Thursday’s Christian eBooks

To Charm a Scarred Cowboy
by Charlotte Dearing


Texas, 1889 – Daniel Honeycutt is no stranger to peril. His scars are proof. They frighten folks, which is why he prefers a solitary life on his ranch. His long days are a tad lonesome, but at least there’s no one around to judge him.

When he sees a girl on a runaway horse, Daniel forgets his scars. His quick thinking saves Molly Collins, and the chance meeting draws Daniel from his solitude. Molly is unlike any other girl. Headstrong. Impossible. Aggravatingly beautiful. Daniel soon learns Molly is in danger, and he vows to protect her. Even if it means risking his stubborn heart.

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Red Bows and Mistletoe
by Pamela Ferguson


Cole Higginbotham ditched his elf hat for good when he quit his family’s lucrative year-round Christmas business. He’s finally found peace as an orchard caretaker—until one night when a mysterious speck of light appears, flitting among the apple trees.

Herb farmer Noelle Arber must harvest enough fresh mistletoe to decorate Main Street or she’ll forfeit her much-needed contract fee. After she convinces Cole that she’s not a mistletoe poacher, he surprises her with an offer. Give him a copy of her detailed orchard map and he’ll help her decorate Main Street.

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Love in Disguise
by Penny Zeller


Who knew concealing one’s true identity could be so disastrous?

Who knew asserting one’s independence would cause such embarrassment? If only Almira “Emilie” Crawford Wheeler hadn’t insisted upon carrying her own stack of parcels, she wouldn’t have landed in an unladylike heap on the boardwalk. And what about the half-truth she told the handsome stranger who came to her aid? The stranger she never expected to see again?

Thad Alexander Evanson should have been paying closer attention to the boardwalk, rather than the newfangled automobile motoring down the street. Had he been more astute, a collision with the beautiful parcel-laden stranger might never have happened…

Type 2 Diabetes?
by Terry Lemerond, Jacob Teitelbaum MD


Break Free Naturally, with Hintonia. You don’t have to settle for a life with Type 2 Diabetes!

Whether you have already received this diagnosis, or it’s on your radar as an area of concern, this powerful book has the information you need to prevent or reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Going beyond the timely advice of sensible diet and lifestyle choices, authors Terry Lemerond and Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum open the door to a highly researched and proven miracle herb called Hintonia latiflora.

Shown through clinical studies to reduce blood sugars, overcome insulin resistance, and more, Hintonia latiflora is your secret weapon. An easy to read and understand guide to your best, healthy life, this book will show you how to lower A1C and blood sugar levels.

Three Fearless Brides at the Lawless Frontier Collection
by Sally M. Ross


Embark on a journey of love and resilience through three enchanting stories. Dive into the lives of mail-order brides, determined women, and heartwarming Western romances that will rekindle your belief in enduring love and courageous destinies.

Combined, all three stories have more than 440 positive reviews on Amazon and have been downloaded over 30,000 times!

If you love to read about romantic and empowering women and the men who love them in the Old West, read on!

#1 The Cowboy’s Unexpected Christmas Miracle
#2 The Mail-order Bride Who Stole His Heart
#3 A Western Love to Redeem Their Broken Hearts

Each book features a standalone, clean Western Historical Romance story. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong, sweet happily ever after.

Love Delivered by Fate
by Ellen Knightley


Brand New Release from Ellen Knightley

Trapped in a life she never chose, Charlotte Cooper is engaged to a dangerous criminal as a pawn in her uncle’s sinister game. Desperate for a fresh start and a chance at real love, she secretly corresponds with Xavier Collins, a widowed rancher in the West looking for a mail-order bride. With each word exchanged, their connection deepens, and Charlotte dares to dream of escape. When Xavier offers her a way out, she reinvents herself, leaving her troubled past behind…

In her daring quest for escape, could she unexpectedly stumble upon the tender embrace of true love?

Xavier Collins, a widower trying to balance ranch life and raising his son, welcomes Charlotte into his home, expecting a marriage of convenience. As their relationship unfolds, he finds himself captivated by her charm, though he senses she’s hiding something…

They Walked Where!?
by Rick McKinney, Jane McKinney


Have you ever dreamed of taking a big adventure? Maybe you’d like to take a long trip to a faraway place or even ride in a hot air balloon. Almost everyone wants to go on adventures. They can be fun, exciting, and a great way to meet new people. Rick and Jane went on a giant adventure. One so big that you may have a hard time believing it. But it’s true. Rick and Jane walked all the way across America!

As you read this book, you’ll be able to walk right along with Rick and Jane, meet the people they met, and see some of the beautiful things they saw. But most importantly, you’ll find out why they took such a long walk, and that’s the most important part of the story.

Benefits of reading this book:

Understand how important it is to talk about Jesus; Be challenged and inspired to take your own adventure; Learn how much God loves every person, everywhere; Discover how God can use you to introduce people to Jesus

Fight Like a Girl
by Lisa Bevere


Today’s twisted pictures of gender roles create confusion over how a woman should define herself. Women and men are encouraged to move closer to center and away from the traits that distinguish male from female. How can women feel good about themselves when society is constantly dictating what they can and should be?

In FIGHT LIKE A GIRL, Lisa Bevere exhorts us to embrace the differences between sexes. Her goal is to encourage women to celebrate the unique aspects of femininity. Instead of trying to adopt ill-fitting character traits, women should see themselves as designed and valued by God and savor their femininity as their strength, not a flaw.

Hope for Each Day
by Billy Graham


Beginning and ending your day with a daily devotional can be a game changer. Leading inspirational author and pastor Billy Graham shares words of wisdom and inspiration for hope-filled living with 730 devotions in Hope for Each Day: Morning and Evening Devotions.

This special morning and evening devotional will help readers: Stay close to the Lord throughout the day; Help readers prepare their hearts and minds for what lies ahead; Assist readers with processing the day’s events every evening in the presence and fullness of His grace

The Gut Makeover
by Jeannette Hyde


Packed with easy-to-follow advice, the latest science and accessible and nourishing recipes and meal plans, nutritionist Jeannette Hyde’s radical new approach will help you:

· Lose weight with a tried and tested four week plan; · Transform the look of your skin and hair; · Address any long-standing digestive problems including bloating and IBS; · Strengthen your immune system; · Experience fewer mood swings and less anxiety; · Sleep better; · Eat for a healthy mind and body with over 50 delicious recipes