Tuesday’s Christian eBooks

Grime Wave
by Marji Laine


Finding the body of a dead man would freak out anyone. Even someone with Dani Foster’s gruesome job.

Dani can’t help but join the search for this murderer, especially since her friend is a suspect. Crime Scene Specialist Jay Hunter can’t escape the sharp eyes and keen mind that Dani has, or her beauty and fun-loving spirit. Her help might be exactly what he needs to secure the promotion he’s been hoping for. Though he can’t stand the thought of her being in danger. Not after the last time…

A Heiress for the Masked Marquess
by Alice Kirks


After inheriting a vast fortune from her late uncle, Selina Cotter finds herself thrust into a world of wealth and privilege. Suddenly having to negotiate with people who only seem interested in her money, Selina yearns for genuine connection and love. When she meets the enigmatic Peter, her guarded heart begins to open. But as her affection deepens, she discovers a shocking truth about his identity that threatens to shatter her trust.

Will Selina be able to reconcile her feelings for him with his secret, or will it drive them apart forever?

Peter Dane, Marquess of Durham, harbors a dark secret that threatens to unravel his carefully constructed life…

Six Hours with the Savior
by David Dingess


What Jesus Wants You to Know Today

What if you could spend six hours with Jesus? Step into the upper room with His disciples and experience the profound moments they shared. The Bible carefully records Jesus’ final words before His crucifixion. That night, He imparted crucial lessons on living a rich Christian life.

In your time with Jesus, you will find pathways to peace and joy. His words offer encouragement, comfort, and love, all woven with God’s truth. Explore His teachings to learn how to live better and love more deeply. Join in this immersive experience with Jesus, discovering the timeless wisdom He offers for our lives today.

Unbound by Grace
by Michelle Massaro


He’s hiding a prison record, she’s hiding a trust fund. Through God’s grace, could these two be a perfect match?

Tori Bishop has carved out a safe circle of friends from church who know nothing of her privileged status. But when a good cause compels her to use her connections, one friend gets a little closer to her secret. Derek proves to be a strong and steadfast ally and as long as he doesn’t discover her background, she never has to question his motives.

Derek Miller wants his life to count for something, to make a difference—especially in the life of Tori Bishop, the spunky smart-mouth who loves razzing him. Their friend group is tight, but if his criminal past comes to light, she’s sure to take off running…

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Maria’s Mistake
by Barbara Goss


Your past mistakes are meant to guide you not define you.

After years of wandering and surviving on scraps, Maria thought her luck had changed when a madam lured her in with a job offering a bed and regular meals. But her hope was shattered when a violent client left her badly beaten. Fearing for her life, she lashed out in self-defense and fled with the help of her friend Iris.

In a fresh town, she found solace in her newly found faith and a chance at love, but her dark past threatens to ruin it all. With two suitors vying for her heart, Maria faced a difficult decision: reveal her secret and risk losing everything, or keep it hidden and start a marriage with a lie. As if that wasn’t enough, the man she thought she’d killed shows up for revenge…

Deadly Secrets
by Laura Scott, Lenora Worth


Two thrilling stories from the True Blue K-9 Unit series.

Blind Trust by Laura Scott: When guide dog trainer Eva Kendall stumbles on a dognapping, someone sets their deadly sights on her. Now she’ll do anything to find her guide-dog-in-training—except admit her most painful secret to K-9 officer Finn Gallagher…

Deep Undercover by Leonora Worth: To take down a serial bomber, NYPD K-9 officers Brianne Hayes and Gavin Sutherland must go undercover—as a married couple. But now the bomber is targeting them to halt the investigation…

Isaiah For You
by Tim Chester


Isaiah can seem intimidating. It’s a big book covering an extended timescale, full of unfamiliar names and places. You may be familiar with Isaiah’s vision of God’s holiness in chapter 6 or his description of the cross in chapter 53. But large sections can feel like alien territory.

But the book of Isaiah is full of good news. Forming a kind of bridge between the Old Testament and the New Testament, Isaiah enlarges our view of God, sharpens our understanding of salvation and illuminates our Bible reading. It points forward to Jesus and fuels our vision for the church and our mission. This is good news worth shouting about!

by Phil Robertson


After Phil Robertson quoted Scripture in an interview with a national magazine, his hit show, Duck Dynasty, put him on “indefinite hiatus.” Phil immediately knew what had happened: he had become a target of cancel culture.

Since that time, Phil has spoken out against public shaming, strategic campaigns to get Bible-believing employees fired, and other tactics that are wreaking havoc in our society. In a deeply divided country, with so many bent on condemning and silencing others, Phil calls for us to carry out the unifying message of Jesus Christ.

Reinventing Jesus
by J. Ed Komoszewski


Reinventing Jesus cuts through the rhetoric of extreme doubt to reveal the profound credibility of historic Christianity. Meticulously researched yet eminently readable, this book invites a wide audience to take a firsthand look at the primary evidence for Christianity’s origins.

“The book is a very good introduction to the topic from an evangelical perspective, it is well written, extensively footnoted, and it should serve well as a primer for textual criticism and related topics. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for just such a resource.” Michael Kruse

The Scandi Kitchen
by Bronte Aurell


This accessible and entertaining introduction to Scandinavian food contains over 80 recipes to try at home, developed by Bronte Aurell, owner of the popular ScandiKitchen Cafe in London’s bustling West End.