Monday’s Christian eBooks

Second Chance At Love: Boxed Set
by Stacey Haynes


In a world where mistakes are inevitable and love is both fragile and resilient, three couples find themselves at a crossroads. “Second Chance at Love” delves into the intricate dance of forgiveness, redemption, and the healing power of love.

As hearts are shattered and dreams are dashed, each couple must confront their past missteps and confront the possibility of a second chance. Will they choose to walk away forever, consumed by the pain of betrayal? Or will they muster the courage to forgive, to heal, and to rebuild what was lost?

Through emotional turmoil and heartfelt revelations, these couples embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. With each passing obstacle, they inch closer to understanding that love is not just about perfection, but about the willingness to forgive, to grow, and to embrace the imperfect beauty of their shared journey.

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Whispers of the Unwanted Mountain Bride
by Lydia Olson


Brand New Release from Lydia Olson

Her unexpected arrival as a mail-order bride is an unwelcome surprise for him. But as danger looms their fates become intertwined in ways neither expected…

Clara is determined to lift her family out of poverty through a marriage of convenience. As a mail-order bride, she arrives at her new home hoping for a warm welcome. Instead, she finds an unprepared, handsome rancher who is far from pleased and not the one who placed the ad…

Howard, a rugged cowboy, vowed never to love again after his wife’s death. With his sister-in-law unable to help, his family places a mail-order bride ad for him. Initially irritated by Clara’s arrival, Howard’s guarded heart begins to soften under her warmth…

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A Widow’s Deceived Heart
by Madeline Thornton


Brand New Release from Amazon Madeline Thornton

Lauren Parker lost everything when her husband died, including her reputation. Determined to leave her painful past behind, she heads out west, with her heart hardened and suspicious. Yet, when a violent storm leaves her homestead in need of repairs, she reluctantly accepts a newcomer’s help, in exchange for reading lessons and a few home-cooked meals. Despite her best efforts to keep her distance, Lauren soon finds herself drawn to the handsome stranger and her heart slowly thaws in his presence.

If only she knew that her love blooms under a web of lies…

Ryan Clark arrives in town with a singular purpose: to find Lauren Parker and complete one last job to secure his sister’s safety from a ruthless gang…

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Cowboy’s Marriage of Convenience: Boxed Set
by Alexa Verde


Discover home, love, and family in this set of four clean, stand-alone, cowboy marriage of convenience romances with a dash of suspense!

Enjoy hours of heartwarming reading with four sweet books, each with an uplifting happily-ever-after, about strong-willed women and the swoon-worthy cowboys who marry them, then come to love them!

Book 1: No Marriage of Convenience for a Cowboy
Book 2: Show Me a Marriage of Convenience
Book 3: Show Me a Reunion
Book 4: Seaside Cowboy’s Marriage of Convenience

“My favorite trope!!! This is a delightful boxset collection of previously published marriage of convenience, full-length novels by Alexa Verde. It’s a wonderful sampling from some of her various series and each story is sweet, clean, and biblically based. There are elements of suspense, but always a “happily ever after” for the main characters. I highly recommend!” by Amazon Customer

A Magical World
by Matthew McGuire


Are miracles “violations” of the laws of nature? Are demons and ghosts more than just a relic of ancient mythology? Is there any truth behind modern-day exorcism? Do some people possess prophetic abilities? Are near-death experiences a true glimpse of the afterlife? Can the worldview of the ancient texts of Scripture help us interpret these supernatural phenomena?

In A Magical World, each of these questions is explored in depth. With a unique combination of research, interviews, personal experience, and theological reflection, author Matthew McGuire takes the reader on a journey to re-examine his or her presuppositions about the nature of the world we inhabit. Is this universe nothing more than Bertrand Russell’s “accidental collocations of atoms,” or are there deeper, spiritual dimensions to the cosmos?

Whether one is a Christian looking for a deepened understanding of the universe, an atheist or agnostic committed to materialism, or a devotee of Eastern or New Age religious practices, all readers will find material in this book that will challenge their perspectives and drive them to contemplate the truly magical properties of the world around us.

“Well written, well researched, engaging . . . fascinating” Stephen G. Dempster, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, Crandall University

Just His Secretary: A Sweet Romantic Comedy
by Elana Johnson


She’s just his secretary…until he needs someone on his arm to convince his mother that he can take over the family business.

Oh, and the romance is clean, the jokes witty, and the office grump swoon-worthy.

Callie: Dawson Houser makes sure everyone who comes into the office knows I’m “just his secretary.” Heck, I’ve even said it to suppliers and CEOs when they smile knowingly at the two of us during business meetings. He scowls and grumps around the office afterward, as if the two of us dating is the most ridiculous thing on the planet. Dawson can handle them.

I can handle them—and him too, once they leave. And he’s no picnic, let me tell you.

Who can’t we handle? His mother…

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“Living out your faith with boldness without speaking a word – is it possible?” If you have ever asked yourself this question, then this book is for you! In this book, you will learn twelve simple and effective ways to share your faith without ever having to say a word. Through this book, you will gain the confidence to live your faith out loud, and the courage to be a witness for Jesus.

This book includes: Transformative tips to share your faith without having to speak;  Inspiring stories of how others have shared their faith without saying a word;  Practical exercises that will help you develop a mindset and lifestyle of living out your faith;  Strategies to become a bold witness without having to voice your faith

In addition, this book covers:  Stories of how the author shared his faith without saying a word;  Creative ways to share your faith in your daily life;  Advice on how to start the conversation about faith in a non-threatening way;  Ideas on how to make a lasting impact with your life

Never Go Back
by Henry Cloud


In Never Go Back, clinical psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud shares ten doorways to success—and once we walk through them, we never go back again. His proven method—based on grace, not guilt—outlines ten common life patterns that sabotage success and lays out clear, concrete steps you can take to overcome them. You’ll see your relationships flourish, your personal life enhanced, and your faith strengthened. Dr. Cloud’s powerful message reveals portals to understanding—once you enter them, you will get from where you were to where you want to be.

Undercover Marriage
by Terri Reed


An illegal adoption ring—using kidnapped babies—has to be stopped. To gather the necessary evidence, US marshal Serena Summers goes undercover—as a married woman desperate for a baby. Her “husband” is her own partner, US marshal Josh McCall, whom Serena blames for her brother’s death. How can she act like a loving wife when she has to constantly fight her feelings for a man she isn’t sure she can trust? The closer they get to unraveling the dark web of deceit, though, the more being Josh’s undercover wife means putting her life—and future—in his hands.

Mastering Pasta
by Marc Vetri, David Joachim


Award-winning chef Marc Vetri wanted to write his first book about pasta. Instead, he wrote two other acclaimed cookbooks and continued researching pasta for ten more years. Now, the respected master of Italian cuisine finally shares his vast knowledge of pasta, gnocchi, and risotto in this inspiring, informative primer featuring expert tips and techniques, and more than 100 recipes.