Saturday’s Christian eBooks

Cowboy Foreman in Love for Christmas
by Jo Grafford


A strapped-for-cash waitress who’s taking a break from dating, the single-and-available foreman determined to change her mind, and the late winter storm that leaves them snowbound together at the ranch he runs…

Tess Caldwell isn’t sure why she says yes to her best friend’s invitation to join her in a remote mountain town that celebrates Christmas year-round. After her ex-boyfriend leaves both her heart and bank account flat broke, she can’t afford a vacation. And she certainly can’t afford to extend her visit indefinitely when a winter storm shuts down every road leading out of town.

She has a job to get back to and bills that aren’t going to pay themselves, no matter how tempting it is to stay and explore her unexpected attraction to the hunky foreman at Christmas Tree Farm…

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A Widow’s Journey to Love
by Carol Colyer


Sarah Evans’ life, once filled with joy and promise, comes crashing down when her husband is killed in an alleged accident. Now, haunted by unanswered questions and the lingering whispers of betrayal, Sarah is in desperate need of uncovering the truth behind his demise. Yet, when an enigmatic stranger arrives, offering protection and stirring emotions she thought long lost, Sarah will realize that the secrets buried in the past might hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of her own heart.

Will she find the strength to trust her heart again?

Haunted by his own past, bounty hunter Daniel Blackwood travels to Cedar Ridge receiving a desperate plea for help from his best friend…

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Hidden Sins
by Edie James


Former Black Ops SEAL Bridger North has no life. Three years after being forced out of the military, his tight-knit black ops team scattered, he’s a man adrift. Until an old teammate begs a favor.

Bridger agrees to help his friend Jason stop a blackmailer from ruining a small town’s pastor, but when Bridger arrives in Redemption Creek, Jason has disappeared, leaving his stunning sister in a world of danger.

Redemption Creek: Where ranches run forever, granite peaks touch the sky, and wounded hearts seek home. Betrayed by their superiors, the former soldiers of Black-out Squadron are determined to carve out new lives. Their plan?

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Rafe’s Cafe: Book 2
by Jackie Zack


The comedy continues for Rafe Sinclair and Patty Blackford along with the loveable cast of quirky characters that cross their paths in the 1990s.

Rafe wants to ask the love of his life, Patty, to marry him, but his plans go awry before he can ask. Is something bigger at play preventing him from popping the question?

Patty is relieved to be free from her threatening past. Starting over and meeting Rafe was a complete life-changer. She loves him dearly and along with that comes worry. Will her former ex find her and discover her true identity? Is Rafe in danger now, too?

“… I love Jackie’s style of writing, especially the twists and turns. You never know what will happen next.” by Amazon Customer

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Burning Dress Ranch – Hearts of Colorado Collection
by Heather Blanton


Welcome to Burning Dress Ranch. The place for second-chance romance! 

Amidst the rugged beauty of Colorado, Burning Dress Ranch stands as a beacon of hope and salvation to lost and hurting women. This is the place where the power of faith can conquer even the darkest situations. The female ranch hands come from all walks of life and they’re here to find healing, hope, and second chances. Miss Sally, the ranch’s mysterious owner, has a heart as big as all outdoors and never quits on a girl till all the happily-ever-afters are fulfilled.

With every page, Heather Blanton weaves a tapestry of hope and inspiration that reminds readers of the enduring power of God’s love.

Perfect for Fans of Francine Rivers, Karen Witemeyer, and those who cherish stories of love, faith, and adventure set against the backdrop of the Old West.

Men’s Devotional For Dads
by Biblical Teachings


If Dad-Life Feels Like a Tug-of-War Between Work, Family, and Time for Yourself, Pull Yourself Back to Balance In Just 5-Minutes A Week…

In the busy world of being a dad, finding your way can be tough. This devotional is your guiding light, filled with practical advice, and deep insights that also help you grow closer to God. These moments of reflection and prayer slot seamlessly into your day, helping to strengthen family bonds, and foster personal development and fulfillment.

With God’s wisdom interwoven through every lesson, explore how embracing His teachings can transform your daily life.

The Beautiful Fight
by Gary Thomas


In a groundbreaking book that rethinks spiritual formation, Gary Thomas argues that the contemporary church is in danger of accepting Christianity as a historical reality but not as a present power. Is the grace that pardons powerful enough to transform? Answering with a resounding yes, Thomas presents a compelling picture of what it means to be a “God oasis” in a God-forgetting world. “The first chapter alone is worth reading many times. This is beauty and struggle. This is the death that leads to life.” John Ortberg, Pastor and Author, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church “Set this book down … slowly … turn around … and run away … unless you hunger for a deeper vision of faith and thirst for genuine life transformation … if you do, read on.”

Thomas rallies you to the Beautiful Fight—the struggle to fully express the wonder and life-changing power of Christ in this world through every aspect of who you are.

The Race-Wise Family
by Multiple Authors


A timely resource to equip Christian parents to better understand the roots of racism and provide practical guidance on addressing issues of race within their families

“This is a landmark work for our generation!”Dorena Williamson, bestselling author

If you wonder how to help your children understand today’s racial dynamics and respond in God-honoring ways, you’re not alone. Practical and engaging, The Race-Wise Family offers immediately applicable action steps to help you raise kingdom-minded kids who will stand against racial injustice as an outpouring of their relationship with God.

Everyday Watercolor Flowers
by Jenna Rainey


Artist Jenna Rainey shares easy-to-follow ways to paint a wide range of botanicals, all in her fresh, modern style that appeals to the next generation of watercolor artists and creatives, from beginners to hobbyists. With gorgeously illustrated instructions for both loose and realistic watercolor depictions of more than 25 flowers, leaves, and plants, organized by form and shape, Everyday Watercolor Flowers is every nature-lover’s answer to capturing that beauty on paper.