Saturday’s Christian eBooks

Hailey’s Haven
by Laura Scott


From USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Scott

Separated by tragedy – Reunited by love. A safe place to call home…

After escaping her abusive foster parents thirteen years ago, Hailey Donovan thought her nightmare was over. Gatlinburg Tennessee had been a safe place to live, until she’s nearly hit by gunfire while hiking the Smoky Mountains. Her instincts are to avoid law enforcement, especially handsome park ranger Rock Wilson, but when more gunfire echoes around them, they’re forced to work together to escape. More attempts against Hailey convinces her to leave the city to start over someplace new…

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A Duke’s Unexpected Match
by Amanda Seabrook


Brand New Release from Amanda Seabrook

Miss Hannah Ballard is not looking for love. She has a fortune at her disposal and a passion for painting that outstrips the ladylike conventions of the day, and a man will only slow her down. However, when an intriguing invitation from the new Duke of Rutherford disrupts her quiet existence, Hannah finds herself torn.

Will she give this mysterious man a chance, or let her preconceptions stand in the way?

The newly appointed Duke of Rutherford, Simon Maddox, faces the challenge of restoring his dilapidated estate while grappling with his reluctance to embrace the responsibilities of his station…

A Bride for Adam
by Marisa Masterson


She loves him. He loves her sister. Can time spent together turn his heart to her instead?

Colorado 1880. She calls herself Elspeth. How long will Liza Galbraith be able to keep up the ruse?

If her groom would accept her as her true self, she could refuse to take part in her sister’s plot. Elspeth says she is not ready to marry. She pushes her sister to step into her spot as Adam Collins’ bride. Only Liza must claim to be her twin.

Sadly, Elspeth does not have to push hard to get her to marry Adam…

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Five Steps Beyond
by Luana Ehrlich


CIA operative Titus Ray took five steps. But not just any steps. They were five steps beyond his expectations, five steps beyond his experience, five steps beyond his past.

He took five steps beyond his expectations . . . When Titus is summoned to the White House, he expects to be offered a Top Secret assignment. What he doesn’t expect is where that assignment will take him, and how he’ll survive if he accepts it.

He took five steps beyond his experience . . . Even though Titus has been through a lot in his twenty-year career with the Agency, he’s never had to learn about uranium enrichment, he’s never had his appearance altered, he’s never had to be a marriage counselor…

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Falling For Her Best Friend
by Tami Franklin


Could the boy next door be the man of her dreams?

She’s broke, broken-hearted, and moving back in with her mother, but Violet Chalmers isn’t one to feel sorry for herself. Nope. Vi picks herself up, dusts herself off, and takes a job teaching drama at her old high school. Okay, so maybe she feels a little sorry for herself.

Enter her best friend, Kade. He’s there like he’s always been, making her laugh, singing her songs, and letting her cry (and snot) on his shoulder. Vi can’t help but wonder if maybe she’s missed something all these years. Could Kade be more than the boy next door? The bigger question is: Could he ever see Vi as more than a friend?

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Faithful Love Series: Books 1-5
by T.K. Chapin


Dive into the heartwarming world of the Christian romance series, Faithful Love. The complete series is contained in this Christian box set (Books 1-5). Join readers in the enchanting small-town Christian romance series that beautifully combines love stories about single mothers, old flames rekindled, and the intricate dynamics of church kids. Immerse yourself in relatable stories set in a faith-based community, where the power of love, faith, and hope weaves through the lives of its characters.

One Faithful Prayer (Book 1)
One Chance At Forever (Book 2)
One Trusting Heart (Book 3)
One Beautiful Faith (Book 4)
One Enduring Hope (Book 5)

Experience the testing of Ashley and Cody’s faith when their prayers are answered in unexpected ways. How do they endure when the future is so unclear and full of uncertainty? This story delves into relying on God instead of oneself and finding hope through pain and hardship. A Christian romance novel you won’t want to miss!

The Unexpected Adventure
by Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg


Well-known evangelists Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg have teamed up to bring you a 42-day devotional-style series of adventures in sharing the gospel. Through their own stories—ranging from the laugh aloud funny to the discouraging to the uncanny—Strobel and Mittelberg will motivate you to make the Great Commission a way of everyday living….

Filled with practical guidance, inspiration and transparency, The Unexpected Adventure addresses everything from the emotional challenges of evangelism to the spiritual joy that comes from putting your trust in Christ and talking about it.

The Question That Never Goes Away
by Philip Yancey


Why does God allow suffering?

In his classic book Where Is God When It Hurts, Philip Yancey gave us permission to doubt, reasons not to abandon faith, and practical ways to reach out to hurting people.

In this sequel, written 30 years later, Yancey revisits our cry of “Why, God?” in the wake of increased violence and natural disasters the world over. It’s a cry that many of us take up with more urgency each year as we sit stunned by the calamities devastating our world, our communities, and our personal lives…

Sins of the Fathers
by James Scott Bell


A parent’s worst nightmare. A lawyer’s biggest challenge. A young boy’s life on the line. The unimaginable has happened. A thirteen-year-old boy has fired a rifle into a baseball game, killing several of the kids on the field. Parents are devastated. The townspeople are horrified.

When public opinion swells to an enraged cry for justice, an ambitious deputy district attorney sees his opportunity—a sensational trial that will catapult him into the D.A.’s office in the upcoming election. There’s just one obstacle: the boy’s defense attorney, Lindy Field. To all appearances, the case is a slam-dunk. Convict the killer, make him pay…

Beauty Secrets of the Bible
by Ginger Garrett


Every woman can accentuate her God-given beauty using the hidden treasures of the ancient Scriptures.

Ginger Garrett reveals how every woman can accent her God-given beauty using the hidden treasures of the ancient Scriptures-where every scent and every act of beautification had spiritual and emotional significance.

A woman’s longing to present herself as physically beautiful is universal. Beauty is extolled throughout the Bible as complementing God’s plan for women’s lives. There are currently no books that examine the beauty practices of biblical women, the plants and products God created to accent their beauty, and the spiritual roots of feminine rituals…