Thursday’s Christian eBooks

An Untapped Source Series
by Amy Martinsen


Check out: An Untapped Source Series

If you like undeniable chemistry, page-turning tension, and Christian values in action, then you’ll love Amy Martinsen’s fast-paced series, An Untapped Source.

The Perfect Spy – Book 1;
Hold Your Breath – Book 2;
Loose Ends – Book 3

Alaskan Calibration
by Maryann Landers



I met Roy at fourteen and with the toss of a coin that summer night, I dialed in the love of my life. We wasted years until we found the answer to our hearts’ longing in Jesus. On the evening of our baptism, Roy suggested our family of four venture on his dream vacation to Alaska. Although reluctant to traverse the country, I was determined to enjoy the much needed family time.

When an invitation to work at an iconic Alaskan roadhouse forced the trajectory of our summer in an unexpected direction, my tight grip on our familiar Michigan life started to slip. Will this quest for an Alaskan adventure be worth the sacrifice for us all?

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(Alaskan Women of Caliber Series)

A Journey of Love and Peril
by Lorelei Brogan


Brand New Release from Lorelei Brogan.

After her mother is kidnapped right before her eyes, Cecily Thomas takes a sacred vow to rescue her. With her beloved brother by her side, she is soon to embark on a perilous journey. When her childhood friend offers to join them, sparks begin to fly between them, but any hint of romance must take a back seat in this mission.

Cecily will save her mother even if she has to sacrifice everything…

Ethan Lawson has been in love with Cecily for as long as he can remember, even though he has never confessed his feelings to her. When she plans to go and rescue her mother, he considers it his duty to accompany her. Will he be able to keep her safe as they pass through the wild mountains?

Baggage Claim
by Cathe Swanson


He’ll do anything to protect the family he recently discovered – and the woman charged with caring for them.

The last thing Jonah Campbell expected was a son and four grandkids to come out of the woodwork–the results of a teenage fling nearly thirty years ago. He lives isolated in the upper peninsula, and when his newly discovered son explains why his family needs to be hidden, Jonah is happy to open his home and get to know his grandkids.

Between college, his kids, and his job, Ben Taylor is already in way over his head. Piece by piece, his busy-but-comfortable life crumbles as he becomes caught up in a dangerous network of fraud and deception at his workplace. Anxious to protect his children, he convinces their nanny to take them to their new grandfather while he navigates the danger at home…

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(Hope Again Series)

Love At Rosecrown Ranch
by Ruth Pendleton


She’s trading her high heels for cowgirl boots. And maybe, her cheating ex for a handsome man in a cowboy hat.

Jenny Stratton was expecting a proposal – the finishing touch on the perfect life she’d built as a successful big-city realtor. When she catches her boyfriend kissing another woman in the soup aisle instead of down on one knee, she retreats to her grandmother’s ranch in the hills of Montana.

Hank Miner is a hard-working ranch hand with no time for distractions. When Jo Jo’s granddaughter shows up, he can’t get too close. Despite her beauty and bravery, the last thing he needs is another high-maintenance woman who doesn’t understand life on the ranch. Or worse, one looking for a quick payday from the elderly ranch owner.

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(Rosecrown Ranch Series)

Emma’s Amish Faith Tested
by Tracy Fredrychowski


Her trust in the Lord has been tested beyond all strength. Can this grieving believer reclaim the way back to enlightenment?

Emma Yoder is struggling to cope. While the young Amish mother is devastated after her only child dies in the womb, she and her husband gain little comfort from the Old Order’s rigid ways. And whispers among her people lead her to suspect the truth has been concealed from her for years.

Still fighting internally to forgive God for her tragedy, Emma sets out on a journey to discover the deep healing she craves. But her discovery of a newfound secret love of Jesus’s teachings puts her at direct odds with the traditions of her community.

Can this woman of conviction find the courage to seek grace from the Almighty?

Check out:
(Rebecca’s Amish Heart Restored)

A Place to Belong
by Megan Hill


Christians know church is important, but sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it. An eclectic assortment of people with differing personalities, political views, and parenting styles can make for awkward interactions and difficult connections. What’s the point of putting in the tough work to build relationships?

But the Bible says God’s people ought to be bound together. It uses words like belovedbrothers and sisterssaints, and fellow laborers to describe their mutual relationship in the church. In this book, Megan Hill answers a common question of churchgoers: What’s so great about the church?

You Are Special
by Max Lucado, Sergio Martinez


The little wooden people called Wemmicks scurry about their days doing what they always do: sticking gold stars on the pretty and talented Wemmicks or gray dots on those who make mistakes. But now the stickering is all the more important. The Festival is at hand. That means that the envied Most Stars Award and the dreaded Most Dots Award are about to be given out. And poor Punchinello is sure to be a shoo-in for the Most Dots.

Check out:
(You Are Mine)

The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook
by Annie Gray, Gareth Neame


Food historian and show consultant Annie Gray gives a rich and fascinating insight into the background of the dishes that were popular between 1912 and 1926, when Downton Abbey is set—a period of tremendous change and conflict, as well as culinary development. With a foreword by executive producer and co-creator Gareth Neame, and featuring over one hundred stunning color photographs, The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook also includes a special section on hosting Downton-themed dinner parties and presents stills from the TV series and film.

The Trinity
by Gilles Emery, Matthew Levering


Representing the highest quality of scholarship, Gilles Emery offers a much-anticipated exploration to Catholic doctrine on the Trinity. His extensive research combined with lucid prose provides readers a resource to better understand the foundations of Trinitarian reflection and addresses all who wish to benefit from an initiation to Trinitarian doctrine.

The path proposed by this introductory work comprises six steps—from liturgical and biblical ways for entering into Trinitarian faith to the creative and saving action of the Trinity. The book concludes with a doctrinal exposition of the “missions” of the Son and Holy Spirit, that is, the salvific sending of the Son and Holy Spirit that leads humankind to the contemplation of the Father.

Ancient Iran
by Captivating History


Discover the history of Ancient Iran that spans from Iran’s mysterious origins to the Islamic conquest.

Ancient Persia conjures images of extravagant palaces, beautiful gardens, mighty armies, and all-powerful kings, queens, and princes. The beginnings of Iranian antiquity are enigmatic, but from the cradle of the western Zagros Mountains came the greatest empires the world has ever known. The Elamites, Medians, Achaemenids, Parthians, and Sassanids all sprang from interlinked cultural origins that could trace their roots back through each successive empire.

Wednesday’s Christian eBooks

Forever a Soldier Series
by Irene Onorato


Check out: Forever a Soldier Series
All books on sale for 0.99 cents each

A Soldier Finds His Way: Can a scarred and guarded man find it in him let someone love him?

More Than A Soldier: It’s not the uniform that makes a man a hero.

A Soldier’s Song: All he ever wanted was to be a soldier. He never counted on falling for his commanding officer’s daughter.

Getaway Bay Beginnings Collection
by Elana Johnson


Escape to the beach this summer, even if you live in a landlocked region! The golden sand of Getaway Bay is calling you with three complete romances, each set on the unique, breathtaking, and relaxing beach!

You’ll get three full-length, heartwarming and sweet romances in this boxed set. We’ve got billionaires, helicopter pilots, storms, rundown houses, and new high-rise hotels to create drama on the island. Each book starts a complete series set on Getaway Bay, and they all intersect one another!

The Island House
Aloha Hideaway Inn
The Perfect Storm

Brandy’s Bluff
by Heather Blanton


“Brandy, I caution you. Get hold of your temper. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.” Whiskey heiress Brandy Dardanelle has been abandoned at the altar.

Seething from the sting to her family honor, she follows the lickspittle’s trail to Denver. However, she doesn’t even have time to unpack when she sees the errant ex-fiancé getting on another train. Afraid of losing her prey, Brandy brashly jumps aboard too.

Successful rancher Samuel Elliott, Jr., returning home after negotiating the cattle deal of a lifetime, must now convince his neighbors he’s wise enough and mature enough to handle the details. When the pretty but sassy heiress confronts Sam on the platform, their wildly confusing argument blindsides him. Worse, Tess Hartford storms up, demanding Sam’s proposal. Again.

When I Met You
by Juliette Duncan


A barmaid searching for purpose, a youth pastor searching for love

Since leaving home at the age of seventeen, Amelia Anderson has wandered from town to town, city to city, looking for meaning and purpose. Due to her upbringing and experience, the only jobs she lands are in sleazy bars where inappropriate remarks and unsolicited invitations from the male patrons are everyday occurrences.

When she arrives in the small town of Water’s Edge, she’s had enough. After fleeing the bar one evening, she meets a kindly, grey-haired woman who invites her to church. With nothing to lose other than her job, she agrees to go…

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(Water’s Edge Christian Romance Series)

Holy Spirit Moving
by Connie Engel


Brand New Release from Connie Engel.

MOVE IN YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS – Do you long to move in the power of God? Do you hunger for more of the Holy Spirit? If you desire to learn more about how to receive the gifts that the Holy Spirit of God has for you, then read this book by author, Connie Engel. She tells of her personal stories and includes Scriptures to minister on how the gifts of the Holy Spirit move in and through the believer.

Dive into what the Bible has to say about your relationship with the Holy Spirit and all nine of the supernatural gifts. Discover the divine wonders that await release in your life. Flow in the resurrection power of Jesus, and experience God. You will grow spiritually and be a minister of God to help build his church.

Being with God
by AJ Sherrill, Rich Villodas


All fruitful doing must begin with being. For many Christians, it’s easy to be swept up into the fast pace of modern life, desiring to do much for God. But we struggle to slow down and be with God.

According to pastor, Enneagram teacher, and author AJ Sherrill, being with God is what empowers doing for God. Sherrill shares his own journey from “busy” Christianity to the ancient paths of contemplative practices. He equips readers to integrate rhythms of stillness, silence, and solitude, offering step-by-step guidance and examples of finding solitude both personally and on retreats.

Sherrill warns that making these changes appears absurd in a society where time is money, productivity is central, and hurry is a way of life. He guides readers gently through the beginning and often confusing stages of contemplative practice.

One Word at a Time
by Lauren Bingham


Who doesn’t love a good story?

It has been said that within each of us are endless tales to tell, and many of us are eager to let those stories out into the world. Whether the pen touches the paper or the fingers press the computer keys, there’s something vividly romantic about the act of writing stories.

But how, exactly, does one start a fiction piece? Do you just sit there and type while the muses whisper sweet nothings in your ear? Author Lauren Bingham is here to provide tips on how to write fiction for folks who are timid, terrified, or somewhere in between…

Wrapped in Rain
by Charles Martin


An internationally famous photographer, Tucker Mason has traveled the world, capturing things other people don’t see. But what Tucker himself can’t see is how to let go of the past and forgive his father.

On a sprawling Southern estate, Tucker and his younger brother, Mutt, were raised by their housekeeper, Miss Ella Rain, who loved the motherless boys like her own. Hiring her to take care of Waverly Hall and the boys was the only good thing their father ever did.

Emily Dickinson’s Gardening Life
by Marta McDowell


Emily Dickinson was a keen observer of the natural world, but less well known is the fact that she was also an avid gardener—sending fresh bouquets to friends, including pressed flowers in her letters, and studying botany at Amherst Academy and Mount Holyoke. At her family home, she tended both a small glass conservatory and a flower garden.

In Emily Dickinson’s Gardening Life, award-winning author Marta McDowell explores Dickinson’s deep passion for plants and how it inspired and informed her writing. Tracing a year in the garden, the book reveals details few know about Dickinson and adds to our collective understanding of who she was as a person.

The Minimalist Home
by Joshua Becker


One of today’s most influential minimalist advocates takes us on a decluttering tour of our own houses and apartments, showing us how to decide what to get rid of and what to keep. He both offers practical guidelines for simplifying our lifestyle at home and addresses underlying issues that contribute to over-accumulation in the first place. The purpose is not just to create a more inviting living space. It’s also to turn our life’s HQ—our home—into a launching pad for a more fulfilling and productive life in the world.

Tuesday’s Christian eBooks

A Cowboy to Keep
by Nultiple Authors


Who doesn’t love a cowboy?

This one is yours to keep. This collection from six of your favorite Christian fiction authors includes 1200+ pages of page-turning romance, perfect for a weekend of binge reading.

The Rancher Takes a Cook by Misty M. Beller
The Mechanics of Mistletoe by Liz Isaacson
Knox by Susan May Warren
Dillon by Linda Ford
Crumpets and Cowpies by Shanna Hatfield
His Small-Town Girl by Lacy Williams

The Child of God
by David Dingess


Life as an Heir to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Bible clearly teaches that God is our Father and we are His children. There are a lot of misconceptions, even in the Christian community, of who God is. Only when we have a better understanding of who He is, can we have a better understanding of who we are as His children.

When we were young children, our entire identity was wrapped up in our parents. It is only as we grow and mature that we begin to develop our own unique identity. Eventually, with our parent’s blessing, we leave their home to start life on our own. At the beginning of creation, mankind’s story is similar. His children, Adam and Eve, had their identities wrapped up with the Lord. God had created a perfect home for them.

He did not want them to leave home. But Adam and Eve decided to go their own way. They sinned against the Lord and broke their perfect relationship. But even though the relationship was broken, God never stopped loving them. Likewise, He has never stopped loving us. Since Adam and Eve fell into sin, our heavenly Father has never stopped trying to restore mankind to their rightful place as heirs to His kingdom. That is the central story of the Bible. The story of the Child of God is the process of regaining our identity in our heavenly Father.

Beyond the Waves
by Brynn Stewart


Her high school sweetheart wants another chance at love.

Taysia Green nearly chokes on the water she’s drinking when Officer Kylen Sumner steps into her office claiming he’s back in town because he loves her. Since he’s broken her heart more than once, and she recently started dating youth pastor Blaine Pittman, she wants absolutely nothing to do with Kylen. But he’s been asked to stand in as the mediator between Taysia and wannabe model Sophia Clinesmith, who twisted her ankle in the parking lot of Taysia’s business and is threatening a lawsuit.

If she didn’t need him to help save her gym, Taysia would tell Kylen to take a long midnight walk on a short cliffside trail.

Check out:
(Pacific Shores Series)

The Hope Rising Series Box Set
by Kristen M. Fraser


Be encouraged by this God-honouring series featuring everyday people finding hope in the midst of life’s darkest moments.

River’s Edge: How does a successful businessman end up with nothing but the clothes on his back and all his worldly possessions shoved into a bag?

Valley’s Reach: When broken souls collide, can wounds be healed and wholeness found?

Ocean’s Drift: When a near tragedy brings past and present together, Vanessa and Joel must learn to surrender their fears and doubts to the One who holds them in the palm of His hand.

“I cried all the way through this boxset as I read about forgiveness as a gift from God. The author makes God’s unconditional love so real. I also ordered Beyond the Deep after reading this.” by Amazon Customer

Saddle Springs Romance 1-3
by Valerie Comer


Meet the cowboys who ride the ranges, mend fences, and are lassoed by romance on the ranches near Saddle Springs, Montana. This series introduces the wider Montana Ranches Christian Romance series and is chock full of swoonworthy cowboys, deep faith, and your favorite romance tropes such as second chances, friends to more, and opposites attract!


“Stories of romance and falling in love. Mistakes of youth, betrayal and love and forgiveness. Overcoming things of your past and finding love.” by Amazon Customer

Check out:
(A Montana Ranches Series)

The Thing Beneath the Thing
by Steve Carter


 We all have potholes that have been formed by pain, trauma, or choices that we’ve made. Usually we find a quick fix, filling the hole with activities and even addictions disguised as culturally acceptable life choices. But before long, the hole is back – and often wider and deeper – waiting to catch us off-guard, which in the end creates even more permanent damage.

In The Thing Beneath the Thing, pastor Steve Carter asks the simple question, “How is life working for you?” He knows that potholes exist and that the longer we live disconnected from answering this question, the more we will fill those holes with harmful choices. The solution? Allow God to fill them with His grace and love so that we can discover the beauty of peace and wholeness He has for us.

Two Reasons to Run
by Colleen Coble


A lie changed her world. Police Chief Jane Hardy is still reeling from the scandal that rocked her small-town department just as she took over for her retired father—the man who wrecked her life with one little lie. Now she’s finally been reunited with her presumed-dead fifteen-year-old son, Will, and his father, documentarian Reid Dixon.

When a murder aboard the Gulf Coast oil platform Zeus exposes an environmental terrorist’s plot to flood Mobile Bay with crude oil, Jane and Reid must put their feelings for each other aside and work together to prevent the looming sabotage.

Check out:
(The Pelican Harbor Series)

The Screwtape Letters
by C. S. Lewis


Monday’s Christian eBooks

Alaskan Women of Caliber Series
by Maryann Landers


Check out: Alaskan Women of Caliber Series

The Alaskan Women of Caliber series unfolds a fictional tapestry based on true, pivotal stories of rebirth, love, sacrifice, and discovery. The visceral backdrop of the arctic impacts women and draws them to its Creator. Follow these women and the heartbeat of their life events.

Alaskan Calibration – Book 1; Alaska Calling – Book 2;
Alaska Chance – Book 3; Alaskan Escape – Book 4

Four Weddings and a Baby
by Jessie Newton


Four weddings and a baby are on their way to Five Island Cove!

Eloise has been waiting for her dream wedding for months. When the Cove Chronicles calls it “the wedding of the year” and literally the whole town is invited, she wants everything to be perfect.

Burst pipes don’t make for perfect wedding dresses, though.

Laurel Baker has just been promoted to detective in the narcotics unit, and her first case is one that’s gone unsolved for a year now. She’s desperate to find out who’s bringing drugs into the cove, but each clue she uncovers leads to one of the women she’s grown to love…

Check out:
(Five Island Cove Series)

A Divine Plan Inspires their Marriage of Convenience
by Olivia Haywood


Brand New Release from Olivia Haywood.

Devastated by the loss of those they loved the most they are searching for a ray of light. Will God’s signs help them realize that all they need is to trust in Him and each other?

“God has a plan for us and never leaves us to walk through the fire on our own”

Before she can even properly mourn her father’s death, Mary learns that she must repay the huge debt he left behind. Forced to work at a saloon, she wonders why God has allowed such misery to befall her. But when Mary miraculously finds a mail-order bride ad inside a Bible, she discovers that God’s plan was to lead her to Gerard all along…

A Little Something Sweet
by Laura Ashwood


Brand New Release from Laura Ashwood.

She’s not about to give him a second chance…no matter how sweet their attraction is…

Megan Turner never intended to return to her small hometown. But when her mom got sick, everything changed. So, she’ll make the best of the situation and oversee the restoration of the building that will become her bakery. She will not, however, make the mistake of falling for her annoyingly attractive contractor. Not again, anyway…

Jake Sullivan lost the love of his life when he screwed up and broke Megan’s heart. But that’s in the past now. These days, being the best single dad he can be requires all his focus…

The Kingdom New Testament
by N. T. Wright


Many readers of the New Testament have grown overly familiar with the biblical text, losing sight of the wonder and breadth of its innovative ideas and world-changing teachings about the life and role of Jesus of Nazareth. In The Kingdom New Testament, N. T. Wright, author and one of the world’s leading New Testament scholars, offers an all-new English translation that invigorates these sacred texts and allows contemporary readers to encounter these historic works afresh.

The original Greek text is vibrant, alive, and active, and Wright’s translation retains that spirit by providing a new English text for the twenty-first-century reader. At the same time, based on his work as a pioneering interpreter of the Bible, Wright also corrects other translations so as to provide more accurate representations of the original writers’ intent.

Foundation of Love
by Amy Clipston


They were “only friends” . . . but they wanted so much more.

Crystal Glick is grateful to live with her brother’s family since her father died and her fiancé, Owen, broke their engagement. Crystal loves her bruderskinner and cheerfully helps her sister-in-law through a difficult pregnancy with babies number seven and eight, but she yearns for a husband and children of her own.

Duane Bontrager is mourning the recent death of his wife, Connie, after twenty-four years of marriage. He and his grown sons have a thriving roofing business but can’t get used to life without her.

Life After Heaven
by Steven R. Musick, Paul J. Pastor


After a deadly medical mistake sent a navy sailor to the presence of Jesus, he returned from his near-death experience with new eyes to see the kingdom of heaven in this life. Now he wants to help you experience heaven on earth today.

For years Steve Musick kept his amazing story to himself, afraid no one would believe or understand it. A major allergic reaction had stopped his heart, hurling him into a five-week coma and a powerful experience of heaven. After returning to life, he couldn’t forget the memory of that vibrant place—and, most of all, the loving words and touch of Jesus.

Daily Guideposts 2022 Large Print
by Guideposts Editors


Daily Guideposts 2022 centers on Psalm 145:18: “The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth” (NIV) and is filled with brand-new devotions from forty-eight writers. Each writer shares how, amidst the brokenness of this world, they experienced God’s ongoing redemption and miraculous love, as they called upon Him daily and found Him so very near.

In just five minutes a day, Daily Guideposts will help you find the spiritual richness in your own life. Each day that you pick up your copy of Daily Guideposts 2022, you’ll enjoy

Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God
by Mark Batterson


The voice that spoke the cosmos into existence is the same voice that parted the Red Sea, and made the sun stand still in the midday sky. One day, this voice will make all things new, but it’s also speaking to you now! That voice is God’s voice, and what we’ve learned from Scripture is that He often speaks in a whisper. Not to make it difficult to hear Him, but to draw us close.

Many people have a tough time believing God still speaks. Sure, in ancient times and in mysterious ways, God spoke to His people, but is He still speaking now?

The Well Plated Cookbook
by Erin Clarke


Known for her incredibly approachable, slimmed-down, and outrageously delicious recipes, Erin Clarke is the creator of the smash-hit food blog in the healthy-eating blogosphere, Well Plated by Erin. Clarke’s site welcomes millions of readers, and with good reason: Her recipes are fast, budget-friendly, and clever; she never includes an ingredient you can’t find in a regular supermarket or that isn’t essential to a dish’s success, and she hacks her recipes for maximum nutrition by using the “stealthy healthy” ingredient swaps she’s mastered so that you don’t lose an ounce of flavor.