Thursday’s Christian eBooks

New Beginnings at Sandpiper Inn
by Ella Morgan


She’s a celebrity hiding from her agent. He’s the handsome, small-town innkeeper’s son. Will she decide to ditch her life of fame when their attraction becomes too irresistible to deny?

An identity crisis leads Casey Sky from her busy life as a Hollywood actress to small-town Sandpiper Cove. After her escape from the noise and paparazzi to the peaceful beachside town, Casey discovers how peaceful life can be away from the fame.

But can she stay true to her soul search when the inn owner’s handsome son continues to catch her eye?

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Murder On The Guadalupe
by Bruce Hammack


Mirror image victims… Two murders, one trail of blood.

Private Investigator Fen Maguire is called in to assist a new police chief in solving a woman’s murder on the Guadalupe River. All evidence points to a long-time homeless person, prompting a quick arrest—but Fen has a feeling they missed something.

When a second body washes up, Fen’s suspicions are confirmed, and the case takes a complex turn. Not only is the latest victim a prominent socialite, she’s a twin look-alike to the first victim. Is this a case of mistaken identity or is a serial killer on the loose?

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The Scarred Beauty of the West
by Aurora Hanson


Brand New Release from Aurora Hanson

In the rugged heartland of Oklahoma, Evelyn Montgomery, the eldest daughter of a struggling farming family, stands as a pillar of determination and hope. Facing the relentless challenges of the dust-ridden plains, she embarks on a daring journey to Fort Dodge, Kansas, aiming to secure a better future for her loved ones. Her path takes an unexpected turn when it crosses with Lucas Whitman, a brooding and mysterious man.

Is Evelyn’s bold move a step toward safeguarding her family, or will it entangle her in unforeseen dangers?
Can Lucas shield Evelyn from the turmoil that surrounds them without exposing the demons that plague him?

Emerald Heart
by Grace Greene


Welcome to The Emerald Heart Hotel

The sign on the big gate is faded, and the gate is usually locked because the hotel closed two years ago when Mignon King lost her husband. His death, on top of the loss of their daughter many years before, has Mignon mired in grief. But it’s more than grief that has her trapped. Before she can move on, she must decide what to do with the hotel she and her husband owned and managed for more than two decades. She lives there alone with her dog, Galahad, though even Mignon would hardly call it living. She wants to be happy again, to find a new way forward, but she’s stuck…

“Mignon King is mired deeply in despair and grief, seeing no way out of her current circumstances. It takes time, friends and a strong will to move forward. A well written novel set in a beautiful setting. Get the nannies out, you’ll need them.” by Amazon Customer

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Fair Haven
by Laura Conner Kestner


A Story of Faith and Family

When singing sensation Leah Dean becomes the target of an obsessed fan, she changes her appearance, assumes a new identity, and temporarily flees her L.A. home—only to find herself stranded in small-town Texas. When an investigator with the local sheriff’s department offers her a job helping with housework at his ranch home and keeping his ill sister company, she accepts the position . . . reluctantly. Leah worries that she’s woefully unprepared for the work she’s agreed to do. And she’s right.

Joshua Calhoun is doing what any decent man would do—offering aid to a woman who’s obviously terrified. Even though he’s not sure what she’s running from, he plans to protect her and pray for her. What Joshua will not do, is get involved. He’s survived the loss of his parents and his best friend, as well as a breakup with a woman who wanted no part of “living in the sticks.” He’s now watching helplessly as his sister battles cancer, and his heart is breaking at another possible loss. So he will help the woman he rescues, but he’s keeping his distance…

Faith & The Blindfold
by Jwyan C. Johnson


An Eye-Opening Blindfold!

Let’s tip-toe with Tom, as he sneaks past Lady Luck. He holds a map, ready to discover the higher yet deeper level called Faith. It is here where one remarkable blindfold unlocks Tom’s other “senses.” Will Tom leave Lady Luck for Faith? And will anyone else? Find out why patience and patients sound the same only at his “old place.” Test your faith inside a biblically attractive journey with mystery, morals, symbolism, discussion questions, a hyperlinked bible index, and even a bonus family skit version! It’s an eye-opening blindfold!

Discover the Mystery of Faith & A Fun Bible Memory!

As you tip-toe with Tom, you’re getting closer to a fun bible memory! With the WordPlay Version of this new parable (included), this new story riddle is actually animated by a variety of Bible verses working together, sharing the short story scene! From the same bible memorization technique of its original 5-Star WordPlay book series, it’s “wordplay” in more ways than one.

“Everyone should read and try this method of faith, loved it, it keeps your interest, and makes you want more” by Amazon Customer

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In This Moment
by Karen Kingsbury


From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes an inspiring Baxter Family novel about a beloved high school principal who starts a Bible Study to improve the lives of his struggling students, only to become the national focus of a controversial lawsuit.

Hamilton High Principal Wendell Quinn wants to see real change in his community, so he starts a voluntary after-school Bible Study and prayer program called Raise the Bar. He knows he is risking his job by leading the program, but before long, Raise the Bar meetings are standing room only…

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The Gospel and Personal Evangelism
by Mark Dever, C. J. Mahaney


Evangelism is not only misunderstood, it is often unpracticed. Many Christians want to share the gospel with others, but because those Christians don’t grasp the fundamentals of witnessing, they feel intimidated and incapable of sharing the truth of the gospel.

Yet those believers fail to recognize that God has already established who and how we are to evangelize. In The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, Dr. Mark Dever seeks to answer the four basic questions about evangelism that many Christians ask: Who should we evangelize? How should we evangelize? What is evangelism? Why should we evangelize?

How to Handle Adversity
by Charles F. Stanley


You lost your job. Your son ran away. A loved one just died from cancer. Your best friend is getting a divorce. The list is endless.

Adversity is a reality that no one can avoid. Everyone asks why when adversity strikes. Yet Dr. Stanley contends, “As much as we all want to know the answer to the why question, it is really not the most significant question. The real question each of us needs to ask is, ‘How should I respond?'”

K-9 National Park Defenders
by Katy Lee, Sharee Stover


Peril at Christmas awaits… 

A Christmas skiing retreat turns treacherous when Pacific Northwest K-9 Unit officer Veronica Eastwood’s sister is kidnapped—and only rival officer Parker Walsh can help her in Katy Lee’s Yuletide Ransom. And in Sharee Stover’s explosive Holiday Rescue Countdown, K-9 officers Dylan Jeong and Brandie Weller must race against the clock when they face a Christmas parade bomb threat…and a killer from Dylan’s past.