Monday’s Christian eBooks

by Chuck Smith


But what is faith? Where does it come from and how does it work? What does it accomplish? Why does it please God?

In this book, Pastor Chuck Smith explores these questions and a host of others as they relate to the issue of faith. Using examples from God’s Word, as well as illustrations gleaned from over sixty years in the ministry, Pastor Chuck lays a strong case for faith: • Faith gives you victory; • Faith comforts in the midst of fear; • Faith makes heavy burdens light; • Faith helps the soul to wait even when God delays; • Faith sees God’s help is greater than any force that can come against you.

Boulder Creek Romance: Box Set
by Robin Lee Hatcher


Even Forever: Rosalie’s abusive jailbird father and her ne’er-do-well brother have cured her of that. Not even the wealthy visitor staying in her beleaguered mother’s boarding house can tempt her. She plans to leave Boulder Creek as soon as she can scrape together the funds to do so, and when she does, she won’t ever look back…

All She Ever Dreamed: Betrothed in a sensible match, even if the man isn’t the love she’s always imagined, Sarah McNeal relies on the advice her late grandmother gave as well as her own common sense. Dreams of a mysterious European count who rides in and sweeps her off her feet are the stuff of girlhood. And she’s a woman now. But when her fiancé’s older brother, Jeremiah, returns to Boulder Creek, he unknowingly awakens that discarded dream…

Whispers of the Mountain Love Auction
by Lydia Olson


Brand New Release from Lydia Olson

Desperate, she joins a bride auction, never expecting the highest bidder to be her sister’s handsome yet aggravating brother-in-law. What has she gotten herself into?

When Clara receives a desperate letter from her younger sister, Julia, detailing her impulsive plan to participate in a bride’s auction in a notorious nearby town, she knows she must intervene. Clara turns to the one person she can always count on—her grumpy brother-in-law…

Adam Miller, the eldest of the Miller siblings and once a famous rodeo star, is a man of few words and even fewer smiles…

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(Mountain Hearts Trilogy)

The Rancher’s Bride in Disguise
by Madeline Thornton


Brand New Release from Madeline Thornton

Running from a life of deception with her con-man father, Jane Montgomery lies her way into a job as a maid to Elizabeth Heathrow in New York. Now, after her employer’s elope, she has taken on her identity as a mail-order bride destined for Liam’s ranch. Unexpectedly, her encounter with the widowed rancher sparks strong emotions within her heart, making her guilt for lying to him even worse…

Will the truth will tear apart the family she has started to cherish?

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(Whispers of the Western Wind)

Fox on the Roof Murder
by Stephanie Parker McKean


Brand New Release from Stephanie Parker McKean

Is Wren Casper a doddering old woman or is she being gaslighted? Her friends wonder. First she claims to play ball with a fox on a roof. Then her stories escalate…to include murder.

Newly elected Bluebonnet, Texas, Sheriff Tulsa Edwards dismisses the woman with brown hair growing tired of fighting against the grey overtaking it and silver eyes capable of penetrating his façade of authority when she comes to him with claims of cars changing colors and rock climbers stealing children. He can’t dismiss the things that happen to her – like the eight-foot concrete gorilla mysteriously plunked down in her front yard. But did she order it and then forget?

Seaside Beginnings
by Stephanie Hurt


“The moment she stepped out of the SUV, she took a deep, cleansing breath. A smile spread across her face as the smell of sea air filled her to the core. She followed Dan up on the porch, noticing the splintered boards and wicker furniture that was falling apart. Once she walked inside the front door, a feeling came over her and it wasn’t a hot flash, it was the feeling of coming home.”

When Maddy loses her husband, she has to start her life over at 45. She decides to follow her dream of buying a Bed and Breakfast and quickly learns it’s more work than she thought. The infuriating contractor she hires to help out is stubborn and hard headed, and they quickly become best friends. But will Seaside Beginnings bring them closer or tear them apart?

Breaking New Ground
by Amy Clipston


Korey Bontrager knows he’s been an immature dummkopp. When his widowed dad remarried, Korey was unwelcoming to his kindhearted stepmother. Then he became estranged from his older brother. But after fourteen months in Ohio, God called Korey back to Pennsylvania.

Easier said than done. Back home, Korey feels left behind by his family and friends, who want to see him happily married. Instead of looking for a new relationship, he finds himself spending time with Savannah Zook: the most outspoken maedel he’s ever met…

Something Needs to Change
by David Platt


“I love how Platt begins by reminding us that he is the guy who wrote Radical. We know his dedication to God’s word. And yet, I am so thankful he shared his raw journal entries that ask hard questions when the reality of the Fall stares us right in the eyes. Who hasn’t thought, “how can God do this?” These are very people He says he loves!

This book is critical because so many disciples of Jesus completely lack the urgency of the first Disciples. These stories raise the urgency level. You want to help. You need to tell people about who Jesus is and what He’s done for us. So many raise a hand, “accept” Jesus, then don’t do anything to follow Him. This book examines Luke in a dangerous way and encourages all of us to take the bold steps He calls us all to take. Time really is short…” by Amazon Customer

Signs and Secrets of the Messiah
by Rabbi Jason Sobel


Are you or someone you love desperate for a miracle? As witnessed through Scripture, the God who was and is and is to come has been performing miracles from the beginning of time—so you can trust that Jesus wants to do something miraculous in your life today.

In this follow-up to his book Mysteries of the Messiah, Rabbi Jason Sobel dives deep into Scripture, biblical culture, and ancient texts to help you better understand the truths and the power behind God’s miracles, and to increase your faith that Jesus can perform miracles in your life…

Duck Commander Kitchen
by Kay Robertson


Miss Kay is a master of the back-country, home-cooked meal. She has been cooking ever since she was a little girl and has perfected her skills through years of practice on the Robertson clan. After sharing some of her family’s favorite recipes in Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen, Miss Kay has gone back to her cupboard and pulled out more of her down-home, mouthwatering recipes, this time grouping her recipes around reasons to get together—New Year’s Eve spreads, special Mother’s Day meals, Fourth of July picnics, Christmas dinners, church potlucks, and everything in-between.