Tuesday’s Christian eBooks

Blind Date with my Billionaire Protector
by Evangeline Kelly


He has a history of rescuing women. She’s fresh out of a bad relationship and doesn’t want any man to take care of her.

Izabella Reed got on a bus and headed to New York with the intention of vanishing from her abusive ex-fiancé. She promised she would never trust a man again, especially if he had money. Living off the grid was the only way to protect herself, but it came with a few complications. She needed a place to stay without putting her name on a lease. When a woman offers her free rent to go on a blind date with a handsome billionaire, she accepts because she has few options…

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(Blind Date Disasters Series)

by Tara Taffera


Brand New Release from Tara Taffera

What if two damaged souls fall hard for the other, but fear stops them from revealing their flaws?

Emily aches for a place to belong. Her fiancé left after discovering she couldn’t offer him the perfect life, a secret she holds close. She isn’t looking for a new man nor does she expect the electricity that crackles at a first meeting in front of a church bulletin board.

Jacob closed himself off when his wife left him, demanding perfection he couldn’t provide. And now, Jacob finds it impossible to stay away from Emily and her bright light that shines into his damaged heart. Still, he hides behind their nine-year age difference, fearing Emily will leave when she learns of his inability to give her a family…

The Cowboy’s Journey to Love
by Nora J. Callaway


Brand New Release from Nora J. Callaway

She is on a Journey West in search of a better life. He is looking for the family he’s always yearned for. How can they find home in each other?

After losing everything to a devastating flood, Nina is forced to travel West with her younger brother in search of employment. On their journey, they are attacked by bandits and left with nothing. Until they are rescued by a group of cowboys, including the brooding Jacob, who takes them in and offers them a new home. How can Nina open her heart to this reserved cowboy, despite her distrust of men?

Nina and Jacob must navigate the challenges of building a relationship while overcoming their own insecurities and past traumas. When old demons return to hunt them, how can they trust each other enough to conquer the challenges that lie ahead and find happiness and peace at last?

Beautiful Secrets
by T.K. Chapin


Brand New Release from Award Winning Inspirational Christian Fiction T.K. Chapin

What are the beautiful secrets known only by those of faith? Cody had everything he thought he needed in life, but when his best friend passes away, he realizes that money can’t heal the ache in his heart.

Returning to his hometown for the funeral, Cody discovers a great responsibility left to him by his late friend, Jack.

Meanwhile, Jessica, a devout Christian schoolteacher, confronts a partial answer to her prayer and longing in a tragedy that she disagrees with entirely…

Glimpses of Love in the West Collection
by Ellen Knightley


Three of my best-selling Western romance stories! Stories full of powerful emotions, trust and betrayal, intrigue, family values and romance that will captivate you!

When Loving Eyes Meet
Untangling the Knot of Love
Εnthralled by Love’s Call

“If you are a fan of historical westerns than I believe this is a collection you should check out. The stories are interesting and entertaining they are full of adventure, twists that will keep you engaged, and, characters that were amazing and entertaining. Excellent writing I highly recommend this collection.” by Amazon Customer

A Twist of Fame
by Jennifer Youngblood


Get ready for a wildly romantic thrill-ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

Forge Chasing is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie who makes his living off of danger. He never backs down from a challenge—be it professional or personal. When he crosses paths with beautiful but cagey Jetta Jones he falls hard and fast. Forget that Jetta has a ruthless ex-husband who has no intention of letting her go.

Forge is determined to win Jetta’s heart at all costs…

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(The Honeysuckle Island Series Series)

by Carole J. Sluski


A Mother’s Spiritual Journey After Losing Her Child

Losing a child can only be described as an immediate shock of unbearable pain, grief, and mourning one can ever feel. Carole Sluski’s experience was no different. After losing her daughter Paula as a young adult, while still on her deathbed, she grasped for the hope that a miracle would happen and she would have her child back again. At this crisis stage, she reached out to God because she had nowhere else to go.

As reality started settling in, Carole began leaning heavily on her faith to make it through each day of her life. She was given a tool to use for healing her grief. As she continues to progress in living her life daily with healing, she has experienced a new development of her faith brought on by her connection with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.

From the early stages, in the beginning, days, weeks, and months of her loss, when she realized she was living in her darkest moments, to her thirty-year journey of grieving and healing through her faith in God, Carole will help you understand that healing is possible…

Carole’s inspiring and touching story proves that taking small steps through your new life will make you a better person to yourself and others…

The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork
by John C. Maxwell


Individual all-stars can only take you so far. Ultimately, success–whether in business, family, church, athletic teams, or any other organization–is entirely dependent on teamwork. But how does one build that team?

Leadership expert and bestselling author John C. Maxwell knows that building and maintaining a successful team is no simple task. Even people who have taken their teams to the highest level in their field have difficulty re-creating what accounted for their successes…