Wednesday’s Christian eBooks

Dreaming of Her Cowboy’s Kiss
by Jessie Gussman


Ruby Barclay knows she isn’t marrying for love. Love was never the plan. After losing her parents at the age of sixteen and fighting the state for guardianship of her siblings, Ruby is a pragmatist, not a romantic. And Wesley Landry, a fellow surgeon, is her best option for a safe and stable future. That is until she catches him with the florist’s assistant moments before their wedding ceremony.

For five years now, Ethan Shuff has watched the love of his life plan her future with another man, a man not even close to worthy of her. Ethan had helped Ruby fight for her siblings…

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(Cowboy Mountain Christmas Series)

Keep on Asking
by Jeffrey McClain Jones


His brother’s tragic accident drives him to his knees. As he begs for restoration, he is lifted beyond hope and imagination to where miracles are real.

His brother in a coma, ten-year-old Josiah Winslow faces the hardest weeks of his life. Little Matty may not survive. If he does survive, he may have serious brain damage.

Praying. That’s what his family is doing, what their church is doing. As Josiah struggles to imagine the power of those prayers, a celestial visitor takes him on a miraculous ride into the realm where petitions rise toward heaven and enemies fight to oppose them…

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(The Prayer Rider Series)

Noble Tales of Passionate Ladies Collection
by Alice Kirks


Three best-selling Regency romance stories! Delightful romances full of emotion, drama, action, plot twists, and of course, love!

Returning as the Season’s Diamond
Mending an Ear’s Broken Heart
An Ocean Away from her Earl

“Each of these books are great reads. Each one had great character development and descriptions of the area. It is easy to get drawn into the plot.” by Amazon Customer

Three Brides on their Western Fate of Love Collection
by Lydia Olson


If you love to read about romantic and empowering women and the men who love them in the Old West, read on!

#1 The Mountain Man’s Unexpected Baby
#2 A Loving Bride to Pay his Debt
#3 Capturing the Rancher’s Wild Heart

Each book features a standalone, clean Western Historical Romance story. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong, sweet happily ever after.

Remember Texas
by Laura Conner Kestner


An Outlaw’s Daughter in Love with a Lawman?

Abigail Horton’s life is turned upside down during the last night of a week-long revival when her father—believed dead—shows up in the custody of a Texas Ranger. Abby is thrilled to see him, and equally devastated to learn he’s been living the life of an outlaw.

Texas Ranger Caleb Calhoun stops in Moccasin Rock to let his prisoner, Bob Horton, visit briefly with family before transporting him to Austin for trial. Caleb takes a room at the family’s boarding house, planning to be in and out of the small town by morning. But within hours he’s kissed Abby Horton, made an enemy of her naïve suitor, and let his prisoner escape…

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(A Texas Promise)

Falling Between the Pages
by A.M. Heath


All’s fair in love and fiction.

If Wendy Sutton has an antagonist in real life, it’s Peyton Gentry. Being forced to co-write a serial novel with her nemesis spells disaster. Working with the far-too-attractive and way-too-confident Peyton is guaranteed to push Wendy over the edge. But this assignment is the only way to prove herself and provide for Nana.

Peyton has had his eye on Wendy for years. After ruining their first date, he’s finally been given a second chance … but only if she’ll read between the lines of the romance he’s been writing just for her…

Will Wendy and Peyton end up writing their own love story? Find out in this can’t-miss rom-com.

A Cup Half Full
by Beth Wiseman

Sarah Lantz always dreamed of the perfect home, the perfect husband, the perfect family. When she married Abram, she knew she was on her way to securing her perfect life. But all of that changes in one moment when an accident leaves her unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair, dashing all of her dreams. As Abram starts to transform their home, Sarah begins a transformation in her spirit, and she begins, once again, to see her cup as half full.

God Is Closer Than You Think
by John Ortberg


What Are You Waiting For?

Intimacy with God can happen right now if you want it. A closeness you can feel, a goodness you can taste, a reality you can experience for yourself. That’s what the Bible promises, so why settle for less? God is closer than you think, and connecting with him isn’t just for monks and ascetics. It’s for business people, high school students, busy moms, single men, single women . . . and most important, it’s for YOU.

God Is Closer Than You Think shows how you can enjoy a vibrant, moment-by-moment relationship with your heavenly Father…

Sun Stand Still
by Steven Furtick


In Sun Stand Still, Pastor Steven Furtick challenged us to ask God for the impossible—to live, every day, with the same faith in the miraculous that we see in the Bible. In this daily, personal guide Steven leads you deeper into Scripture as you begin to live the life God created and saved us for. Over the next forty days, you’ll have the opportunity to see what audacious faith can look like in your own life. Through daily scripture readings and teachings, this book will give you the chance to change your perspective on prayer.

Scouting the Divine
by Margaret Feinberg


Join beloved Bible teacher Margaret Feinberg as you learn how to move from simply reading Scripture to entering stories that can be touched, tasted, smelled, and savored.

The Bible is full of clever plots and compelling stories, laced with historic insights and literary beauty. But despite its richness and depth, many of us struggle to close the gap between the ancient world and our own. What does it mean to know that Jesus is the Good Shepherd when the only place you’ve encountered sheep is at a petting zoo? How can you understand the promise of a land overflowing with honey when you buy yours in a bear-shaped bottle?