Saturday’s Christian eBooks

An Agent for Bernadette
by Jovie Grace


A wealthy debutante dodges an arranged marriage by becoming a Pinkerton agent, only to find out her first assignment will involve working undercover with the man she was supposed to marry.

All her life, Bernadette Chambers has been following orders about how to dress, what to say, and who to say it to. However, she draws the line at marrying a man she’s never met, even though it means she’ll be disowned. Desperate for both money and adventure, she signs on as a Pinkerton agent, never dreaming her new partner will be the very man she was trying to avoid…

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Angela’s Hope
by Leah Banicki


Oregon Trail – 1848 A careless mistake nearly killed her.

Angela lay bleeding and dying in a ravine, far from the wagon train. No one can hear her screams for help. Sent on a foolish mission, lost in the dark wilds, alone and stumbling before she plummets end-over-end to her doom.

Her only hope was to survive, then someday she might find her runaway brother in San Francisco. As she cries out into the dark night, she prays for a miracle…

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The Protector
by Gloria Repp


A heart divided . . . An enemy unseen . . . A riddle of trust.

Lindsey Dumont, photographer, must defend her home in the Pine Barrens while she struggles to revive her career and salvage a long-distance romance. What is God doing? And who can she trust?

“Your characters come to life with the details you write. Story line was intriguing and kept me up reading many hours past my bedtimes. Hate that the series is over but look forward to starting another. Thank you for all your research and the time you spent writing books for me to enjoy.” by Amazon Customer

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Building a Family with the Cowboy Next Door
by Nora J. Callaway


Brand New Release from Nora J. Callaway

Amidst the silent echoes of love and loss, their fates entwined, but a vengeful shadow lurks…

Lou, a young widow, bears the heavy mantle of preserving her family’s ranch after losing her father and husband. Bound by her father’s dying wish, she’s pressured to remarry, yet the loneliness engulfs her.

In the ranch next-door, Claude, a mysterious and reclusive rancher, grapples with his own family’s tragic loss. Bound to his homestead and fatherly duty, he believes love is a land forbidden to him…

No Mistaken Identity for a Cowboy
by Alexa Verde


Small-town romance with faith, humor, and more than a dash of danger!

A quirky woman with secrets, a military hero helping her search for her birth parents, and a case of mistaken identity… Escape to Cowboy Crossing, where people care about each other, romances are sweet, and six cowboy brothers with Irish blood fall in love when they least expect it.

Computer programmer Paisley didn’t mean to send the wrong photo to her pen pal in the military. But when he mistakes her gorgeous friend in the photo for her, Paisley doesn’t correct him. After being bullied, not taken seriously, and repeatedly rejected, she longs to be admired. As they embark on a journey to find her parents, can the dangerous secrets in her past threaten their future?

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A Stranger to Melt Her Heart
by Aurora Hanson


Bernice Donovan, a spirited widow in Montana, has her hands full. Between running a saloon and sheltering four young women with tormented pasts, she’s stretched thin. But when the unexpected knock of a wounded stranger resonates at her door, is it destiny or another challenge?

Could a woman scarred by the past finally find solace?

Adam Carter, a man skilled in many crafts but hunted by shadows, stumbles into Bernice’s world. Bullet-ridden and evading a relentless sheriff, Adam needs a refuge…

Emerald Windows
by Terri Blackstock


Ten years ago, devastated by an ugly scandal, Brooke Martin fled the small town of Hayden to pursue a career as a stained glass artist. Now Brooke has returned on business to discover that some things never change. Her spotted reputation remains. Tongues still wag. And that makes what should be her dream assignment tough. Brooke has been hired to design new stained glass windows at Hayden Bible Church. The job is a career windfall. But Nick Marcello is overseeing the project, and some in the church think Nick and Brooke’s relationship is not entirely professional–and as before, there is no convincing those people otherwise.

A Season on the Wind
by Suzanne Woods Fisher


Ben Zook had only two loves in his life: books and birds. In a stroke of good fortune, he’d stumbled onto a way to cobble together those two loves into a career, writing books about rare birds. He was as free as a bird–until a chase for a rare White-winged Tern takes him to the one place on earth he planned to never return: his Amish home in Stoney Ridge.

Desperate for photographs of the elusive tern, Ben hires a local field guide, Micah Weaver, and boards at Micah’s farm, planning to “bag the bird” and leave Stoney Ridge before anyone recognizes him. But he neglected to plan for Micah’s sister, Penny…

Understanding People
by Larry Crabb


“Every attempt to help people must first begin with an effort to understand people,” says Dr. Larry Crabb. “And the only fully reliable source of information on that topic is the Bible.”

In this Gold Medallion Award-winning classic, Dr. Crabb affirms the power of the Scriptures to address the intricacies and deep needs of the human heart. Exploring the inseparable link between spiritual and psychological realities, Understanding People offers a vital lens on how we’re put together–who we really are and what makes us tick in our relationships with other people, with God, and with ourselves…

The Storm Inside
by Sheila Walsh


Women feel the storm activity all around. We find ourselves teetering somewhere between everyday chaos and crisis.

We can feel a storm brewing, we are in the middle of a storm, or we are facing the aftermath of a storm. But don’t be afraid because it is possible to grow through turbulent times.

Storms show you what’s really going on inside, reveal what you really believe, and actually make you stronger.

Seeking Peace
by Johann Christoph Arnold


Where can we find peace of heart and mind–with ourselves, with others, and with God? Arnold says most people are looking in the wrong direction. In a culture that bombards us with feel-good-about-yourself spirituality, Seeking Peace is sure to satisfy a deep hunger. There is a peace greater than self-fulfilment, a peace greater than nations no longer at war. But it will demand a relentless pursuit kept up only by hope and courage, vision and commitment.

The Gospel in Tolstoy
by Leo Tolstoy, Miriam LeBlanc


We know of no better introduction to the spiritual vision of one of the greatest writers of all time, Leo Tolstoy.

This anthology vividly reveals – as none of his novels, novellas, short stories, plays, or essays could on its own – the great Russian novelist’s fascination with the life and teachings of Jesus and the gospel themes of betrayal and forgiveness, sacrifice and redemption, death and resurrection.

Drawn from War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Resurrection, The Death of Ivan Ilyich, The Kingdom of God Is Within You, Master and Man, Walk in the Light, and Twenty-Three Tales, the selections are each prefaced by a contextual note. Newcomers will find in these pages a rich, accessible sampling.