Monday’s Christian eBooks

The Orchard House Bed and Breakfast Series
by Heidi Chiavaroli


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A 2022 ACFW Carol Award Finalist!

A contemporary twist on the well-loved classic, Little Women, readers will fall in love with the Martin family—Maggie, Josie, Lizzie, Bronson, Amie, and their mother Hannah – each trying to find their own way in the world and discovering that love, home, and hope, are closer than they appear.

Where Grace Appears – Book 1
Where Hope Begins – Book 2
Where Love Grows – Book 3
Where Memories Await – Book 4
Where Dreams Reside – Boo 5
Where Faith Belongs – Book 6
Where Promises Remain – Book 7

Two Days in Caracas
by Luana Ehrlich


Titus faces a threat he never imagined. Can he capture Ahmed Al-Amin before it’s too late?

Confronting a new operative . . . When veteran CIA operative Titus Ray arrives in San José, Costa Rica, and meets fresh-faced Ben Mitchell, a hot-tempered new operative with barely any experience in the field, he has a choice to make–ignore him or take him under his wing.

Facing an old demon . . . In the middle of an active, ongoing operation, Titus is suddenly called back to the States where he must deal with the failures from his past and make decisions about his future with Detective Nikki Saxon.

Opposing a present danger . . .

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(Titus Ray Thrillers Series)

Cowboy Falling Hard
by Jessie Gussman


Famous pro-baseball player, Dwight Eckenrode, never thought he’d need the services of a group of small-town matchmakers. But nothing he does seems to catch the eye of Orchid Baldwin, and he’s just desperate enough to go along with his best friend’s suggestion – hire the Piece Makers.

Except the Piece Makers don’t want him. So now what?

Orchid Baldwin has heard the rumors – the big shot ball player has a thing for her. But she’s not interested in a man who can’t stop talking about himself…

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(Coming Home to North Dakota Series)

A Marriage Forged by Divine Deception
by Olivia Haywood


Agreeing to my father’s plea, I married a wealthy man to secure our future. Only after the vows were exchanged did I uncover the deceit behind the arrangement. By then, it was too late—He and I were bound together, for better or worse…

Abigail, burdened by her late husband’s debts, agrees to her father’s plea to marry a wealthy man to secure their future. However, she soon uncovers the deceit behind this arrangement, but it’s too late—she’s already married the man who will change her life forever…

Nathaniel, blackmailed into a marriage of convenience by Abigail’s father, initially resents the arrangement. Yet Abigail’s defiance and strength challenge his vow to never love again…

The Sheriff’s Daughter and the Wanted Man
by Mia Dunham


Brand New Release from Mia Dunham

Penelope Mitchel’s world shatters when her childhood sweetheart is accused of robbery and vanishes after a daring jailbreak. With a hard-hearted sheriff for a father, her only solace is her close bond with her twin brother. But when her brother is kidnapped five years later, and her father refuses to act, Penelope is thrust into a desperate situation.

Will she summon the courage to defy her father and rescue her brother alone?

Liam Miller, who fled five years ago after breaking out of jail, believes Penelope has moved on and would never want to see him again. Now, re-arrested and unexpectedly freed by Penelope, he finds himself drawn back into her life and heart determined to make things right…

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(Hearts of the Wild West Series)

Love Begins
by Teresa Slack


“If I wasn’t such a good Christian, you’d be in an orphanage somewhere, young lady.”

Abandoned by their parents, Michelle Hurley and her kid sister Nicole are reminded every day their livelihood depends on a grandmother who never wanted them. Nearly twenty years later, Michelle has accepted the fact she isn’t worthy of the love she needed as a child.

Her comfortable, albeit lonely, existence comes crashing down the morning Nicole abandons her two young children under Michelle’s lilac bushes. Michelle doesn’t want to be responsible for Nicole’s mistakes. Again. Nor does she want to admit she may be just like the grandmother she can’t forgive…

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(A Little Goodbye)

Identity Unknown
by Terri Reed


A deputy sheriff in Maine has her hands full protecting an amnesiac from hired killers in this inspirational romantic suspense mystery.

When a John Doe washes up on the shores of Calico Bay, no one knows who he is—including him. But one thing’s instantly clear to deputy sheriff Audrey Martin: the man’s marked for murder. And she’s the only one who can protect him from the assassins who lurk at every turn. The arrival of a team of men claiming he’s Canadian Border Services officer Nathanial Longhorn only further complicates the matter…

You’re Not Finished Yet
by Christine Caine


Don’t stop now – there’s so much more ahead! Do you have what it takes to go the distance? The middle of any endeavor – career, relationships, ministry, health – is often when our resilience and perseverance waivers. This 100-day devotional will encourage and strengthen you in the messy middle when peace seems out of reach, the future feels uncertain, and life really gets hard.

Join bestselling author, human rights activist, and international speaker Christine Caine as she shares stories from her ministry experience and personal walk with Jesus, along with Bible passages and spiritual reflections, taking you on a devotional journey where you will learn how to…

The Power of Aligning Your Words to God’s Will
by Hakeem Collins


You have the authority to speak words that move mountains and make hell tremble. We all face obstacles or what seem to be dead ends. But God has given every follower of Christ the power to overcome through vocalizing His Word.

From respected prophetic voice Hakeem Collins comes a biblical guide about the believer’s authority to activate the will of God. If you are looking to refresh your prayer life, this book will help you unite your heart with God’s will and speak His truth into the divine dreams and destiny for your life…

Paul and Judaism Revisited
by Preston M. Sprinkle, Stephen Westerholm


Preaching’s Preacher’s Guide to the Best Bible Reference for 2014 (Pauline Studies)

Ever since E. P. Sanders published Paul and Palestinian Judaism in 1977, students of Paul have been probing, weighing and debating the similarities and dissimilarities between the understandings of salvation in Judaism and in Paul. Do they really share a common notion of divine and human agency? Or do they differ at a deep level? And if so, how? Broadly speaking, the answers have lined up on either side of the old perspective and new perspective divide. But can we move beyond this impasse? Preston Sprinkle reviews the state of the question and then tackles the problem…