Monday’s Christian eBooks

The Long Way Home
by Judah Knight


He had a boat. She needed a ride. A simple lift became the adventure of a lifetime.

After being stranded in Nassau, Meg Freeman ran into Jon Davenport, an old friend from her past, who offered her a ride home on his yacht. Before making the trip, they decided to visit a deserted island and scuba dive a beautiful coral reef. While diving, they discovered evidence of an ancient shipwreck, but they weren’t the only ones looking for treasure in this tropical paradise. For some people, however, treasure didn’t mean lost gold, and who had to be hurt in the search for riches didn’t matter…

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(The Davenport Series)

Captivated by the Rugged Cowboy
by Lydia Olson


Brand New Release from Lydia Olson

He finds a stranger in his barn but when Jake sees this beautiful woman, he knows he can’t resist helping her with anything she needs…

Nell, fleeing her treacherous uncle to claim her inheritance, seeks refuge in a stranger’s barn. An unpredicted injury extends her stay, and she finds herself captivated by a man she never expected to encounter…

Jake is a rugged rancher who vowed never to love again. His solitude is shattered when he finds Nell in his barn. Reluctantly drawn to her vulnerability, he battles his growing feelings for the spirited woman who unexpectedly enters his life…

A Soldier’s Treasure Map to Love
by Madeline Thornton


Brand New Release from Madeline Thornton

Clementine Bailey struggles to preserve her family’s ranch against the looming threat of a ruthless cattleman bent on taking her land. However, she unexpectedly finds an ally when Chester, a weary veteran arrives at her doorstep. Soon, his mysterious presence captivates Clementine and a glimpse of hope shines through her darkness. Beneath his gentle facade though, lies a secret bound to Clementine’s late brother.

Will she ever trust him again once Clementine finds out the truth?

Chester Moore, bearing the weight of his sister’s illness, enters Clementine’s life with a hidden agenda; to discover the treasure rumored to be buried on her property…

Written on the Mist
by Naomi Rawlings


Dr. Quinn meets Bridgerton in this new series from USA Today bestselling author Naomi Rawlings.

Jonas Redding never wants to be a lawman again. He’s spent a decade as a US Marshal, wearing a tin star on his chest and chasing dangerous criminals across the great state of Texas. But when a case goes wrong, Jonas finds himself standing over two tombstones—his mother’s and his fiancée’s.

Resolved to protect his sister from meeting the same fate, Jonas cuts off all communication with her, changes his name, and heads north to the vast, untamed Alaskan wilderness…

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(Whispers on the Tide)

Justice for Hattie Mayfair
by Irene Onorato


Lexi Mallard saw what happened in the woods. But if she tells…

Ten years is a long time to keep a secret. Eat, sleep, work. Stay busy. A social life seems impossible until Corbin Taylor, Lexi’s policeman next-door-neighbor, reaches out in friendship that quickly becomes much more serious.

Lexi’s budding relationship with a cop doesn’t go unnoticed by her evil brother.

She quickly learns that putting the past behind is not always an option. Sometimes it will chase, overtake, and try to kill you.

West of Famous
by Joni M Fisher


A young woman plays the role of her life when kidnappers mistake her for a celebrity. Those who know where she is don’t value her life. Those who do, don’t know she’s missing. Who will pay for their mistake?

The third book in the Compass Crimes suspense novel series, West of Famous is set in Florida’s wilderness known as the 10,000 islands, where bootleggers delivered alcohol during Prohibition and drug runners trafficked in the 1970s and 1980s.

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(Compass Crimes Series)

Nine Brides for Cowboy Creek Books 1-3
by Teresa Slack


Nine ranchers in a remote mountain town need brides.
Nine desperate women need out of the city.
Can they find love and a future in Cowboy Creek?

Rennie: Book 1 – He wants more. He wants a future, marriage, commitment. Love. How can he find it in this remote section of Colorado?

Eliza: Book 2 – Eliza is nothing like his beautiful, demure Jane. How can he build a life with this strong, unapologetic woman, especially after she tells him she has no intention of falling in love?

Carrie: Book 3 – A man who may not be able to accept Carrie once he learns her secrets. Can these two broken people put aside their past hurts and challenges and find love in Cowboy Creek?

Understanding People
by Larry Crabb


“Every attempt to help people must first begin with an effort to understand people,” says Dr. Larry Crabb. “And the only fully reliable source of information on that topic is the Bible.”

In this Gold Medallion Award-winning classic, Dr. Crabb affirms the power of the Scriptures to address the intricacies and deep needs of the human heart. Exploring the inseparable link between spiritual and psychological realities, Understanding People offers a vital lens on how we’re put together–who we really are and what makes us tick in our relationships with other people, with God, and with ourselves.

Is God Speaking to Me?
by Lysa TerKeurst


Living with a deeper awareness of God’s leading isn’t just for a select few…it’s for you too! Have you ever wondered if God still speaks to us today? Or do you worry that what you’re perceiving as God’s voice is really just your own thoughts? You’re not alone.

In Is God Speaking to Me?, Lysa TerKeurst shares her own wrestling with these questions and how God has taught her to more clearly discern His direction in her everyday life.

Fix-It and Forget-It Lightly
by Phyllis Good


Discover more than 500 recipes that are mouthwatering but guilt-free! From the New York Times best-selling author of the Fix-It-and-Forget-It series comes this new collection of healthy, low-fat recipes for your slow cooker. Each tantalizing recipe comes with an analysis of its calories, and carbs, as well as what it contributes to your daily vitamins and nutrients. Inside, you will find tantalizing dishes like: Chicken Italiano Dilled Pot Roast Chow Mein Lentil and Rice Pilaf Survival Soup Hot Artichoke Dip And More! This innovative reference to healthy- eating is sure to convince you that eating lightly never tasted this good!