Saturday’s Christian eBooks

Expository Thoughts on the Gospel of Matthew
by J. C. Ryle, R. Clark


Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock.Matthew 7:24

Wisdom, encouragement, and exhortation is contained in these pages. Not because of the author’s brilliance, but because of the words of truth contained in the gospel of Matthew. And just as the apostle Matthew didn’t draw any attention to himself, so also J. C. Ryle clearly and wonderfully directs his words and our thoughts towards the inspired words of scripture. If we truly love God, we will love His word; and the more study His word, the more we will love God.

Bride of the Western Dawn
by Lorelei Brogan


In 1896 Oregon, Ellie’s life is poised to change forever… As a free-spirited woman with dreams of adventure, she discovers herself trapped by her parents’ choice to marry her off to a wealthy rancher she’s never met. Bearing not only the grief of her sister’s loss but also the weight of her family’s expectations, Ellie embarks on her journey westward.

Will this path lead her to the love and life she yearns for or will it be another chain in a life of imposed choices?

As they navigate their arranged marriage, can Jesse and Ellie find true love in each other’s company? Or will his union remain a mere business arrangement?

Refuge for the Archaeologist
by Danielle Grandinetti


Lies, greed, and lost dreams chase an out-of-work archaeologist and an out-of-place cowboy. Visit small town Wisconsin in this Depression-era amnesia romance.

Will uncovering the truth set them free or destroy what they hold most dear?

Wisconsin, 1930—With her health in shambles and her archaeological career on the line, Cora Davis retreats to Crow’s Nest and the home of her great aunt to heal. She doesn’t think much of the missing memories from between the earthquake that caused her dizzy spells and her trip home. Until she begins remembering the danger that sent her fleeing her last dig and the person responsible.

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by Jackie Zack


Since childhood, Chloe Grey considered Mrs. X as her adopted mom. A hopeful novelist, Chloe confides that the best authors are ones who’ve been through the devastating heartache of lost love. She’s never experienced it, so how can her stories reach her high expectations? Is her writing career doomed to failure before it even begins?

Jake Harrison’s life is finally falling into place. He has a spunky girlfriend. He’s launching his art career and has obtained an apartment from eccentric artist Mrs. X. Her connections to New York galleries are priceless. His paintings will have a chance to be discovered and sought after. In return, Mrs. X has secured his help for her younger friend, Chloe.  Not a big deal to make her fall for him, then break her heart. Now, if only he could make himself believe that.

Has he made the biggest mistake of his life? Or found a godsend?

Here For It: A Romantic Comedy
by Melanie Jacobson


This laugh-out-loud romantic comedy sizzles with chemistry and the magic of a Mardi Gras backdrop in an adorable opposites attract story from USA Today bestseller Melanie Jacobson!

Sparks fly when LA glitz meets New Orleans grit…

When Anneke flits into town between high fashion shoots to help her best friend open his new jazz club, the last thing she’s looking for is a reason to stay. She’ll explore the city, make her appearances, and then she’s off to the next adventure. Until she realizes that her massive online crush is the proprietor of a dusty old record shop in town…

At twenty-nine, Jonah has already been there, done that, and he’s over it. Fame and fortune? Ha. Keep it. He’s had a front row seat his whole life to the way it changes people. Not even the flirty supermodel he keeps crossing paths with can change his mind…

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The Potter’s House Books 1, 8, and 15
by Juliette Duncan


A young man on a mission to win his sweetheart’s favor, a famous pop-star seeking love in all the wrong places, a loving husband and father ensnared by greed. Flawed characters in need of God’s loving touch in their lives.

The Potter’s House books 1, 8, & 15 are stories of hope, redemption, & second chances. Each book in this set is written by Juliette Duncan.

Blessings of Love
The Homecoming

Let these Christian love stories warm your heart & draw you close to the One who loves you without condition.

Amish Country Kidnapping
by Mary Alford


An Amish widow and a sheriff’s deputy must rescue her sister from a killer in this inspirational romantic suspense mystery by a USA Today bestseller.

Waking up to a man trying to kidnap her is Amish widow Rachel Albrecht’s most terrifying moment—until she discovers he’s already taken her teenaged sister. Now Rachel’s life – and her sister’s – depends on her first love, Englischer deputy Noah Warren. But the danger of rekindling their forbidden love is the least of Rachel’s worries with her family in a killer’s sights . . .

The Secret of Happiness
by Billy Graham


Happiness. It’s what we all long for, what all human beings seek in our jobs, our relationships, our activities. We try so hard to be happy, and all too often we end up empty and unsatisfied. Why? Because, says Billy Graham in this classic work, we are looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

We haven’t learned the secret Jesus taught in the Beatitudes – that true, lasting happiness simply isn’t to be found by seeking it directly. Happiness is a by-product, a bonus that comes when we seek what is really important. And the things that will bring us the satisfaction we long for are not necessarily what the world considers meaningful…

Calm Your Anxiety
by Robert J. Morgan


Do you often feel nervous, restless, or tense? Is there a feeling in the pit of your stomach that sometimes feels crippling? Does the potential danger or panic feel like it’s taken over your life? If yes is your response to those questions, you are not alone.

Pastor and bestselling author Robert Morgan has dealt with anxiety his entire life. Once he accepted his anxiety and committed to dealing with it every day, he felt peace and hope. In Calm Your Anxiety: 60 Biblical Insights for Better Mental Health, Morgan takes you on a 60-day journey that will help you make managing your anxiety a good habit and shift your mindset.

Of Mess and Moxie
by Jen Hatmaker


Life is messy for each of us. But Jen Hatmaker reminds us that it’s okay to admit that we’re all in the same boat. Join New York Times bestselling author and honorary big sister Jen as she shares hilarious tales, shameless honesty, and unconditional hope for the woman who’s forgotten her moxie.

We will endure discouragement, heartbreak, failure, and suffering. All of us. And more than once. But we are the very same folks who can experience triumph, perseverance, joy, and rebirth. More than once. And in more than one category. And in more than one season. And that? That’s moxie.