Thursday’s Christian eBooks

Master Potter
by Jill Austin


Forsaken is a broken clay vessel in Comfort Cove, a quaint 19th-century fishing village. This is a story about the struggle for her soul as she is discarded on the Potter’s Field, the town’s garbage dump. The cosmic war for humanity is brought to vivid reality as Master Potter finds her there. You may see yourself as you read about Forsaken and her struggle toward wholeness. Through many trials she develops intimacy, receives healing from her past pain and brokenness, and learns that Master Potter desires her even in her weakness. No one is too broken to be healed and used by God.

Ranger Protection
by Lynn Shannon


When Dr. Tara Sims is robbed, she fights back to protect her daughter and nearly pays with her life. She’s rescued by Texas Ranger Grady West. Her childhood friend is now a handsome lawman, but Tara refuses to acknowledge the chemistry sparking between them. With a little girl to raise and a growing medical practice, she has no room in her life for romance.

Grady suspects the vicious assault wasn’t a random act. What he can’t figure out is why anyone would attack the single mother. He vows to protect Tara and her little girl while keeping his growing feelings for them out of the equation. Getting romantically involved with his sister’s best friend is more hazardous than hunting criminals…

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(Texas Ranger Heroes Series)

Fall in Love at the Miss Snowflake Pageant:
The Complete Series
by Valerie Comer


Welcome to Helena, Montana, and fall in love at Christmas! Enjoy the rich heritage and innate charm of Montana’s capitol city in this Christmas romance series celebrating heart-warming stories of love and second chances as Marisa, Bren, and Heather discover love amid the glitz of beauty pageants.

Christmas Romance at the Miss Snowflake Pageant contains three Christmas novels by USA Today bestselling author Valerie Comer:

More Than a Tiara
Other Than a Halo
Better Than a Crown

Saving his Shattered Faith
by Chloe Carley


Brand New Release from Chloe Carley.

A newspaper ad brings them together, two strangers in a marriage of convenience. How can they let go of their tragic experiences and commit their hearts to each other?

After her fiancée left her for someone else, Sophia couldn’t think about finding love again. But things don’t always go as planned. Sophia finds herself all alone and desperate, and she takes the decision that will change her life forever; to become a mail-order bride. She is willing to risk everything and test her luck. Will she find the chance she is looking for with God’s blessing?

Jake is an obstinate rancher and one who has forsaken God after a tragedy. Partially deaf and exhausted by life, he doesn’t believe in miracles. Meeting Sophia though rekindles a deep desire in his heart to reunite with his faith…

Caroling Through The Psalms:
For Comfort and Joy
by L. L. Larkins, Kathryn Swezy


Comfort and Joy? Advent season is desperate for true peace and real spiritual light. These carols are singable Psalms. They offer real comfort and joy. While all of us understand the feeling of waiting on God, these musical carols are grounded in true hope and human faith.

Various witnesses recorded their experiences in holy meditations and raw personal writings called The Psalms.

Go caroling through the Psalms as a Bible study this Christmas season. Now you can sing or dramatize these psalms at any time of the year for a unique performance.

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Basic Bible Prophecy
by Ron Rhodes


Get the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Bible Prophecy

To the uninitiated, Bible prophecy can seem strange, puzzling, and even frightening – yet at the heart of this subject is an awesome revelation of God’s wonder and might. Basic Bible Prophecy is a straightforward, clutter-free breakdown of what the Bible makes known about the future. With seasoned prophecy author Ron Rhodes as your guide, you’ll get a big-picture overview of the essentials of Bible prophecy, complete with helpful charts and infographics.

2000 French Phrases
by French Hacking


Did you know by knowing the 2000 most used words in the French language you’re able to speak 80% of the language?

French Hacking was created to teach French students how to learn the language in the shortest time possible. With hacks, tips & tricks, we want our students to become conversational and confident by teaching what’s necessary without having to learn all the finer details that don’t make much of a difference or aren’t even used in the real world.

The Coach Model for Christian Leaders
by Keith E. Webb , Gary R. Collins


A practical guide to the leadership skills you need to solve problems, reach goals, and develop others into leaders themselves.

The COACH Model® is a radically different approach to leading people. Rather than provide answers, leaders ask questions to draw out what God has already put into others. ICF Professional Certified Coach and speaker Keith Webb teaches Christian leaders how to create powerful conversations to assist others to solve their own problems, reach goals, and develop their own leadership skills in the process. Whether leaders are working with employees, teenagers, or a colleague living in another city, they’ll find powerful tools and techniques to increase leadership effectiveness.

The Jewish Gospels
by Daniel Boyarin, Jack Miles


Guiding us through a rich tapestry of new discoveries and ancient scriptures, The Jewish Gospels makes the powerful case that our conventional understandings of Jesus and of the origins of Christianity are wrong. In Boyarin’s scrupulously illustrated account, the coming of the Messiah was fully imagined in the ancient Jewish texts. Jesus, moreover, was embraced by many Jews as this person, and his core teachings were not at all a break from Jewish beliefs and teachings. Jesus and his followers, Boyarin shows, were simply Jewish. What came to be known as Christianity came much later, as religious and political leaders sought to impose a new religious orthodoxy that was not present at the time of Jesus’s life.

Training the Best Dog Ever
by Larry Kay, Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz


Training the Best Dog Ever, originally published in hardcover as The Love That Dog Training Program, is a book based on love and kindness.

Training the Best Dog Ever relies on trust and treats, not choke collars; on bonding, not leash-yanking or reprimanding. The five-week training program takes only 10 to 20 minutes of practice a day and works both for puppies and for adult dogs that need to be trained out of bad habits.

Austrian History
by Captivating History


Two manuscripts in one book:

History of Austria: A Captivating Guide to Austrian History
The Habsburg Empire: A Captivating Guide to the House of Austria and the Impact the Habsburgs Had on the Holy Roman Empire

When Austrian President Franz Jonas visited the Vatican in 1971, Pope Paul VI named Austria “the Island of the Blessed.” He did so to emphasize Austria’s steep recovery. Only twenty-five years had passed since the end of the Second World War, and Austria was already one of the most prosperous European countries.

Wednesday’s Christian eBooks

Cross Her Heart
by Jo Noelle


The last thing he wants is to take the boss’s pampered daughter on a cattle drive. The last thing she wants is to fall in love with a cowboy. Oops!

Ida Turner was supposed to pass along her father’s directions to the trail boss. Instead, she packs her wagon with silk dresses and joins the cattle drive up the Chisholm Trail from Windward, Texas, to the railhead in Kansas. Contrary to what she thought would be a grand adventure, the trail is fraught with dangers, threatening her life.

Robert Conley learned about the change of plans for the cattle drive two days before they were to leave.

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(Cowboys and Angels Beginnings Series)

A Promise to Break
by Kathryn Spurgeon, Margaret Pope


“Exceptionally well written, making it a consistently compelling read from beginning to end.“

Inspired by true events, this novel follows Sibyl through some difficult choices.

Sibyl Trimble never expected her world to change so drastically. Waiting at the train station for her banker father in 1932, she witnesses a destitute hobo being beaten by a train conductor. The handsome young man’s clear blue eyes haunt her.

As a child, Sibyl promised to support a socialistic political movement to change the world. As an adult, she dresses in fashionable clothes, cruises in a new Chrysler, and dances at the local speakeasy. Even the Great Depression can’t dampen her comfortable lifestyle—until Fremont Pope, the muscular man with solemn blue eyes, turns her world upside down.

The more she gets to know Fremont, the more she learns about God and a purpose for life. He opens her eyes to a world she never imagined. 

Check out:
(A Promise Child)

by Laura Bartnick


As a Christian living resource, BEING CREATIVE is a unique look at how God in Christ is the source of all creativity.

Using compelling Biblical references, BEING CREATIVE shows how an artistic soul is a breath of God, how creativity is a medium in which we encounter God, and how being creative is a means for bringing more life into the world. BEING CREATIVE creates a deep sense of belonging for the reader.

Learn how creative capacity is a direct result of God’s own priority to create…in nature, in stories, and in the process of life.

“The book offers a path toward fulfillment and purpose. It will help readers develop a strong awareness of the sacredness of their creative endeavors.” – by Arya Fomonyuy

Learn how the creative capacity is a direct result of God’s own priority to create.

More Than Friends Sweet Romance Holiday Box Set
by Danae Little


A collection of Clean & Wholesome sweet romances. Each book focuses on a more than friends romance. Box Set includes books one through four:

More Than My Billionaire Boss: A fake relationship, a magical island, and a kiss that seals the deal

More Than My Ex-Fiance: Two broken hearts, a fateful mishap, and a second chance

More Than My Brother’s Best Friend: A floundering marketing expert, her brother’s best friend, and the Christmas tree farm that brings them together

More Than My Country Star Crush: A famous country star, his long lost love-at-first-sight, and the little girl who reminds them Christmas miracles do exist

Love Has a Name
by Adam Weber

Who does Jesus love? The stranger who looks strange. The driver who cuts us off in traffic. The person online who thinks differently than we do.
Loving people is hard. Especially when it involves the difficult people in our lives and those different from us. We say we love others, but really we don’t. Instead of loving, we hurt, belittle, and overlook people. Which is precisely why we need to learn how to love—from Jesus and from one another.

Praying in the Holy Spirit
by David Diga Hernandez

Do you ever feel like your prayers are not effective? Does your prayer life lack vitality and consistency? The secret to a thriving prayer life is not a formula – it is the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. As you learn to engage with the Spirit of God, your prayer life will soar to levels you never dreamed were possible!
In Praying in the Holy Spirit, internationally recognized evangelist, teacher, and healing minister, David Hernandez presents bold answers to tough questions about prayer and offers revelatory insights to help you commune with the Holy Spirit in powerful ways.

Delish Kids
by Joanna Saltz, Delish

A special sampling of 12 recipes for amazing lunches from The Delish Kids (Super-Awesome, Crazy-Fun, Best-Ever) Cookbook include Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese, Hot Dog Cubanos, Summer Rolls and Taco Mac & Cheese!

Inside, you’ll find: • A color photograph for every recipe • Equipment lists and easy-to-follow instructions for each recipe • PLUS: Fun Things to Make With Chicken Nuggets and How to Build a Grain Bowl

Fix It with Food
by Michael Symon, Douglas Trattner


When Michael Symon found out he had rheumatoid arthritis and external lupus, he suspected that what he ate—or didn’t eat—could make a profound difference in his levels of inflammation and how he felt. So he committed to a food “reset” on The Chew—no red meat, white flour, sugar, dairy, or alcohol.

Now, for the first time, he is sharing these recipes, as well as a guide on how to identify your food triggers and create a meal plan that works around whatever ingredient causes your discomfort so that you too can enjoy incredible food without sacrificing your health.

by Robin Jones Gunn


Lauren is tending a broken heart and striving to finish her college degree when she connects with a man who goes by the initials K.C. In a sweet, old-fashioned manner their emails become a source of mutual encouragement.

An invitation to join some of the women of Glenbrooke on a lavish getaway provides Lauren with an unexpected choice. She can meet K.C.face to face or she can say nothing and let her life continue as it is.

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(Glenbrooke Series)

Adventures in Edible Plant Foraging
by Karen Monger


Written with novice foragers in mind, Adventures in Edible Plant Foraging, serves as a simplified guide to edible plants that can be found throughout North America, and includes a glossary of botanical terms. This all encompassing guide will teach you how to prepare for your first foray into foraging—what to bring and what to watch out for—and show you how to identify various edible wild plants native to your own backyard, the forest, fields and the sandy shores along lakes and beaches.

Tuesday’s Christian eBooks

A Biblical Approach to Marriage
by Andy Ripley


New release from Andy Ripley.

Combines two marriage books in one volume: “The Secret to Finding Your Godly Husband,” and “The Secret to Finding Your God-given Wife.” They serve as a healthy, scriptural guide for the Christian man or woman of any age who seeks the blessing of marriage. There are many non-biblical ways to search for your special one, but they always lead to unnecessary strife and troubles. Why not trust the Lord in one of the most important decisions in your life, and do it His way?

Bride for the Tribal Chief
by Jo Grafford


Brand New Release from Bestselling Author Jo Grafford.

A mail-order bride who desperately needs the protection of a husband, a tribal chief who thinks he’s the perfect solution to all her troubles, and the lineup of hopeful rivals who plan to give him a run for his money…

Chief Pecos is far from thrilled by the sudden influx of new settlers to Christmas Mountain. He prefers things to continue as they’ve been for centuries with his tribe, taming and riding the mustang herds that roam the foothills. Until a mail-order bride steps off the train with a price on her lovely head… All of a sudden, he can think of one good exception to the way things have always been.

Meg Chastain actually has more than one price on her head — first, a bounty for a crime she didn’t commit; and, secondly, a bridal contract fee that her penny-pinching matchmaker keeps raising…

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(Mail Order Brides of Christmas Mountain Series)

Within and Without Time
by D. I. Hennessey


WITHIN & WITHOUT TIME melds powerful Biblical truths with an imaginative and engaging story that envelopes the reader in an intense range of human emotions. Be prepared to laugh and cry, to be inspired, and find your heart rejoicing as Jimmy experiences the profound truths of God’s immense power and immeasurable love.

Experience the Origin of a Prophet … When a sixteen-year-old boy is suddenly caught up in a series of miraculous encounters, it heralds an adventure that will transform his life, rock his town, and trigger events that will ultimately change the world!

Befriended by a powerful angelic warrior, Jimmy finds himself in the center of God’s plan for Earth’s final Great Revival. The beginning of God’s amazing harvest at the End of the Age. Like an intense roller coaster, the journey he experiences is exciting and unpredictable. Heartwarming, as well as heart-rending. God prepares him for a mission more extraordinary than anything he could have imagined, placing him in the rare company of ancient prophets and apostles alike.

Show Me a Family for Christmas
by Alexa Verde


A brokenhearted widower with a sad daughter. A secret bodyguard working as a nanny. Can they become an unlikely family this Christmas?

Since his wife died, all Conner Strauss wants is a big family, other children who might put a smile back on his little girl’s face. His wish might come true when his mother finally tells him who his biological father was. To get close to his new siblings and their children without giving himself away, he starts courting the family nanny.

Once jilted, Gwendolyn Meyers concentrated on her career as a bodyguard, eager to prove she’s just as good as her late father was. Now, as a simple favor to a friend, she’s working undercover as a nanny to protect the Clark family’s children after strange things started happening on their ranch…

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(Cowboy Crossing Romance Series)

We Stood Upon Stars
by Roger W. Thompson


Get Lost. . . and Find What Really Matters

We are made for freedom and adventure, friendship and romance. Yet too much of life is spent unfulfilled at work, restless at home, and bored at church. All the while knowing there is something more. You’ll find some of life’s best moments waiting for you over a campfire, on a river—even in that coffee shop or brewery you didn’t know you’d discover along the way. It’s time to begin the search.

Encouragement for Today
by Multiple Authors


Pull away from the things that pull you down and find lasting encouragement for today.  The women at Proverbs 31 Ministries offer 100 devotions of wit, wisdom, and encouragement for women.  For twenty years the P31 team has equipped and encouraged nearly a million women to live in the power of God’s truths that apply to their everyday life.  Written by women from every walk of life, you will find inspiration to live authentically and fully grounded in the Word of God.

Widow’s Secrets
by Shelley Shepard Gray


She’s found peace living alongside the Amish… But she can’t escape her past.

Artist Liana Mann is stunned to learn her husband, missing for ten years, has been found murdered. Now Officer Kent Olson seeks to solve the cold case—with Liana’s help. The faster he unravels the mystery, the sooner he can return to regular duties. Liana wants nothing to do with the police, yet Kent intrigues her. But will digging into the past create new problems?

Wild Grace
by Max Lucado


Today’s teens are being shaped by the pressures and disappointments of the world. But Max Lucado encourages them to take a close look at what can shape their hearts and their futures from the inside out – God’s grace.

As Max explains, “God’s grace has a drenching about it. A wildness about it. A whitewater, riptide, turn-you-upside-downness about it. Grace comes after you.” Wild Grace gives teens an understanding of how grace can change their lives in powerful ways, even when those lives are messed up, off track, or in trouble. Each chapter describes another miracle that happens when we allow God’s grace to work on us and through us:

Monday’s Christian eBooks

Soaring Higher
by Dr. Philip C. Eyster


Dr. Philip Eyster has been in Christian ministry since 1976. He made his first international trip in 1981, and since then, has ministered in over 40 countries around the world. In addition to bringing humanitarian aid and disaster relief to many places around the globe, he has brought the gospel to jungle villages, desert tribes, schools, factories, hospitals, AIDS clinics, leper colonies, open-air markets, and countless transportation hubs. All this has resulted in some alarming, hilarious, dangerous, and sensitive cross-cultural situations.

The Highwayman’s Confession
by Sean Kikkert


Brand New Release from Sean Kikkert.

Emily and her parents are on their way home from a ball when the notorious highwayman, Pikehead Jack, holds up the carriage and shoots Emily and her parents. Emily awakens four days later in her bed. Her Aunt Marianne and Uncle Henry deliver the sad news that her parents were killed during the robbery. Emily is adamant she will stay at the house-the servants there will take care of her.

Upon returning from the funeral, the house is being repossessed. The bank has unexpectedly called in the loan. Emily has no choice but to go live with her aunt and uncle on their farm. Emily looks to discover her parent’s murderer and bring him to justice.

Her Compassionate Billionaire
by Juliette Duncan


A widowed billionaire with three young children. A replacement nanny who helps change his life…

Since his beloved wife, Larissa, died of a brain tumour five years earlier, Jonathon Montgomery has immersed himself in his project development company because he doesn’t know how to handle his grief.

The problem is, he has three young children who also desperately miss their mum. Now they miss him, too. When the children’s nanny resigns two weeks before Christmas, he panics and immediately places a job advertisement for a replacement…

Can Jonathon truly learn to love again? Can he embrace the Christmas spirit and allow God back into his heart?

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(Billionaires with Heart Christian Romance Series)

Reindeer Paws
by Joi Copeland


A misunderstanding drew them apart. Can forgiveness draw them together?

Holly Murphy’s life is going just fine until the day she lays eyes on Jayce Barton. A blast from her past she did not expect to see back in their hometown of Pine Tree, Colorado. Once she does, she cannot seem to get him out of her mind, let alone her life.

Jayce Barton returns to the only place he’s ever called home. While he longs to return, his heart cannot forget the only woman he’s ever loved or the hurt she caused him that led him to leave Pine Tree.

When their paths cross in the small town, they are forced to come to grips with the past and the pain. Will forgiveness and love prevail?

Check out:
(Christmas Lights and Love)

Issuing Divine Restraining Orders from the
Courts of Heaven Prayers of Activation
by Francis Myles, Robert Henderson


Use your spiritual authority to cancel the devil’s plans!

In this exclusive digital companion to Issuing the Divine Restraining Orders from the Courts of Heaven you will find 18 powerful activation prayers for issuing divine restraining orders against spiritual attacks, abuse, witchcraft, the spirit of poverty, premature death, and more.

Learn to demolish the adversary’s plots and step into the realm of breakthrough prayer and Kingdom authority today!

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Genesis Commentary
by Chuck Smith


An In-Depth commentary by Pastor Chuck Smith looking into the Book of Genesis.

“The format of this commentary is great and has all the links to expand your knowledge and understanding of this chapter of the bible. It will help deepen your understanding of the versus and it’s easy to just click on hyperlinks to read cross references and other information for you to research. Needless to say this will also strengthen and deepen your personal understanding of God’s design in creation.” by Amazon Customer

The Winnowing Season
by Cindy Woodsmall


The tornado that devastated Kings’ Orchard pushed Rhoda, Samuel, and Jacob to make a new start in Maine. Are they strong enough to withstand the challenges of establishing an Amish community – and brave enough to face the secrets that move with them?

On the eve of their departure to begin a new Old Order Amish community outside of Unity, Maine, Rhoda Byler is shocked to discover that choices made by her business partner and friend, Samuel King, have placed her and her unusual gifts directly into the path of her district’s bishop and preachers.

Check out:
(Amish Vines and Orchards Series)

Three James Herriot Classics
by James Herriot


Perhaps better than any other writer, James Herriot reveals the ties that bind us to the natural world. Collected here are three of his masterpieces – All Creatures Great and SmallAll Things Bright and Beautiful, and All Things Wise and Wonderful – which have been winning over animal lovers everywhere for almost fifty years. From his night visits to drafty barns during freezing northern England winters, to the beautiful vitality of rural life in the summertime, to the colorful menagerie of animals – and their owners – that pass through his office, Herriot vividly evokes the daily challenges and joys that come with being a veterinarian.

Healthy Me, Healthy Us
by Les Parrott, Leslie Parrott


Relationships are rife with disappointment- but they are also the primary source of personal happiness. So it is no surprise that the number one question Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott hear over and over is, What’s the single most important thing you can do for your relationships?

After over twenty-five years of researching, writing, and speaking on this subject, in Healthy Me, Healthy Us the Parrotts have whittled down their answer to the truth contained in this single sentence: if you try to build intimacy with another person before you have gotten whole on your own, all your relationships become an attempt to complete yourself.