Friday’s Christian eBooks

Her Second Chance Cowboy
by Natalie Dean


When Ben accompanies his mother to an old friend’s funeral…the last person he expects to see is her.

As the eldest son of the wealthy Miller family, Ben Miller is content with helping his brothers run their family’s ranch in Montana. Well… mostly content. There’s a certain something missing from his life, and he’s done a good job denying it for the past decade.

Until she rolled back into town…

After ten years fighting to make it in the Big Apple, full-figured Chastity finds herself heading back to the one place she vowed she’d never return…

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7 Days to Upping Your Prayer Life, Loving Others, and Having More Joy
by John Christopher Frame


Do you want a better prayer life? Need more joy in your heart? Wish you felt closer to God? In this short action guide, author John Christopher Frame, PhD, sets out a quick seven-day plan to help you revitalize your walk with God.

7 Days to Upping Your Prayer Life, Loving Others, and Having More Joy is an easy-to-follow workbook that can lead you to become the better Christian you want to be.

You’ll discover: Seven powerful concepts that can motivate you on your faith journey and help you improve your relationship with God; Short daily readings, brief Bible passages, and compelling prayers that can strengthen your spirituality; Reflective questions and doable challenges so you can experience God’s greater presence in your life

If you like spirit-filled devotionals and practical steps to help you live out your faith, then you’ll love this inspirational action guide.

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A Dangerous Deal
by Philippa Jane Keyworth


Lady Rachel Denby is in need of a husband and a chance encounter with the reserved Lord Arleigh inspires her to offer him an outlandish deal.

He will save her from impending financial doom and she will help him gain his inheritance. All they have to do is marry. It sounds delightfully pragmatic. Yet as they embark upon their matrimonial bliss, they find that being husband and wife is anything but simple. Pleasing the stiff family relations, keeping a nosy sister in check, and dealing with unhelpful solicitors complicates their deal. To make matters worse, there are unplanned feelings growing between them. But the unorthodox Rachel can’t help engaging the aloof Viscount, and his Lordship is certainly not the cold fish he at first appears.

Suddenly, the deal they made is far more than just a practical solution to their problems, it’s fast becoming downright dangerous!

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A Pregnant Bride’s Journey West
by Lorelei Brogan


Brand New Release from Lorelei Brogan

In the rugged Old West’s dreams of love crumble into dust when she discovers her fiancé is entangled in a web of crime. Heartbroken and pregnant with child, she flees her small Virginia town for the safety of Oklahoma. There, she responds to a mail-order bride advertisement from Gus Buchanan, a compassionate rancher whose gentle demeanor ignite a new hope for love in her weary heart.

How long till her past catches up with her?

Gus Buchanan, unlucky in love and life, finds solace at his uncle’s ranch after the sudden loss of his parents. Feeling isolated, he places a matrimonial ad in an eastern newspaper, but hope dwindles with each response – until Callie’s letter intrigues him…

A Place Called Hart’s Desire
by Ruth Kyser


“A Place Called Hart’s Desire” is a contemporary Christian romance, set in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Christian Romance Author Ellie Hathaway escapes for two weeks to a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, intent on finishing her book within the deadline. Of course, it only confuses the issue that the cabin she’s staying at is the same one her parents originally reserved for her now-defunct honeymoon. Then Ellie meets the owner’s son, Lucas Hart—a widower wracked by grief and with a heart hardened against God. Ellie is immediately drawn to Luke, but she cautions herself against falling for a man so obviously still in love with his dead wife.

Can Ellie help Luke find his way back to God? And in the process, will Ellie’s heart be totally broken—or will she also learn to forgive, and love again?

Miss Tavistock’s Mistake
by Linore Rose Burkard


“A delightful and comedic story that will certainly please historical fiction aficionados and those who enjoy wholesome, romantic stories.” KIRKUS REVIEWS

Young Miss Margaret Tavistock is promised in marriage to Captain Gabriel Rempeare, but the captain’s been at sea for a decade. When she finally meets him, tempestuous sparks fly, and she impulsively adopts a daring false identity. Going by “Lady X,” she vows never to marry such an infuriating man.

Captain Gabriel Rempeare is prepared to fulfill his duty and marry Miss Tavistock–if only he can clap eyes on her! Circumstances keep them apart, though he cannot seem to avoid the maddeningly lovely Lady X. When the two are thrown together in Mayfair, Miss Tavistock discovers the real nature of the captain, and regrets her subterfuge. But can such a noble man forgive deceit? Or has her mistake already cost her everything?

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A Baxter Family Christmas
by Karen Kingsbury


Two years after the car accident that took Erin Baxter’s life, her father, John Baxter, still lives in constant grief. John’s heartbreak prompts him to invite Kendra Bryant, the transplant recipient who now has Erin’s heart, to Christmas Eve dinner despite protests from his remaining children. Ashley and Luke want to protect their ten-year-old niece­ who is the only surviving child of Erin’s, but John remains determined and believes that meeting this woman is something his deceased daughter would want.

Meanwhile, Kendra Bryant is struggling to come to terms with the tragedy that gave her a second chance. It is only when she witnesses the Baxter’s unwavering faith in God that she begins to heal and allow peace and happiness back into her life.

The Lord Is My Shepherd
by Robert J. Morgan


“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters…”

Morgan teaches Psalm 23 verse-by-verse, explaining its extraordinary power to change lives and ease our troubles. He shares its fascinating context and colorful background, as well as his own charming, real-life stories of herding sheep. You’ll find encouragement to enjoy the “green pastures” of life while becoming strengthened by the “dark valleys.” Furthermore, Morgan maintains that some of the Bible’s richest truths are summarized in these six simple verses of Psalm 23. In knowing the Good Shepherd, we have total resources for all our internal, external, and eternal needs.

The Heritage of Anglican Theology
by J. I. Packer


Historical and Theological Reflections on the Anglican Church from J. I. Packer

The Anglican Church has a rich theological heritage filled with a diversity of views and practices. Like a river with a main current and several offshoot streams, Anglicanism has a main body with many distinct, smaller communities. So what constitutes mainstream Anglicanism?

Influential Anglican theologian J. I. Packer makes the case that “authentic Anglicanism” is biblical, liturgical, evangelical, pastoral, episcopal (ordaining bishops), national (engaging with the culture), and ecumenical (eager to learn from other Christians).

Blaze of Light
by Marcus Brotherton


“What Gary Beikirch did to receive his medal is unforgettable – and the story of what he overcame afterward is as big and moving as they come.” – Gary Sinise

After dawn the siege began. It was April 1, 1970, and Army Green Beret medic Gary Beikirch knew the odds were stacked against their survival. Some 10,000 enemy soldiers sought to obliterate the twelve American Special Forces troops and 400 indigenous fighters who stood fast to defend 2,300 women and children inside the village of Dak Seang. For his valor and selflessness during the ruthless siege, Beikirch would be awarded a Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest and most prestigious military decoration.