Thursday’s Christian eBooks

Ruby’s Redemption
by Edwina Kiernan


Readers’ Favorite 2021 Honorable Mention Award Winner – Christian Historical Romance
Amazon Historical Christian Romance bestseller

A gentle clergyman. A broken prostitute. A blossoming love that will endanger both their lives…

Forced into depravity by her tyrannous guardian after her parents’ death, Ruby’s life is one of vile deeds and violence. Unable to remember much of life outside the brothel’s walls, years of despair and abuse have crushed all hope of ever breaking free from her captor’s iron grip.

Until an unlikely encounter with Henry, a gentle country clergyman, sets an escape in motion that will change both their lives. But when Ruby’s worst fears are realised, the uncommon pair will face more devastation than either thought possible.

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Niergel Chronicles – Last Hope
by D. I. Hennessey


An ancient mystery… A skeptical genius… Powerful evil ancestors…A dangerous underworld Crime Syndicate… A horde of disembodied offspring of fallen angels who threaten the entire world!

A renowned scientist was orphaned at age eight and has grown to adulthood with no knowledge of his own ancestry. When he is awakened by an unusual visitor with an extremely urgent message, it leads to events that topple everything he has believed about reality.

Niergel Chronicles – Last Hope tells of a journey of discovery, danger, and extraordinary mysteries. It follows the fantastic adventure of a young man with a surprising heritage as he uncovers the astonishing truth about his family history and the earth’s past. He finds himself facing dangerous perils and shocking supernatural threats. All while contending with unsettling truths that upend his understanding of science and the world, forcing him to face the reality of a Creator whose existence he has adamantly denied.

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Three Hopeful Brides to Protect their Godsent Families
by Chloe Carley


Three Christian women fighting for a life by a stranger’s side out West. Three Godsent survivors that will do anything to protect their new home and cure their husband’s heart. Follow their emotional journeys out West in this heartfelt and wholesome collection!

#1 Finding Deliverance in his Unexpected Family
#2 Saving his Broken Faith
#3 When God Calls for their Redemption

Each book features a standalone, clean inspirational romance. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong, sweet happily ever after.

“I have individually read every one of these stories and they are all 5 star reads. There is so much depth including hardships and love in each one. Don’t miss this one!!” by Amazon Customer

by Rachel Newhouse


After destroying the government’s superweapon, seventeen-year-old Philadelphia Smyrna leaps off a train in a desperate attempt to escape from prison. She survives, only to be kidnapped and held hostage by a politician from her past. He offers to set her free in exchange for a favor, but his terms seem too good to be true. Philadelphia soon realizes that her patronizing captor also has a deadly secret that puts them all at risk.

With her former enemy Nic as her only ally, Philadelphia races to find out who’s really in charge—before her captor uses her to start a war.

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A Place Called Hart’s Desire
by Ruth Kyser


“A Place Called Hart’s Desire” is a contemporary Christian romance, set in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Christian Romance Author Ellie Hathaway escapes for two weeks to a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, intent on finishing her book within the deadline. Of course, it only confuses the issue that the cabin she’s staying at is the same one her parents originally reserved for her now-defunct honeymoon.

Then Ellie meets the owner’s son, Lucas Hart—a widower wracked by grief and with a heart hardened against God. Ellie is immediately drawn to Luke, but she cautions herself against falling for a man so obviously still in love with his dead wife…

Who Am I and Why Am I Here
by Bill Hamon



Would you like to know more about your beginning, your real purpose for being, and your destiny? How did you and the world around you begin? How did we become as we are today?

Join me on an exciting journey, before time began, and behold the beginning of all things. Watch your history, present purpose, and future unfold with new elation that will thrill and fulfill the greatest longings of your soul…

Working It Out
by Abby Rike


In 2006, Abby Rike lost the life she knew and loved when her husband and two young children were killed in a car accident. Devastated and numb, she shut down. For nearly three years she walked through life like a spectre, present in body only. As she descended, so did her health.

Fortunately, Abby was not alone. She had loving parents, supportive friends, and a faith that continued to sustain her. Little by little she found the courage to return to life. Joining The Biggest Loser proved a catalyst for the physical and emotional changes she needed to make. In fact, against all odds Abby gained strength, courage, wisdom, and continued her steadfast relationship with God. Instead of anger, she found herself slowly but steadily healing. She lost a hundred pounds but gained hope.

The Christmas Town
by Donna VanLiere


Lauren Gabriel spent many years of her childhood in foster homes, wishing her mother would come back for her and be the family she needs. Now twenty-years-old, she still longs for a place that she can truly call home. Her work as a cashier is unfulfilling, and at Christmas it’s unbearable with the songs and carols and chatter of Christmas that she hears throughout the day.

When Lauren ends her shift one night, she finds herself driving aimlessly in order to avoid returning to her lonely apartment. And when she witnesses a car accident she is suddenly pulled into the small town of Grandon, first as a witness but then as a volunteer for the annual fundraiser for Glory’s Place, a center for single mothers and families who need assistance.

Healthy One Pan Dinners
by Dana Angelo White MS RD AT


Weeknight dinners can be a chore, especially when they require multiple pots and pans. Simplify dinner with 100 easy recipes that come together quickly and require only one sheet pan, skillet, Dutch oven, multicooker, or slow cooker. Healthy recipes feature fresh, whole food ingredients and lightened up versions of family favorites. Short on prep but big on flavor, these homemade meals are easy, flexible, and quick to prepare–exactly what you need to get dinner on the table with minimal fuss.