Saturday’s Christian eBooks

Snowed Inn with Her Boss
by Eliza Harwell


She’s stubbornly upbeat. He’s opting out of emotions. When a storm blocks the road home, will romance thaw two hearts?

Samantha Antonelli craves just one chance to shine. But when the communications whizz accompanies her manager and secret crush to impress the company’s CEO, she’s discouraged when their proposal gets instantly shot down. And after a rogue snowstorm strands them in an isolated mountain inn, she’s determined to use the time together to break through her dark-eyed boss’s cool exterior…

“Interesting Valentine’s romance with a mystery within. I’ve read several of these books and really like the way characters and stories are developed. Yay the Snowed Inn series!” by Amazon Customer

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Season of Hope
by Sara Jane Jacobs


Memories of his abusive father fuel Tyler Armstrong’s desire to make the world a safer place, so Tyler will do whatever it takes to become a Navy SEAL. Falling in love with his best friend, Amanda Jarvis, though, wasn’t part of his plans. Maybe his failed attempts to confess his love turned out for the best. Even if their shared faith helps them navigate the demands of SEAL life, he fears asking her to live with the uncertainties of his career. Amanda deserves better.

When Amanda’s plans for college fall through and her summer job in New York catapults her into a modeling career, she welcomes the distraction. Not only is she falling for her best friend, Tyler, but his impending deployment is also turning her world upside down…

Will Tyler and Amanda let go of their fears and give love a chance before it’s too late?

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Sowing Seeds For Abundance
by Michael Toler


Do you desire abundance in wealth, relationships, and personal fulfillment?

Entrepreneur and success coach, Michael Toler, offers this timely book with practical strategies on how to achieve abundance in every area of your life. In this empowering book, Michael expertly weaves together personal anecdotes and profound insights to help you break free from limiting beliefs and replace them with a mindset of abundance.

Join him on this journey of self-discovery and unlock your full potential.

Beneath the Beastly Duke’s Mask
by Abigail Agar


Arabella Lockhart, a spirited woman seeking purpose, becomes entangled in the gripping rumors about the elusive Duke of Richmond. His face, scarred from a tragic accident, piques her curiosity, leading her to boldly infiltrate his estate as a maid to uncover the truth. Arabella’s journey will slowly unravel the mystery behind the duke’s scars drawing her closer to a man whose visage masks a heart capable of deep love and nobility…

Will this be the start of her fascination for the enigmatic man?

Henry Fitzgerald, bearing scars that mar not just his body but also his soul, stands as a guardian of a dukedom that was never fated to be his own…

Protected By Love Series Box Set
by T.K. Chapin


What happens when you mix faith, love, and suspense?

Embark on a thrilling journey with the Protected by Love series box set, where faith, love, and suspense intertwine to captivate your heart. Follow courageous protagonists as they confront danger, navigate love, and rely on their unwavering Christian beliefs and trust in God.

“Trusting Kirk,” Jessica McColler and Kirk Dekker confront past wounds, igniting hope as they trust in God’s plan and timing.

“Loving Winston” follows Marie and Winston Jones through the struggles of their marriage, discovering that God’s love shines brightest in their weakest moments.

“Watching Jax” as they encounter danger and divine protection in Mexico, deepening their understanding of love, faith, and trust in God’s goodness.

Journey to Her Heart
by Paulette D. Marshall


Brand New Release from Paulette D. Marshall

Jewels is trapped in a monotonous job, yearning for something more in life.

An unexpected arrival of a mysterious package, containing an ornate carved wooden clock becomes the catalyst for a fantastical adventure. Does she find love, or does she find danger?

This enchanting tale transcends the boundaries of time.

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The Island of Heavenly Daze
by Lori Copeland, Angela Hunt


To a casual visitor, the island of Heavenly Daze is just like a dozen others off the coast of Maine. It is decorated with graceful Victorian mansions, carpeted with gray cobblestones and bright wild flowers, and populated by sturdy, hard-working folks-most of whom are unaware that the island of Heavenly Daze is not just like the other islands of coastal Maine. The small town that crowns its peak consists of seven buildings, each inhabited, according to divine decree, by an angel who has been commanded to guard and help anyone who crosses the threshold.

The Life God Blesses
by Gordon MacDonald


In The Life God Blesses, author and pastor Gordon MacDonald asks the question, are we prepared to weather the storms of life? In this book, MacDonald steers us toward the disciplines, convictions, silence, beauty, and spirit that feed and prepare the soul to recognize and recieve God’s blessing.

MacDonald reaches into the Bible and into the experiences of godly men and women of history to discover what can be done to lead a blessed life, then leads you through the steps that are necessary to develop a mature soul.

NASB, MacArthur Daily Bible
by Zondervan


Explore the Bible alongside daily insights from pastor-teacher Dr. John MacArthur

For more than 50 years, Dr. John MacArthur has helped Christians gain greater clarity and insight into Scripture. Now you can read through the Bible in a year while learning from wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of study with The MacArthur Daily Bible. This Bible offers an achievable approach to reading the entire Bible with readings from the Old and New Testaments, Psalms, and Proverbs for each day of the year. Combined with insights drawn from The MacArthur Study Bible, you will gain greater clarity and understanding as you read.