Thursday’s Christian eBooks

Guardian Hero
by Jo Grafford


A runaway bride from the big city, the small-town cop who heads up her search party, and the snowstorm that strands him in the woods where she was last seen…

When Emmitt McCarty receives the missing persons report, he immediately recognizes the woman in the photo as the last speeder he pulled over — a distraught city slicker he ultimately gives a warning instead of a ticket. That’s how he knows her fiancé’s claim that she’s been abducted is a load of bull. Sure, he’ll locate her if she’s in his town, but he won’t be notifying anyone of her whereabouts until he gets to the bottom of why she fled her wedding in the first place…

For the first time in her life, Jen doesn’t know who she can trust, which in no way explains her longing to pour out her troubles to the cowboy cop who pulls her over for speeding.

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Forgotten Memories
by Penny Zeller


Some memories are best forgotten…

The Wyoming Territory is rife with lawlessness and disorder, something Annie Ledbetter and her parents discover when their wagon train is robbed. Seven years later, Annie settles into her lifelong dream as a teacher in the small town of Willow Falls. When she meets handsome rancher Caleb Eliason through a humorous misunderstanding, she is quickly drawn to his kind heart and charming smile.

Former outlaw Caleb Eliason embraces his chance at a fresh start. Gone are the days of robbing stagecoaches and wagon trains. When he falls in love with the new Willow Falls teacher, he doesn’t realize they’ve met before—under much different circumstances. When his past comes to light, will it put the growing love between them at risk?

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(Wyoming Sunrise Series)

Six Brides with Love Oaths
by Lorelei Brogan


6 best-selling Historical Western novels! Delightful tales full of emotion, love, drama, action, plot twists and heart-melting romance!

Bride of the Western Dawn
A Light to Escape her Mourning
A Love more Precious than Gold
An Innocent Soul to Care for
Hoping to Fill her Heart’s Void
Love Favors the Brave

“These are all great books! I had already read all but one of them before. However, the description of Hoping to Fill her Heart’s Void, is not correct. These are nice clean western books with lots of love and action. Loved them all!” by Amazon Customer

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(Hearts of the Wild West Series)

Nine Brides for Cowboy Creek Books 1-3
by Teresa Slack


“I love this series. Each story just keeps getting better.”
“…Series will have you binge reading.”
“Series gets it off to a solid start with a heartwarming, satisfying love story readers will devour.”

Nine ranchers in a remote mountain town need brides. Nine desperate women need out of the city. Can they find love and a future in Cowboy Creek?

Rennie: Book 1
Eliza: Book 2
Carrie: Book 3

“I have read every book in this series so far. The stories of these mail order brides have been worthy of binge reading if you get the books at the same time. I am looking forward to continuing the series as more books are available!” by Amazon Customer

The Martyr’s Song
by Ted Dekker


What would you die for?

That’s the question suddenly thrust upon a small band of women and children in Bosnia at the close of World War II. When a group of bitter soldiers stumble upon their peaceful village, they suddenly face an insidious evil . . . and the ultimate test.

It is then, in the midst of chaos and pain that the Martyr’s Song is first heard. It is then that the window into heaven first opens. It is then that love and beauty are shown in breathtaking reality.

An Amish Christmas Love Collection
by Multiple Authors


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Winter Kisses by Beth Wiseman
The Christmas Cat by Amy Clipston
Snow Angels by Kelly Irvin
Home for Christmas by Ruth Reid

“An Amish Christmas will provide a smile with the characters and how they celebrate Christmas. These talented authors put together a nice collection that is perfect to read any time, but especially at Christmas time. The happenings along with faith and romance will reel readers into each tale.” by Amazon Customer

The Reagan Diaries
by Ronald Reagan, Douglas Brinkley


During his two terms as the fortieth president of the United States, Ronald Reagan kept a daily diary in which he recorded, by hand, his innermost thoughts and observations on the extraordinary, the historic, and the routine day—to-day occruences of his presidency. Brought together in one volume and edited by historian Douglas Brinkley, The Reagan Diaries provides a striking insight into one of this nation’s most important presidencies and shed new light on the character of this American leader.

Fundamentals of the Faith
by John F. MacArthur, John MacArthur


“On Sunday mornings at Grace Community Church, small groups of people gather together in Fundamentals of the Faith classes to use this manual of thirteen lessons, which blends basic biblical truths with personal obedience and service. Many young believers take these classes to grow in their understanding of biblical truths.” For the first time ever, Fundamentals of the Faith is available to the trade. With topics ranging from “God: His Character and Attributes” to “The Church: Fellowship and Worship,” this study is ideal to disciple new believers or to realize afresh what it means to believe in Jesus.

Sprouting Wisdom
by Mackenzie Gayle


Wouldn’t it be amazing to never buy another fresh, dried, or frozen herb again? Brace yourself, because that dream’s about to become your reality!

Fresh basil stirred through pasta… A scattering of chives on your salad… Sprigs of dill over the salmon when you have guests over for dinner…

Fresh herbs elevate every dish, and you love cooking with them… so you buy the growing pots in the grocery store, eager to keep them alive and continue harvesting them.