Friday’s Christian eBooks

Compromised Brides Series
by Margaret Tanner, Cheryl Wright


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In the old West, a woman’s virtue is valued above all else. What happens when she loses it?

Circumstances beyond their control caused these stalwart women to be compromised.

Read their stories to discover how each one of them went about restoring their reputations. In doing so, they will meet the man of their dreams and receive the happily ever after ending they deserve.

Compromised Bride Nevada by Margaret Tanner
Compromised Bride Virginia by Cheryl Wright
Compromised Bride Dakota by Margaret Tanner
Compromised Bride Montana by Cheryl Wright
Compromised Bride Indiana by Margaret Tanner
Compromised Bride Georgia by Cheryl Wright

Sealed with Courage
by Laura Scott


From USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Scott

Risking their hearts and their lives while protecting the innocent…  Will they find the kidnapped boy in time?

Sign language teacher Aubrey Clark feels responsible when ten-year-old Lucas goes missing. She’s determined to find her deaf student and knows more than she should from reading the lips of the man involved in the boy’s disappearance. Now she’s in the killer’s crosshairs too. Aubrey has little choice but to accept Navy SEAL Mason Gray’s protection, grateful for his help in searching for Lucas…

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(Called To Protect Series)

Three Uncommon Brides to Tame their Headstrong Ranchers
by Ava Winters


Three determined brides travel out West to get married to three strangers. Can they open up their hearts and find a new family when all is not what it seems in the frontier? Three of my best-selling Western Historical Romance stories in a single Collection! It is time to stay home and enjoy them!

If you love to read about adventurous women and the men who love them in the Old West, read on!

#1 Once upon an Unlikely Marriage of Convenience
#2 An Unannounced Bride to Change his Fate
#3 A Fearless Bride to Heal his Untreated Wound

Each book features a standalone, clean Western Historical Romance story. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong, sweet happily ever after.

The One Who Knows Me
by Joan Embola



Bullies and family disasters have left eighteen-year-old Teeyana Sparks filled with anxiety and doubt. She feels pressured to believe in God, but as she embarks on her college journey in the hope of one day working at Google as a graphic designer, the only thing she believes in is controlling her own life. Things change when she meets Jayden Williams – the guy with a charming smile and kind heart.

Struggling with grief and recovering from a season of depression, nineteen-year-old Jayden is determined to help Teeyana believe in God’s goodness again. But when yet another tragedy strikes close to home, Teeyana’s response exposes Jayden’s unhealed wounds and tips him into a mental health relapse…

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(The One Who Loves Me)

To Stand in the Breach
by Danielle Grandinetti


She came to America to escape a workhouse prison, but will the cost of freedom be too high a price to pay?

1933, Wisconsin — Large animal veterinarian Katy Wells takes her patients’ welfare personally, so it’s no surprise when she stands up to angry farmers planning a milk strike or takes in an injured draft horse to save its life.

But after a visitor from the past discovers her location and reveals a threat, she must choose between her work and her freedom, and whether to trust a man to keep her safe…

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(Strike to the Heart Series)

Bridge to Shelter
by Eliza Harwell


Brand New Release from Eliza Harwell

An animal lover with a mission, a real estate developer who wants her land, and a battle of wills that changes both of them forever.
Casey Young is a veterinarian who cares about two things: nature and the beloved animals in her volunteer shelter. She prides herself on her independence, even though it’s starting to look a whole lot like loneliness.

When gorgeous, hard-headed real estate developer Will Ingalls makes a bid for her land, Casey enters the fight of her life to save what she loves most. Can she change Will’s mind before it’s too late? And can she save her heart when Will makes a bid for it, too?

This is a standalone, women’s fiction hate-to-love, sweet romance in the Bridging Divides series. All books in the series feature a smart woman, a challenging man, and different worldviews. Can they find a way to bridge the divide?

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(Bridge to Justice)

The Beginning of Sorrows: The Complete Box Set
by Mark Goodwin


For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows. Mark 13:8

When Agent Joshua Stone is called to a high-level meeting at the Department of Homeland Security, he learns about a new global order which will be transitioning into power. Stone is read in on the plan for a single planetary government and a world-wide cashless-currency, which will step in to fill the void left by the failing monetary system. To win wide acceptance by the nations of the world, the old system must first be allowed to fail, bringing about a state of global chaos never before seen by mankind. Once desperation has taken the place of pride and hubris, humanity will beg for the proposed one-world empire led by the charismatic tech guru Lucius Alexander.

The United States will fall without a single shot being fired…

Where Do We Go from Here?
by David Jeremiah


Today’s headlines shout of modern plagues, social tensions, economic crises, and rampant depression. Many are asking, what day is it on God’s prophetic calendar? Trusted Bible teacher and Pastor Dr. David Jeremiah opens the Word of God to reveal what it has to say about the days we are living in.

Sharing how prophecies and wisdom from centuries ago still speak the truth today and point the way forward for tomorrow. Whether one is new to biblical prophecy or a longtime student of the Bible, this timely message will encourage and recalibrate us to the mission of God in our daily lives. Journey with Dr. Jeremiah back to the Bible to find out, Where Do We Go from Here?

Drawing: Faces & Features
by Debra Kaufman Yaun


Successfully drawing the human face is one of the most challenging yet rewarding artistic experiences. In this step-by-step book, Debra Kauffman Yaun invites you into her artistic world as she shows you how to draw a variety of portraits in pencil. She shares her personal methods for rendering the human face in all its expressiveness as she introduces tips and techniques for approaching babies, children, teenagers, and adults of all ages.

The book includes in-depth information on specific facial features as well as detailed, step-by-step exercises that explore ways to develop complete portraits.

Fix-It and Forget-It Mediterranean Diet Cookbook
by Hope Comerford


Coming up with family-friendly healthy meals that don’t require a lot of preparation time can be tricky. Here are 127 recipes that only require a handful of ingredients, are quick to prep in your slow cooker, Instant Pot, or other multicooker, and will keep the whole family satisfied!