Thursday’s Christian eBooks

by Krystal M. Anderson


Clara was determined to make her escape to Silver City her most exciting adventure… until she discovers her face on a WANTED poster.

It would be extremely difficult explaining that particular set back to Hal, the man she was quickly losing her heart to. When her outlaw uncle reappears after four years’ absence and threatens to kill her, Clara must decide whether to protect Hal by walking away – or to trust their love will endure the evils ahead.

Silver is the first of a four-book series involving outlaws, Indians, claim jumpers, and sweet romance. You’ll love this action-packed story set in the wilds of a real ghost town!

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In The Flesh – My Story
by Michael Gabriele


Experience Jesus’ life through HIS eyes in this one-of-a-kind, first-person novel that holds true to the gospels, all from our Hero’s own perspective.

Relive the greatest story ever told through the eyes of the one who cured the incurable and walked on water … who challenged both religious and political establishments … who suffered all the brutality of a Roman crucifixion … and who victoriously abandoned his tomb. Let Jesus lead you through a riveting adventure that deeply explores his personal thoughts, joys, fears, frustrations, even his most profound prayers as he walked this earth in the flesh – fully divine and fully human, on a mission to save mankind.

The Cowboy and the Quaker
by Margaret Tanner


Ben Lonigan needs a wife to live with him for twelve months or he will lose his ranch.

Rachael Fairchild has lost her religious beliefs. She is on the run, and in search of sanctuary. The man she loved tricked her in to believing they were married. He is an aspiring politician, and arranges to have her killed because she is carrying his child and he cannot risk the truth coming out.

Lottie from the Flaming Star saloon has a solution to Rachael and Ben’s problems. Marry each other. Can this temporary marriage between two scarred, disillusioned people, turn into something permanent, or will they go their separate ways?

Dangerous Deceptions
by Multiple Authors


A Brand New Release.

Lives…and hearts…are on the line in eight brand-new Christian Romantic Suspense novels from the genre’s most explosive authors.

Lethal Outbreak: Lisa Harris & Lynne Gentry
Collision Course: Elizabeth Goddard
Glimmer in the Darkness: Robin Patchen
Expired Plot: Lisa Phillips
Ice: Lynnette Bonner
Never A Traitor: Jan Thompson
Ben in Love: Luana Ehrlich
Liar Like Her: D.L. Wood

Will of Steel
by Lynn Landes


When the truth behind her husband’s death comes to light, Jordan will need strength as strong as steel to survive.

Jordan Regent finds herself a widow, running her husband’s steel business. One night while sorting through her husband’s things she discovers a secret that threatens her future. As her life unravels, Jordan must hold on to her faith and fight to survive.

Ryder Foster is a lawyer who offers to help with her husband’s business as well as personal affairs. As they search for the truth behind her husband’s death, their attraction to each other creates complications and the threat to Jordan increases.

Will Ryder be able to help her face the threat and will Jordan be able to let go of the past?

28 Days with A Billionaire
by Kimberly Krey


After a billionaire jerk nearly ruins her life, Camila gets her dream job at a beachside villa. But that job looks more like a nightmare when she meets her new boss—aka the billionaire jerk.

When private chef Camila Lopez meets billionaire James Benton for the first time, he ends up with egg yolk on his diamond-crusted cufflinks. It was an accident on both parts, but James’ cruel date makes sure Camila pays a price by losing her swanky clientele over the mishap.

Luckily, Camila is offered a month-long job at a beachside villa. She’s certain it will give her career the boost she’s been praying for. But what happens when she finds out she’ll be working for none other than James Benton—the guy with the cufflinks who ruined her life?

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When Christ Appears
by David Jeremiah



When Christ Appears brings clarity to one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible. The book of Revelation promises a special blessing for those who take the time to peer into the future with the apostle John. Readers learn that Christ triumphs. Satan loses. Sorrow, sickness, and death disappear. And God Himself wipes away the tears from every eye. When the heartache of this present world weighs heavily on us, we have only to look up and look ahead at the radiant end of one story and the joyous beginning of a new story that will never end.

Praying the Lord’s Prayer for
Spiritual Breakthrough
by Elmer L. Towns, Yonggi Cho


Towns reveals the power of prayer in this fascinating look at the Lord’s Prayer. Each chapter examines a line from the prayer, revealing power points for every believer desiring a more dynamic prayer life. Towns says: “What would you say if you were ushered into the throne room of God with only one minute to request everything you needed, but didn’t know how to put it into words? The Lord’s Prayer includes everything you need to ask when you talk to God . . . it is a model prayer that teaches us how to pray.”