposed at last!

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(Heart Lake Series)

Journey Back Home
by Cheri Swalwell


Life isn’t always as it seems, as you know.

Jace and Simone said, “I do,” but they never could have predicted where life would take them a decade later. Four children and two full-time careers are the perfect chemistry for chaotic schedules that wreak havoc on the couple’s marriage.

Ten years ago, the couple believed their deep love for God and shared interests and activities were all they needed to build a faith-based union. As Jace continued serving as a youth minister, Simone dedicated her life to their children and her teaching career…

“Inspiring story of loss, healing, and learning to put God and family first. I admire how Swalwell weaves in scripture to her writing.” by Amazon Customer

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(The Redemption of Green Pines Series)

Waltzing With a Grease Monkey
by Janetta Fudge-Messmer


Penelope Price contemplates dating her boss (Derek Hamilton) again. But all they talked about the last time was vehicles they worked on at the auto shop that day. Along with her job at Hamilton Auto Repair, Nell also teaches ballroom dancing at her mom’s studio.

And to top off her crazy job schedule, she takes a “Finding Your Spiritual Gifts” test at her church. This sets more things into motion than Penelope ever dreamed of – one being the day her two professions collide. She won’t be able to dance her way out of this predicament.

Will Penelope’s newest dance student (Harrison) waltz into Priceless Dance Studio and steal her heart away? Or will Derek’s gifts of wit and wisdom win her over in the end?

by Andy Ripley


The Degrading Character of The Last Days

In Second Timothy chapter three, verses one through five, Paul describes the character qualities which will be widely seen in the people of the last days. Although these are not necessarily qualities that are unique to the people of the final generation, as they are common to all generations of fallen human beings, the strong implication is that these evil traits will be dangerously magnified in the final days of history. The men and women of the last days will be more selfish, greedier, more boastful, prouder, more blasphemous, more disobedient, less thankful, more unholy, more unforgiving, more brutal and worse in every conceivable way when compared to previous generations. The complete loss of integrity and good character is what will make the last days so difficult to bear.

This book attempts to describe how each of these character traits will impact society and how it is already affecting the world. And how up against the backdrop of this drastic societal decline, we will see the bright and glorious witness of Jesus Christ as it is reflected in the life of His true church.

Amish Soups & Casseroles
by Linda Byler


75 authentic Amish soups, stews, casseroles—and delicious bread to go with them.

Gathered from interviews with real Amish grandmothers, tattered recipe boxes, and old books and diaries, here is an assortment of delicious baked goods that have been and continue to be popular in eastern Pennsylvania, particularly in the Lancaster area. Now you too can experience the warm, comforting recipes of old order Amish cooks.

by Walter Wangerin Jr.


 The opening chapter, “Ragman,” remains one of Walter Wangerin Jr.’s most beloved works and leads the reader to thirty-three other writings, all bearing the author’s trademark poignancy and lyricism. Ranging from gentle reflections to heartrending invocations, these selections are powerful, thought-provoking explorations of the meaning of faith, the person of Christ, and the communion of believers. Again and again, Wangerin’s cries of faith touch our deepest pains with rays of joyful healing.

Friday’s Christian eBooks

Her Second Chance Cowboy
by Natalie Dean


When Ben accompanies his mother to an old friend’s funeral…the last person he expects to see is her.

As the eldest son of the wealthy Miller family, Ben Miller is content with helping his brothers run their family’s ranch in Montana. Well… mostly content. There’s a certain something missing from his life, and he’s done a good job denying it for the past decade.

Until she rolled back into town…

After ten years fighting to make it in the Big Apple, full-figured Chastity finds herself heading back to the one place she vowed she’d never return…

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(Brothers of Miller Ranch Series)

7 Days to Upping Your Prayer Life, Loving Others, and Having More Joy
by John Christopher Frame


Do you want a better prayer life? Need more joy in your heart? Wish you felt closer to God? In this short action guide, author John Christopher Frame, PhD, sets out a quick seven-day plan to help you revitalize your walk with God.

7 Days to Upping Your Prayer Life, Loving Others, and Having More Joy is an easy-to-follow workbook that can lead you to become the better Christian you want to be.

You’ll discover: Seven powerful concepts that can motivate you on your faith journey and help you improve your relationship with God; Short daily readings, brief Bible passages, and compelling prayers that can strengthen your spirituality; Reflective questions and doable challenges so you can experience God’s greater presence in your life

If you like spirit-filled devotionals and practical steps to help you live out your faith, then you’ll love this inspirational action guide.

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(7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart)

A Dangerous Deal
by Philippa Jane Keyworth


Lady Rachel Denby is in need of a husband and a chance encounter with the reserved Lord Arleigh inspires her to offer him an outlandish deal.

He will save her from impending financial doom and she will help him gain his inheritance. All they have to do is marry. It sounds delightfully pragmatic. Yet as they embark upon their matrimonial bliss, they find that being husband and wife is anything but simple. Pleasing the stiff family relations, keeping a nosy sister in check, and dealing with unhelpful solicitors complicates their deal. To make matters worse, there are unplanned feelings growing between them. But the unorthodox Rachel can’t help engaging the aloof Viscount, and his Lordship is certainly not the cold fish he at first appears.

Suddenly, the deal they made is far more than just a practical solution to their problems, it’s fast becoming downright dangerous!

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(Ladies of Worth Series)

A Pregnant Bride’s Journey West
by Lorelei Brogan


Brand New Release from Lorelei Brogan

In the rugged Old West’s dreams of love crumble into dust when she discovers her fiancé is entangled in a web of crime. Heartbroken and pregnant with child, she flees her small Virginia town for the safety of Oklahoma. There, she responds to a mail-order bride advertisement from Gus Buchanan, a compassionate rancher whose gentle demeanor ignite a new hope for love in her weary heart.

How long till her past catches up with her?

Gus Buchanan, unlucky in love and life, finds solace at his uncle’s ranch after the sudden loss of his parents. Feeling isolated, he places a matrimonial ad in an eastern newspaper, but hope dwindles with each response – until Callie’s letter intrigues him…

A Place Called Hart’s Desire
by Ruth Kyser


“A Place Called Hart’s Desire” is a contemporary Christian romance, set in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Christian Romance Author Ellie Hathaway escapes for two weeks to a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, intent on finishing her book within the deadline. Of course, it only confuses the issue that the cabin she’s staying at is the same one her parents originally reserved for her now-defunct honeymoon. Then Ellie meets the owner’s son, Lucas Hart—a widower wracked by grief and with a heart hardened against God. Ellie is immediately drawn to Luke, but she cautions herself against falling for a man so obviously still in love with his dead wife.

Can Ellie help Luke find his way back to God? And in the process, will Ellie’s heart be totally broken—or will she also learn to forgive, and love again?

Miss Tavistock’s Mistake
by Linore Rose Burkard


“A delightful and comedic story that will certainly please historical fiction aficionados and those who enjoy wholesome, romantic stories.” KIRKUS REVIEWS

Young Miss Margaret Tavistock is promised in marriage to Captain Gabriel Rempeare, but the captain’s been at sea for a decade. When she finally meets him, tempestuous sparks fly, and she impulsively adopts a daring false identity. Going by “Lady X,” she vows never to marry such an infuriating man.

Captain Gabriel Rempeare is prepared to fulfill his duty and marry Miss Tavistock–if only he can clap eyes on her! Circumstances keep them apart, though he cannot seem to avoid the maddeningly lovely Lady X. When the two are thrown together in Mayfair, Miss Tavistock discovers the real nature of the captain, and regrets her subterfuge. But can such a noble man forgive deceit? Or has her mistake already cost her everything?

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(Brides of Mayfair Series)

A Baxter Family Christmas
by Karen Kingsbury


Two years after the car accident that took Erin Baxter’s life, her father, John Baxter, still lives in constant grief. John’s heartbreak prompts him to invite Kendra Bryant, the transplant recipient who now has Erin’s heart, to Christmas Eve dinner despite protests from his remaining children. Ashley and Luke want to protect their ten-year-old niece­ who is the only surviving child of Erin’s, but John remains determined and believes that meeting this woman is something his deceased daughter would want.

Meanwhile, Kendra Bryant is struggling to come to terms with the tragedy that gave her a second chance. It is only when she witnesses the Baxter’s unwavering faith in God that she begins to heal and allow peace and happiness back into her life.

The Lord Is My Shepherd
by Robert J. Morgan


“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters…”

Morgan teaches Psalm 23 verse-by-verse, explaining its extraordinary power to change lives and ease our troubles. He shares its fascinating context and colorful background, as well as his own charming, real-life stories of herding sheep. You’ll find encouragement to enjoy the “green pastures” of life while becoming strengthened by the “dark valleys.” Furthermore, Morgan maintains that some of the Bible’s richest truths are summarized in these six simple verses of Psalm 23. In knowing the Good Shepherd, we have total resources for all our internal, external, and eternal needs.

The Heritage of Anglican Theology
by J. I. Packer


Historical and Theological Reflections on the Anglican Church from J. I. Packer

The Anglican Church has a rich theological heritage filled with a diversity of views and practices. Like a river with a main current and several offshoot streams, Anglicanism has a main body with many distinct, smaller communities. So what constitutes mainstream Anglicanism?

Influential Anglican theologian J. I. Packer makes the case that “authentic Anglicanism” is biblical, liturgical, evangelical, pastoral, episcopal (ordaining bishops), national (engaging with the culture), and ecumenical (eager to learn from other Christians).

Blaze of Light
by Marcus Brotherton


“What Gary Beikirch did to receive his medal is unforgettable – and the story of what he overcame afterward is as big and moving as they come.” – Gary Sinise

After dawn the siege began. It was April 1, 1970, and Army Green Beret medic Gary Beikirch knew the odds were stacked against their survival. Some 10,000 enemy soldiers sought to obliterate the twelve American Special Forces troops and 400 indigenous fighters who stood fast to defend 2,300 women and children inside the village of Dak Seang. For his valor and selflessness during the ruthless siege, Beikirch would be awarded a Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest and most prestigious military decoration.

Thursday’s Christian eBooks

Second Chance Ranch
by Liz Isaacson, Elana Johnson


A wounded Army cowboy, a divorcée with a child, and their second chance to heal old hurts…

After an injury ends his time in the Army, Squire Ackerman returns to his family’s ranch in Three Rivers to manage it.

Kelly Armstrong, a recently divorced single mother, has come to interview for an accountant position at the ranch. Squire and Kelly have a history together, as Squire asked her to the prom years ago and never got an answer. He still harbors feelings for her but is determined to maintain distance to protect himself from getting hurt again…

As Squire and Kelly work to save the ranch and navigate their complicated relationship, can they also give love a second chance, follow God’s plan for them, and build a family out of heartache?

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(Three Rivers Ranch Romance Series)

Love in Disguise
by Penny Zeller


Who knew concealing one’s true identity could be so disastrous?

Who knew asserting one’s independence would cause such embarrassment? If only Almira “Emilie” Crawford Wheeler hadn’t insisted upon carrying her own stack of parcels, she wouldn’t have landed in an unladylike heap on the boardwalk. And what about the half-truth she told the handsome stranger who came to her aid? The stranger she never expected to see again?

Thad Alexander Evanson should have been paying closer attention to the boardwalk, rather than the newfangled automobile motoring down the street. Had he been more astute, a collision with the beautiful parcel-laden stranger might never have happened…

Bright Lights Collection
by Lisa Phillips, Andrea Christenson, Rebecca Reed, Gina Conroy


From Christian fiction’s hottest contemporary romance authors.

Finally Home – Lisa Phillips: Both Ashlynn Monroe and Fire Chief Greyson have faced their share of loss and hardships. One surface, they may not seem to make sense. But they understand each other. Can they get past obstacles and find a way to be together?

Summer at Trillium Lake – Andrea Christenson: “She groaned and lay back on the plush leather seats of her dad’s Barletta Corsa pontoon boat. The same boat that now sat dead in the water on Trillium Lake in Sunset Falls, Wisconsin. Dead in the water. And wasn’t that a metaphor for her life? Twenty-seven years old and nothing to show for it.”

Loving the Rodeo Queen – Rebecca Reed: “Odd, his memories painted her as bold – even overly brash. The Arena Queen. This hesitancy was new but not altogether unwelcome.”

Anxious for Love – Gina Conroy: Charlee wants her happily ever after. Why are there not any decent guys out there? Perhaps the Love Doctor can help her, or maybe she needs to avoid him. Maxwell Adams knows relationships. At least he thinks so. Why is he struggling with his own heart? Can the two of them learn how to fall in love the right way?

The Scarred Rancher’s Deaf Bride
by Madeline Thornton


Sadie, daughter of Boulder Ridge’s beloved mayor, is more of a burden than kin to him, a sentiment that deepened by her near-deafness following her mother’s death in childbirth. While also facing relentless judgment from the townsfolk, rumors of her alleged affair with the saloon owner’s son start to spread. Prioritizing his reputation, the mayor forces Sadie into a marriage with a man with nefarious intentions, leading Sadie to finally take fate into her own hands. The time to escape her cruel future arrives and she flees as a mail-order bride to a rancher West.

Will she find her own path, or is she as helpless as everyone thinks she is?

Conrad Green, a honey rancher with a life full of hurt, refuses to sell his parent’s land. After losing his father, Conrad endured the devastating loss of his mother and sister in a tragic house fire, leaving him scarred both inside and out…

Heart of the Canyon series: Box Set I (Books 1 – 3)
by Jacie Middlemann


The Heart of the Canyon series…stories about the strength of family, the timeless endurance of friendship, and the unwavering longing for home.

Mallie Westin left her home in the canyon ten years ago because she believed she had no choice. Now with her children grown and on their own the choice is hers and she is returning to the home she has always loved. And when she returns, Mallie finds that while much has changed…some is still very much the same.

All We Keep – Book 1: A heart-stirring story about a woman’s need to come home…and the unexpected surprises and challenges she finds when she gets there…

Everything We Are – Book 2: Jake wants to see for himself whether his mother is having a mid-life crisis or a later-in-life adventure. He’s betting on the second…

Any One Moment – Book 3: Years ago Mallie Westin left her home because she felt she had no choice. Now years later, the choice is hers.

The Billionaire’s Secret
by Meghann Whistler


Stranded with the woman of his dreams… but will his big secret break her heart?

Winner of the Contemporary Romance Category of the Selah Awards!

When Ryan Lawson’s business partners force him to go on a wilderness retreat to come to terms with a shocking diagnosis, the last thing on Ryan’s mind is romance. But when he’s stranded in the woods with a sweet young event planner, all thoughts of business take a back seat to her girl-next-door appeal…

Inspired by 2 Corinthians 12:9, The Billionaire’s Secret is a sweet inspirational romance with a swoony hero, LOTS of entertaining banter, and a strong Christian message.

THE DISCIPLE: What It Means to Follow Jesus
by Andy Ripley


A biblical view of what it means to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. The Lord Himself made many powerful and poignant statements about those who would dare to call themselves His disciples. There are great commitments and bold sacrifices to make. His disciples must be made of stern and durable stuff. They must set their sights and their hopes on eternity rather than on the things that can be found while living this short life.

There is no other call known to man that demands more courage, more stamina, or more fortitude than the call to be a disciple of the Lord.

“An excellent & well-rounded book on discipleship, backed up with Scriptures & impacting Theology on what it is to follow Christ.” by Amazon Customer

Hearing the Message of Ecclesiastes
by Christopher J. H. Wright


There is no easy answer to the meaning of life–even when you believe in God.

The book of Ecclesiastes seeks to answer the question: “What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun?” The book’s central character is Qoheleth, who wants to understand the meaning of life as far as he possibly can with the tools of his own empirical observation and reason. He struggles to reconcile the beautiful world that we love and enjoy with the baffling world of injustice, suffering, and death. Qoheleth circles around an abyss of nihilism and pessimism. He lives with unanswered questions. Yet he remains a believer.

Two Weeks
by Karen Kingsbury


Cole Blake, son of Landon and Ashley Baxter Blake, is months away from going off to college to kickstart the great plan he has been dreaming about for years – a career in medicine. But as he starts his final semester of school he meets Elise, a mysterious new girl who captures his attention – and heart – from day one.

Elise has her heart set on mending her wild ways and becoming the good girl she used to be. But not long after the semester starts, she discovers she’s pregnant…

Check out:
(Baxter Family Series)

The Beautiful Fight
by Gary Thomas


In a groundbreaking book that rethinks spiritual formation, Gary Thomas argues that the contemporary church is in danger of accepting Christianity as a historical reality but not as a present power. Is the grace that pardons powerful enough to transform? Answering with a resounding yes, Thomas presents a compelling picture of what it means to be a “God oasis” in a God-forgetting world.“The first chapter alone is worth reading many times. This is beauty and struggle. This is the death that leads to life.

Thomas rallies you to the Beautiful Fight—the struggle to fully express the wonder and life-changing power of Christ in this world through every aspect of who you are.

Wednesday’s Christian eBooks

by Bridget E. Baker


“A fast moving, engaging tale in what promises to be an epic fantasy romance series,” Kirkus Reviews.

The first time Chancery’s twin sister tried to kill her was on their ninth birthday. In the intervening years, nothing improved. In fact, Judica stabbed her hand with a fork just this morning so she could take the last pancake.

Then Judica threw it to her dog. But Chancery has a secret.

She’s been watching their people’s finest warrior for years while she was supposed to be studying. He’s gorgeous, powerful, and a genius in all military applications—flawless in every way. Chancery thinks he may like her, too…

Check out:
(The Birthright Series)

In the Waves of Tristwick
by Deborah M. Hathaway


What is a fisherman to do when he catches a mermaid in his net? Let her go – or fall in love?

A Regency Romance Cornwall, 1815

As a well-respected fisherman in the Cornish seas, Trevik Honeysett provides a living for many poor families in the southwest of Cornwall. Despite the most powerful fishing companies attempting to cut off his own ability to fish, Trevik refuses to give up. However, when he discovers a mysterious, injured woman entangled in his net, things become much more complicated—especially when suspicions arise that she is, in fact, a mermaid. Knowing he might very well lose his workers to their superstitious beliefs, Trevik decides to uncover just who the woman is. The only problem is…she can’t remember…

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(A Cornish Romance Series)

An Earl’s Fake Courtship
by Aria Norton


Brand New Release from Aria Norton

In the aftermath of a family torn apart by betrayal, Sophie Holmes finds herself at the mercy of her brother’s demands to get married to an unnerving Duke. While she longs to find love on her own terms, her once-promised freedom fades into the shadows of duty and expectation. As the Season begins and the courtship forced upon her seems a dead end, her brother’s friend, Harry, emerges as an unexpected ally. Soon, Sophie agrees to follow his scheme and pretend courtship to shield themselves from the relentless pursuit of unwanted suitors.

If only she knew she would be trapped in her well-crafted web…

Three Frontier Brides Collection
by Hannah Lee Davis


Three Ranchers, Three Romances, One Unforgettable Adventure…Embrace the Call of the Wild West with this Exciting Boxset, Full of Tales of Passion, Promise and Homecoming.

If you love tales of raw passion and enduring love in the Old West, read on!

#1 Her Rancher’s Promise to Warm Her Guarded Heart
#2 The Lonely Rancher’s Unexpected Reunion
#3 Bringing Christmas in the Rugged Rancher’s Heart

Each book features a standalone, clean Western Historical Romance story. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong, sweet happily ever after.

Flyboys of Sweet Briar Ranch Box Set Collection
by Jessie Gussman


Ex Airforce mechanics and pilots buy Sweet Briar Ranch in North Dakota and find their forever loves in the Flyboys of Sweet Briar Ranch series. Get swept away in this sweet romance collection featuring the first eight books of the series!

Book 1 – Just a Cowboy’s Convenient Marriage
Book 2 – Just a Cowboy’s Best Friend
Book 3 – Just a Cowboy’s Enemy
Book 4 – Just a Cowboy’s Midnight Bride
Book 5 – Just a Cowboy’s Love Story
Book 6 – Just a Cowboy’s Secret Baby
Book 7 – Just a Cowboy’s Shotgun Wedding
Book 8 – Just a Cowboy’s Princess

“A really great set of Christian books by one of my favorite authors. I always enjoy this authors books. They are full of faith, family and love. Each of the books in this set will captivate” by Amazon Customer

Burning Dress Ranch – Hearts of Colorado Collection
by Heather Blanton


Welcome to Burning Dress Ranch. The place for second-chance romance! 

Amidst the rugged beauty of Colorado, Burning Dress Ranch stands as a beacon of hope and salvation to lost and hurting women. This is the place where the power of faith can conquer even the darkest situations. The female ranch hands come from all walks of life and they’re here to find healing, hope, and second chances. Miss Sally, the ranch’s mysterious owner, has a heart as big as all outdoors and never quits on a girl till all the happily-ever-afters are fulfilled.

With every page, Heather Blanton weaves a tapestry of hope and inspiration that reminds readers of the enduring power of God’s love.

A Distant Heart: Two wounded souls. One loving, relentless God.

A Lost Heart: She has no idea who she is. He knows exactly who she is. Will the truth bring them together–or keep them apart for good?

The Vaquero’s Heart: She wants to steal horses…but at Burning Dress Ranch, only hearts are stolen.

A Prideful Heart: Hearts collide when royalty moves in next door to Burning Dress Ranch!

The Goodbye Heart: Two women battle to believe they are more than the sum of their sins. Two Godly men want to help them believe in redemption.

The Medici Quest
by Jeff Raymond


Unlock the secrets of the past and embark on a modern-day treasure hunt.

In the heart of Florence, Italy, Ethan Montgomery and Chloe Conrad cross paths for the first time. Little do they know, their encounter will set them on a journey spanning centuries and continents. The Medici family, one of history’s most powerful and mysterious dynasties, left behind a trail of cryptic clues that could lead to a monumental discovery.

The Medici Quest takes readers on a pulse-pounding adventure as Ethan and Chloe race against time and enemies to uncover the truth behind the ancient manuscript. From the historic streets of Florence to the grandeur of Rome and the tranquil shores of Rhodes, they must navigate puzzles, danger, and treachery. But as their bond grows stronger, so does the threat from those who will stop at nothing to claim the treasure for themselves….

An Amish Heirloom Collection
by Multiple Authors


This volume of inspiring and heartwarming stories includes:

A Legacy of Love by Amy Clipston
The Cedar Chest by Beth Wiseman
The Treasured Book by Kathleen Fuller
The Midwife’s Dream by Kelly Irvin

Iris Beachy is a midwife who longs for a family of her own. When Mahon Kurtz seeks her help in delivering the baby of two young teenagers who have sought refuge in their town, little do they know that the unprepared couple will leave their newborn behind in an antique quilt – and change Iris and Mahon’s future.

Faith Alone
by Martin Luther, James C. Galvin


Timeless insights from one of the most important people in church history. Some people value good works so much that they overlook faith in Christ. Faith should be first.… It is faith—without good works and prior to good works—that takes us to heaven. We come to God through faith alone. —Martin LutherResounding across the centuries, Martin Luther’s prolific writings as a pastor, theologian, scholar, Bible translator, father, and more, remain powerful and richly relevant. Faith Alone is a treasury of accessible devotionals taken from Luther’s best writings and sermons from the years 1513 through 1546.

60 Devotions Inspired by Women of the Bible
by Zondervan


This insightful, inspiring devotional examines the lives of specific women in the Bible and how their wants, needs, and feelings relate with those of women today. Each devotion includes a Scripture verse, reflection prompt, and ruled lines to write down your thoughts.

60 Devotions Inspired by Women of the Bible is the perfect go-to daily reader for Christian women wanting to deepen their faith. This book is a thoughtful gift for women of all ages for birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduation, holiday gift giving, teacher appreciation, or as a token of appreciation when someone special needs a “just because” gift.

The Food Dehydrating Bible
by Brett L. Markham


Bestselling author of the Mini Farm series, self-sufficiency expert Brett Markham turns his attention to the timeless art of food dehydrating.

An avid food dryer for years, Brett walks you through the simple steps for dehydrating everything from traditional classics like apples and jerky to more unusual fare. Whether you’re following a raw food lifestyle or looking for new ways to make the most of your garden’s produce, this is an inside look at all aspects of dehydrating.