Sunday’s Christian eBooks

Sharon’s Shorts: A Multi-Genre Collection
by Sharon K Connell


Ten short stories of Romance, Fantasy, Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Fantasy, Women’s Fiction, Fable, and Paranormal lay between the pages of this book. Some award-winning. Two previously published in multi-author anthologies.

“Novels are great. That said, sometimes a short story is a perfect way to end the day and this collection of shorts by Sharon K. Connell fits the bill perfectly! I enjoyed each work thoroughly as they were incredibly well-written and well thought out. If you like to read while drinking your morning coffee or before bed these are just the ticket–and each story is unique!” by Amazon Customer

Divine Cozy Mystery Series: (Books 1-3)
by Hope Callaghan


After relocating to the tiny town of Divine, Kansas, strange and mysterious things begin to happen to businesswoman, Jo Pepperdine and those around her.

BONUS: Recipes Included!  This boxed set includes the first three books in the Divine Mystery Series:

Book 1: Divine Intervention
Book 2: Divine Secrets
Book 3: Divine Blindside

“Wonderful! I loved this clean cozy mystery. Lots of twists and turns, great characters, angels in the mix, , lots of mysteries to be solved. Very well written, enjoyable read” by Amazon Customer

Maid by Chance, Duchess by Fate
by Alice Kirks


As a maid to Baron Atterbury’s daughter, Maggie Hay never expected anything more. She knew her place, even when her Lady’s behavior made her want to forget. Yet, when a strange chance encounter at a ball brings her face to face with a charming man who makes her heart flutter in a way that it shouldn’t, everything changes… Maggie ends up being drawn into a mystery that could threaten everything she holds dear, but also bring hope to her life.

Will she manage to uncover the truth in time or will she sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of honor?

Amidst the grandeur of his country estate, Adam Radcliffe, Duke of Banbury, grapples with his own inner turmoil as he faces a dilemma that could shatter his carefully constructed world…

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The Ungainly Wallflower
by Rose Pearson


Brand New Release from Rose Pearson

Can the clumsy Miss Emma Fairley charm the charismatic Viscount Yeatman and uncover the truth behind her social mishaps?

Every time Miss Emma Fairley steps out on any social occasion, something goes wrong to the point that she has embarrassed herself so often, that she is almost afraid to step out again. Fading back into her friendships with the other wallflowers, she is ashamed of her clumsiness and laments the fact that she will never find a husband. A chance meeting with Viscount Yeatman, whose easy manner and quick smile makes the shame fade, brings her a connection she has never had before…

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Thinking Loud, Thinking Clearly! Anybody Hear Me?
by CrumsOnTheTable


A collection of 38 thought-provoking devotional readings inspired by real-life stories that will transform your life.

If you’ve ever sought to reflect on the ways God impacts your everyday life, these true stories accompanied by scripture will both enlighten and inspire you.

God comes to us in a multitude of ways—through family, relationships, career, money matters, and more. These simple and candid words of wisdom will help shine a light on God’s ongoing work in your life to provide you with a new perspective. Each story includes thoughtful questions or exercises to help you journal your reflections and discover how God uses the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary.

If you’re seeking encouragement and a stronger connection to God during these troubled times, this collection of captivating stories is guaranteed to empower and uplift you.

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Where Faith Grows
by T.K. Chapin


A Story About Trusting God. How far can faith take you? How can a person tell the difference between a gift from God and a distraction from the enemy?

Some people would say Jonathan Howard was a fool for even trying to start his own business. Others would say at least he tried to do something with his life. Nevertheless that part of Jonathan’s life had come to a close and it was time to move on. Relocating to the other side of Washington state, he hopes to finally leave the past behind him and start over. Little does he realize, the past is never too far behind…

Trying to keep her father’s dying movie rental business alive in the small town of Suncrest, Amy Fitzgerald is desperate for solutions otherwise she’ll be forced to shut down. One day she gets unexpected advice from a stranger that starts her on a path she’ll never forget…

When Spring Comes
by Stephanie Hurt


This Mail Order Bride book will take you on a journey between Grace and Samuel as they are forced to put their grief aside in order to make things work out. But that’s not as easy as it seems…

Grace had no choice… She left Austin knowing life would never be the same. Samuel didn’t want to find love, just someone to help with the house and give him children. Their start was a rocky one and with each new day, the space between them grew. Will his grief over the loss of his wife and child push her away or bring them closer as she grieves for the loss of her parents? Together they must find common ground or Grace will be on the first train back to Austin in the Spring.

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Living Among Lions
by David Benham, Jason Benham


What does an ancient Jewish prophet have to do with modern America? What, if anything, can we learn from a man who lived 2,400 years ago as a captive in the land we now call Iraq? As it turns out, quite a bit.

David and Jason Benham are convinced the biblical example of Daniel holds the keys to contemporary Christians living victoriously in a world increasingly hostile to people of faith. Like Daniel, many believers today find themselves in an unfriendly environment, one opposed to the God they serve. Yet, like Daniel, they must learn how to take a stand while serving the people around them.

The Tapestry of Grace
by Kim Vogel Sawyer


When a group of Kansas women start a Frauenverein, a benevolent society devoted to aiding widows and orphans, life changes for more than just the hurting people they seek to help in this heartwarming romance inspired by historical events.

With classes paused for the planting season, Alexandertol’s schoolteacher Augusta Dyck is glad for some meaningful work to occupy her time. She even knows exactly who their town’s benevolence society should help first: quiet, reserved widower Konrad Rempel and his young twin sons. Konrad Rempel, however, is adamant that he doesn’t want help. His boys are mischievous but good-hearted. And though Konrad may be struggling, he doesn’t want anyone else sticking their nose in and telling him what his sons need. Or what he needs…

Bagels, Schmears, and a Nice Piece of Fish
by Cathy Barrow


A playful-yet-comprehensive cookbook that lets anyone create bagels, schmears, and other deli favorites at home.

Bagel lovers rejoice! This delightful cookbook makes it easy to bake fresh bagels in your own kitchen with just five base ingredients and simple techniques. With advice on mixing the dough, shaping the bagels, proofing, boiling, baking, slicing, and storing, you will be a master bagel-maker in no time.